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Yogurt Makers

Real Yogurt Yogurt Makers

Our yogurt makers are ideal for making any kind of thermophilic yogurt, such as our Greek, Bulgarian, Mild, Traditional, and Vegan cultures.
Yogurt Makers
  • Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

    Make homemade yogurt in individual serving containers with this easy to use yogurt maker.
    • Use it for: incubating single-serve jars

    Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker


    "Great yogurt machine!"

    I love this yogurt maker! I've tried other yogurt makers, sometimes the yogurt would set and other times it wouldn't. I've made yogurt several times with this machine and it's been perfect every time and my family loves it! I love that it's so easy to make, and I can have the piece of mind that they're getting the best! I also love the individual jars, they are the perfect size so there's never any waste, and it's easy to see when I need to start another batch!

    - lindisue

    "Great appliance!"

    I tested it several times and it does exactly what it says; doesn't heat the yogurt over 110. Great product and easy to use!

    - Mikki

    "Great machine"

    I found it at a thrift store, for $8, totally usued. Why they got rid of it I'll never know, but I'm happy. Perfect yogurt in 8 hours!

    - DaleZy


    I am diabetic so I use Half and Half, with no sugar. Use ball mason 2 cup jars fit the cuisine machine perfectly. I use 2 and it makes the best yogurt. I put 6 tablespoons of plain store bought yogurt in the h & h and shake it cold in the quart of h & h,pour it in the 2 cup mason jars and put it for 13 hours in the 110 degree cuisine yogurt maker and I have the best yogurt. I don't have to make greek out of it because it is creamy. I do not heat it to 200 degrees, I just put it in cold. I tried goats,almond,etc and this turns out the best. Try it you'll love it.

    - Mollie

    "Reminder: turn on the Yogurt-maker!"

    Well, I was delighted and excited when I got the yogurt-maker! I decided to try Dark Chocolate Almond milk first. I heated, added the agar, stirred then added the culture. Poured into the jars and placed them into the maker. Then went to bed. When I got up, the stuff was still liquid...then I realized I never turned on the switch! The second batch was soy milk and well *two thumbs up* from then on!

    - Donna

    "Exactly as it should be "

    Works well....love the size of the jars......

    - Lee

  • Euro Cuisine 2 Quart Yogurt Maker

    Make up to two quarts of homemade yogurt at one time.
    • Use it for: making up to 2 quarts of yogurt at once

    Euro Cuisine 2 Quart Yogurt Maker



    I have the old one quart version by this company, still going strong for ten years of making yougurt. the 2 quart is more practical. really makes yougurt easy, just a quick kitchen chore. worth the money.

    - jkm

    "Very handy piece of equipment."

    I'm really enjoying this yogurt maker, it does exactly what it supposed to without a great deal of mess or fuss. I like that it is just a 2qt piece rather than several small jars, but I dislike washing dishes so it is more of a preference thing! Best of all is it doesn't take up a lot of counter space and is easily hidden out of site when not in use.

    - Brandi

    "love it"

    Yoghurt is perfect every time

    - sisa

    "Really nice machine"

    I was really impressed with the simplicity. It works just as well as the little jars with much less clean up. There isn't a timer but I have thus far done all right without one.I like being able to make larger batches of yogurt.

    - Bill

    "Love the yogurt maker!"

    I have used it twice and love it!

    - Cindy

    "Great for Natto"

    Recently acquired a taste for natto and wanted to make my own. I knew I could use a yogurt maker to incubate the batch so I set out to find reviews for different brands and models. This model specifically came out with fantastic reviews and for good reason: It is PERFECT for natto. I've already made 3 batches with it and it came out perfect each time: sticky, stinky and DELICIOUS lol. Comes with a thermometer and a cotton cheesecloth which is fantastic because it saves you a trip to the store. The cheesecloth especially was a great surprise because I needed one and then when I opened the box, there it was! Yeah, great yogurt maker, can't go wrong! CFH Note~ Be sure to test the temperature of your yogurt maker first. Some yogurt makers may run a little warm for Natto.

    - Christian

  • Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker with Timer

    Easy to use yogurt maker with individual yogurt containers and a timer.
    • Use it for: timing your batches of homemade yogurt

    Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker with Timer



    I have used this for about 5 batches of yogurt so far & have no complaints. One suggestion, would be nice if it had a small knob or handle on the top of the cover to facilitate lifting the cover. I would recommend this to anyone.

    - Cindy

    "Makes it easy"

    This yogurt maker makes it easy to make homemade yogurt. I'm happy it has glass jars, and they are just the right size for me. Just set the timer and forget it. Great item.

    - MM


    wife loves this = 1st batch was great!

    - thornsteel

    "great product"

    I wish it held more containers for the yogurt, but other than that, just great!! Response from CFH: There is a top tier http://www.culturesforhealth.com/top-tier-for-euro-cuisine-yogurt-maker.html for both the YM80 http://www.culturesforhealth.com/euro-cuisine-yogurt-maker.html and the YM100 http://www.culturesforhealth.com/euro-cuisine-yogurt-maker-timer-ym100.html. Hope that might be helpful!

    - justine

    "Excellent product, easy to use"

    This unit has made greek yogurt affordable to me. I love the jars instead of a big tub like unit. I make my own Kimchee, sauerkraut, and now yogurt. YEA.

    - Wayne

    "Great product"

    I had never made yogurt before last weekend. I have now made two batches and it was very easy and I am very happy with the results.

    - DM

  • Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator

    Make homemade yogurt without electricity. 2-quart capacity.
    • Use it for: an easy-to-clean, simple yogurt maker

    Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator


    "Worked Wonderfully"

    I used my Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator to make 2 quarts of yogurt from raw goats milk. It worked beautifully! I did heat a quart of water to boiling, put that into a covered mason jar and set mason jar inside of the Yogotherm to help bring the insulation temperature up while I heated my milk to 110 degrees. I did this because it's still winter and we keep our house relatively cool (about 65 degrees). I put the 2 quarts of heated milk into the pail, whisked in my starter, covered it and left it to culture for 8 hours on my kitchen counter. The yogurt is set and seems to be nice and thick for a raw milk yogurt. I'm very pleased with my purchase. I will admit that I was skeptical at first, but now that I've used it, I feel it is a good value with reliable results that I would happily recommend to anyone.

    - Zen Momma

    "Making fantastic yogurt for 15 years"

    Purchased my yogotherm in 1998. This is the easiest way to make quality yoghurt that we have tried. Have had electronic - yield too small and too much to clean. This unit is durable, easy to use and clean. There are no parts to damage nor to wear out. It is an excellent investment. Have made 1000' s of quarts. We are completely satisfied and are ready to replace the styrofoam insert due to minor discoloration. Unbelievable value and performance.

    - Chauq

    "A great Product"

    The Yogurt incubator is a wonderful product that keeps the temp steady as needed. The yogurt and kefir comes out perfect with this product. The finished product is so smooth with a delicious taste. No need to add any sugar or sweetener.

    - Barbara

    "Easy to use"

    Just follow the instructions and you will have home made yogurt in no time. This unit is economical and easy to use. The resultng yogurt is of high quality. I have used other yogurt makers and was put off for one year, due to poor result. This yogurt makers has me making yogurt again with good results.

    - John

    "Love it!"

    Love this! Used it twice and both times perfect.....and I let the yogert sit in cheese cloth in the refrig to thicken it up.....would definitely recommend it!

    - Alison


    I really do love this Yogotherm! I had been using a cooler and heating pad and this is a VAST improvement! So easy to get quality yogurt and not use electricity!

    - Fireweed

  • Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Maker

    Yogurt and Greek-style yogurt maker with glass insert!
    • Use it for: making up to 2 quarts of yogurt at once in a glass insert

    Starting at: $69.99

    Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Maker


    "like the Green Yogurt Machine"

    My first yogurt maker but really like this one and have recommended to friends.

    - Patrica

    "An OK yogurt maker"

    The main reason I purchased this yogurt maker is because it has a glass jar, rather than a plastic jar. It is OK, so far. The price was of the machine itself was OK, but when you add shipping costs to Canada and the exchange rate, it was rather expensive. It claims to warn you with a beep when the yogurt is ready, but it did not beep. The yogurt was runny, but other than that, it is OK. CFH Note ~ The activation batches of an heirloom yogurt starter may be a little runny or lumpy but the texture will thicken up within the next batch or two. Be sure to make a new batch every 5 to 7 days to ensue the viability of the starter.

    - mbourgaize