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"Great product"

Due to the outside cold and cool inside temperatures, especially at night, the Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator is the perfect place for my milk kefir to complete its culturing overnight. ...

- donna

Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator

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No batteries, no outlets, this yogurt maker is a great option for anyone looking to make homemade yogurt without electricity. Unlike other yogurt makers that use electricity to keep the milk warm for culturing, the YogoTherm is essentially a giant thermos for your milk! It works as an insulated container to keep the appropriate temperature throughout the culturing process. Lightweight and easy to clean, this is a wonderful way to make yogurt at home.

  • Easy to use, no electricity required | Removable components for simple maintenance
  • Holds temperature for up to 8 hours - see tips below!
  • Dimensions: 2-quart capacity | Inner Height: 6-3/8 inches | Inner Top diameter: 6-1/2 inches | Inner Bottom diameter: 5-3/8 inches
  • Materials: BPA-free interior, high-quality, glossy exterior finish
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only recommended


Tips for Getting the Most Our of Your Yogotherm

  • Preheat It With Water! Heat 2 quarts of water to 110º F and pour it in the Yogotherm while you prep your milk. This helps the Yogotherm heat up to the culturing temp! When you're ready to incubate your milk, dump out the water, and add the milk and culture.
  • Preheat it With Milk! Add your milk to the YogoTherm when it's about 120º F. When the milk cools to 115 - 110º F, add your yogurt starter. This will also “preheat” the YogoTherm.
  • Use 1-2 Quarts of Milk! The YogoTherm works best at keeping the correct temperature with 1-2 quarts of liquid rather than less.
  • Add a Towel for Extra Insulation! If your kitchen is on the chilly side, you can give your culturing yogurt some extra love by wrapping it with a towel or blanket to ensure the temperature inside the YogoTherm doesn't dip too low.


Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator Can Be Used to Make:

  • Yogurt cultured with direct-set starter cultures, yogurt cultured with commercial yogurt as starter, and heirloom yogurt, if the culture has been activated using another appliance.
  • Kefir
  • Fresh Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • And More!


This yogurt maker can be used with our Traditional Flavored Yogurt Starter, Mild Flavored Yogurt Starter, Greek Yogurt Starter, Bulgarian Yogurt Starter, and Vegan Yogurt Starter.



Why I Love This Product

I use my yogortherm at least once every week to culture yogurt! I love it because it is so simple to use. There are no electric outlets needed, no batteries, nothing. Just pour in at least 1 quart (2 is better) of warm milk and cultures and throw the lid on and you are making yogurt! I have done 24 hour batches in this and it has worked wonders. This is the perfect product for someone making large batches of yogurt who does not want to have to worry about it changing temperatures. Check out my blog post on using the yogotherm

Erin, Content Contributor



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10 Reviews For "Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator"

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  1. Wonderful always

    by Monike on 06/10/2018


    I can only recommend this product, you can MAKE YOUR OWN classic Yogurt and even your own PROBIOTIC to drink! DELICIOUS , EASY to make, and GREAT for your HEALTH: 1 glass a day keeps the Do tor AWAY! I have given to my children everyday and not gone through Otitis or tonsil infections IN YEARS! I really commend it!

  2. So easy to use

    by ninjafaerie on 06/08/2017


    This is the first time I ever attempted to make yogurt. I got the Yogotherm because my husband told me the best yogurt he ever had was as a boy when his family lived in Indonesia and when I showed him the Yogotherm he said it looked like what they used. I used the Bulgarian starter and it took about 10 hours for it to thicken. The next time it took about 6 hours and the same with the 3rd batch, but the 3 batch turned out the most beautiful. It was so thick and creamy. I used whole pasturized milk from a local dairy. I'm only making one quart at a time and having no trouble with it being runny at all. I think this product works perfectly in the summer in the South . The ambient temp in our house is probably 78 degrees. I put hot water the container to warm it before hand then putting the heated milk in with the starter. I'm very happy and excited to be making my own yogurt.

  3. Not recommended

    by Jean on 04/25/2017


    This product is made of cheap plastic and styrofoam. Really?! Styrofoam is the least environmentally friendly product made next to plastic. This purchase was a big mistake. It does not retain heat for 5 hours let alone 8 hours to make Greek yogurt. Do NOT buy this product. Bad for yogurt making, bad for the environment.

    Response from CFH: Thank you for your feedback! We do appreciate it. We hope that you have had your issue resolved after having contacted our Customer Support Team.
    **There are recommendations for how to get the most efficient use with your YogoTherm on the product page. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  4. Works great for yogurt

    by ela on 03/12/2017


    I bought this to incubate my yogurt and it works great. But since I live in North Dakota and it's winter time my house is pretty cool. I put it on a heating pad on low and cover with a blanket. In 6 hours my yogurt comes out perfect!

  5. One expensive thermos!!!

    by onge1899 on 02/06/2017


    Very expensive for a 4 cup thermos.

  6. The Best Yogurt Maker

    by James on 12/03/2016


    This yogurt maker makes great yogurt every time. I made non fat yogurt and 25 yogurt. I incubated for 7 hours. Both yogurt come out good. The 2% yogurt come out very thick after I strained it for an hour. I like this yogurt maker the best because it does not use electricity. The electric yogurt makers get too hot.

  7. Very satisfied

    by Boots on 09/19/2016


    I was introduced to yogurt making by my sister and impulsively bought the Yogotherm. It has not disappointed. The only thing I suggest is buying good quality milk. I have tasted a difference in the batches depending on what milk I use. Organic is best.

  8. Sturdy, Failproof Yogurt Maker

    by MacFadden on 09/16/2016


    I bought this about a month ago to use with the heirloom Bulgarian starter from this website and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. It works perfectly every time. The best part is that it doesn't use electricity, and there is really nothing that could break or go wrong on it, so it should pretty much last forever. It's just a plastic bucket that fits snugly inside a thick layer of Styrofoam with an outer shell. There are two downsides to it, though. First, the bucket the yogurt cultures in is plastic and I have not been able to find a glass replacement container that fits. The other, more minor, issue is that it needs to be full to maintain the culturing temperature. The instructions for the Bulgarian yogurt starter tell you to activate it with 1 quart of milk, half the Yogotherm's capacity. When I checked on it after a few hours, the milk had lost 30 degrees and I had to reheat it. If I had to do it again, I would put the milk in a 1 quart glass jar, set the jar in the plastic bucket, and fill the bucket with 110 degree water around the glass jar. Now that my starter is activated though, no such scheming is necessary, and making yogurt if very easy and quite hands-off. I heat and cool 2 quarts/half a gallon of milk, stir in the culture, pour it into the Yogotherm, and 4 1/2 hours later, it's ready. Looking at reviews for electric yogurt makers and seeing people complain about the temperature getting too high or the thing not working after a year, I'm very glad I got this one. I'm sure it will still be in fine fettle 20 years from now. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 for quality is the annoying plastic bucket, for being plastic instead of glass and because it can be very uncomfortable on your fingers to pry it open when it is properly closed. In any case, it seems to be the best option and I'm enjoying the fruits of its labor.

  9. Expensive.

    by Tom on 08/23/2016


    A lot of money for plastic and styrofoam. But, it does work and is easy to use. A bowl with a towel over the top works too but is more subject to fluctuations in room temperature. I find this is less troublesome to use. I paid for convenience

  10. Perfect!

    by Menzrob on 05/08/2016


    Sooooo glad I bought this! At first I wondered about spending the money. Wasn't sure it would work, or that I'd stick with it. The Yogotherm not only works, it makes yogurt making so easy and foolproof, I wouldn't even consider buying manufactured yogurt again. Even better I'm able to take the excellent yogurt from this, strain it into Greek yogurt and use the resulting whey in our dogs food. A total win-win and a bargain for the price!

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Questions on Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator

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  • From Tami O at 5/4/2017 3:37 PM
    • So, do I pour the mild directly into the high density polyethylene container? Does this container come out of the unit, to say, store the yogurt in, or for cleaning?
    • Yes! The product page under the Description states that the components are removable. There are even replacement inner styrofoam pails and inner pail with lids!
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  • From Beth at 10/23/2016 2:13 PM
    • I make yogurt with coconut milk which is generally recommended to be cultured for 24 hours. It sounds like this is too long for the Yogotherm to maintain its temperature, correct? If so, this would not be of use to me.
    • You could wrap the unit in a wool blanket to help retain the warmth for a longer period but 24 hours might be a little long. You might find that your yogurt will be finished in less than 24 hours. You will find our recipe for coconut yogurt here: http://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/recipe/yogurt-recipes/vegan-yogurt/ The yogurt is usually finished in 6 to 8 hours.
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  • From Crista at 8/28/2016 1:21 PM
  • From Ian at 11/17/2015 8:57 PM
    • The description for Yogotherm Incubator says that an heirloom culture can be used if it's been activated in another appliance. Does this mean that if I bought the Yogotherm and the Bulgarian Yogurt Starter for instance I would need to activate the starter in something else before using the Yogotherm? Any suggestions on how to do that? Thanks!
    • Activating the yogurt starter can take up to 12 hours, which is a little long for the Yogotherm to maintain the temperature, especially if the room temperature is a little cool. You can either activate the starter using a different method (see examples here: http://www.culturesforhealth.com/how-to-culture-yogurt-without-yogurt-maker ) or wrap your Yogotherm in a blanket to help maintain the warmth for the full activation period. You might test the yogurt maker using water that has been heated to 110°, let it sit in the Yogotherm for 12 hours and check the temperature, it must be between 110° and 112°.
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  • From Jim Scheppke at 6/29/2015 2:32 PM
    • I own a Yogotherm that I bought from you a year or so ago and the lid to the plastic inner container is wearing out. It already has a small crack along the rim that will probably get bigger. Can I buy a replacement?
    • Yes! This is likely what you are looking for: http://www.culturesforhealth.com/yogotherm-inner-plastic-pail-lid.html Feel free to contact us for more information or with questions.
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  • From Cheri at 3/1/2015 7:42 PM
    • Can the Yogotherm be used to make sour cream as well?
    • This would incubate at the temperature you put the food in at, of course losing a few degrees over time. You can throw a blanket or towel over the YogoTherm if it is on the chilly side of things at your house.
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  • From Chelsea at 12/28/2014 12:10 PM
    • Is the plastic bucket bpa free? Thanks!
    • Yes, the bucket is BPA free.
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  • From Lisa at 4/27/2014 7:32 PM
    • Hi, I was wondering if you could make raw milk yoghurt successfully in this model. Thank you very much.
    • Since this yogurt maker maintains the yogurt at any temperature you start with, it is perfect for making raw milk yogurt.
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  • From Susan at 4/7/2014 8:02 AM
    • Will a 1 quart ball jar fit inside the yogotherm?
    • It depends on the height and type of the quart mason jar. Regular mouth quart jars will not fit. Wide mouth jars may or may not fit…Earlier versions may be too tall, while more current jars fit if you do not put on the inner lid. Compare to the inner dimensions:

      Height 6-3/8 inches
      Top diameter 6-1/2 inches
      Bottom diameter​ 5-3/8 inches
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  • From Lizzie at 10/24/2013 10:55 AM
    • What are the outside dimensions of this unit?
    • Outer dimensions: widest diameter 8-1/5" (tapers to 8"). Height is 9-1/4"
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