Making different flavors of water kefir is easy and fun. Water kefir is very versatile and naturally quite sweet, making it a great base for nearly any flavor addition.

Once the initial round of fermentation is complete and the grains have been removed, it's time to add flavor. There are many choices for flavoring water kefir:

Fresh or dried fruit

Add any dried fruit, such as dried pineapple or dried peaches, to finished water kefir and ferment for 2-3 days, or up to a week*.

When using fresh fruit, leave in the water kefir no longer than 24 hours.  For a stronger fruit flavor, strain out the fruit after 24 hours and add fresh fruit; continue to ferment another 24 hours.

*Limit the flavoring period to 2-3 days if you are bottling the kefir in a tightly-sealed bottle.

Fruit Juice

Adding fruit juice is the quickest way to enjoy a flavored water kefir. For most juices such as grape or pomegranate, add 1/2 cup juice per quart water kefir. When using a stronger concentrated juice, such as lemon juice, reduce the amount to 1/4 to 1/3 cup.

More Flavor Additions

Fresh or crystallized ginger, herbs, spices, or vanilla extract also make delicious additions to water kefir. With grains, a strainer, bottles, crystallized ginger and more, the Ginger Water Kefir Kit makes it easy to make fizzy flavored water kefir at home.


For even more flavoring ideas, visit our article on 10 Ideas for Flavoring Water Kefir. For a fizzy, carbonated water kefir, try Bottling Water Kefir after adding flavor.