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"This product works perfectly with my EuroCuisine Y100."

Exactly as advertised! 5 stars

- marcia

Top Tier for Yogurt Maker

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Top Tier for Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

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Double the capacity of your yogurt maker by adding a top tier! Euro Cuisine has devised a way for you to add 7 additional glass jars to the already impressive 7 glass jars included with each yogurt maker.  The possibilities are endless.  Make a batch of your favorite yogurt or make several jars of multiple flavors.

  • Please add only one tier per unit as the temperature varies too widely by adding more. 
  • Yogurt Makers, extra glass jars and yogurt making accessories are sold separately.
  • One-piece bpa-free plastic add-on fits Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM80 and YM100 models.



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5 Reviews For "Top Tier for Yogurt Maker"

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  1. Woke fine for me

    by Rich on 03/05/2017


    Surprised to see a few folks that didn't have success with the second tier. I do usually throw a towel over the "incubator" just cuz it's winter and that's what we do to keep ourselves warm. I suspect that this is probably pretty key to keeping the temp a little better equilibrated for the upper deck.
    Otherwise for $8 it's a no brainer

  2. top jars did not 'jel' when lower level had hours earlier

    by Wayne on 01/26/2017


    This was my first batch, but the bottom layer was done setting many hours before the top layer...they even 'scorched ' a little. Will do another set to see if it happens again.

    Response from CFH: Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team and we'd be happy to troubleshoot!

  3. Didn't work as expected

    by ms on 04/27/2015


    the yogurt I placed on the top tier didn't stay warm enough to set. I removed the top jars and placed them inside the yogurt maker and they set up after an additional 4 hours. I was disappointed because the idea of the top shelf is great!

    Response from CFH: Be certain to test the temperature in your yogurt maker. It may be helpful to cover the unit with a towel or something similar depending on the temperature in your yogurt maker. We ask that you contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding your products.

  4. It's worthless

    by Tammy on 08/07/2014


    The top tier is worthless. The temperature is only 85 degrees so it doesn't make yogurt.

    Note from CFH~ Please contact customer support for troubleshooting advice usually a simple adjustment can be made for better results.

  5. This product works perfectly with my EuroCuisine Y100.

    by marcia on 07/28/2011


    Exactly as advertised! 5 stars

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Questions on Top Tier for Yogurt Maker

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  • From Mari at 7/4/2014 5:39 PM
    • Is this second tier plastic BPA free?
    • Yes, the second tier is made from bpa-free plastic.
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  • From esther at 4/8/2013 8:01 PM
    • Is this extra tier one solid piece of plastic or is it a ring with a separate piece with the 'jar holes'?
    • It is one solid piece of plastic.
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  • From Sandy at 12/23/2012 6:54 AM
    • If I double the recipe, do I need to double the amount of starter culture? Or just use more milk?
    • The starter culture to milk ratio given in the starter's instructions should be adhered to, no matter what batch size you are making. For example, our mesophilic heirloom cultures, such as Viili, call for 1 tablespoon starter yogurt from the previous batch per cup of milk. Other starters may call for different ratios of starter to milk.
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  • From Bjorn at 8/8/2012 11:43 AM
    • What are the dimensions of this piece? I am hoping it will fit my Yogurt maker of a different brand.
    • 3 5/8in X 9 1/2 in.​
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  • From Eva at 8/1/2012 2:52 PM
    • Hello,
      Is this going to cook the top level the same as the bottom? I am worried it will not heat even. Thanks
    • It should all heat evenly.
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  • From Rose at 6/25/2012 7:59 PM
    • Wondering how wide this is? I just got my YM100 in the mail today. Can't wait to try it out.
    • The top tier is 9.5" wide.
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  • From cine at 1/29/2012 11:16 AM
    • I have a YM100. Since this looks like a different color plastic than my lid i would like to know if this top tier is BPA free and what kind of plastic (the recycle #) it is. Thank you!
    • Yes, according to the manufacturer this product is BPA-free.
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  • From matt at 1/22/2012 7:31 AM
    • Will this work on the Euro Cuisine's model 650?
    • Yes, it will fit models YM100, YM80, and YMX650
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  • From Sharon at 12/7/2011 9:53 PM
    • How much longer does the yogurt need to process because of the increased area to be heated?
    • The total amount of time will vary somewhat depending on how you like your yogurt, what type of milk you are using, ambient temperatures, etc. The amount of time with two tiers will not be appreciably different than with one - very likely within a half hour's difference.
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  • From April at 11/29/2011 6:09 PM
    • Does this work with the YoLife maker?
    • The second tier is designed to fit the EuroCuisine yogurt maker. It doesn't fit any other models that we know of.
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