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Yogurt Makers

Real Yogurt Yogurt Makers

Our yogurt makers are ideal for making any kind of thermophilic yogurt, such as our Greek, Bulgarian, Mild, Traditional, and Vegan cultures.
Yogurt Makers
  • Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

    Make homemade yogurt in individual serving containers with this easy to use yogurt maker.
    • Use it for: incubating single-serve jars

    Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker


    "I love it!"

    This is a wonderful machine. My yogurt turned out great!

    - Pamela

    "Love it!"

    Nice quality and simple to use.

    - Teresa

    "not great if you want Greek style"

    I love the way this maker looks. It's so cute! And in fact, I wound up using the jars for all sorts of other things before I gave it away: pesto, salad dressing, small bits of leftovers, haha. But ultimately after using it several times, it wasn't right for me since the yogurt is made right in the jars in which it gets stored in the fridge. So, there's no way to strain it to make it thick. I now have the Yogotherm, which works great.

    - Craige

    "Excellent product"

    Great for making small batches - It's just me, so this is perfect. Consistent and even heating of the yogurt means that all the cups come out the same. I have tried it without the plastic lids, as recommended but the mfg prefers to place the lids on the jars before putting them in the yogurt maker as it keeps the condensation from dripping into the product.

    - Elizabeth

    "I love my yogurt machine"

    I tried making yogurt with my dehydrator and failed miserably. Then I tried the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker and loved it. It is small, easy to store, stays out of the way, easy to use and does just what it is suppose to. Every week I learn better techniques to fine tune my yogurt. The jars are perfect for me. One jar, a little fruit and off I go. I am not having trouble with cleaning. After I empty my yogurt into a cup, I add my fruit, fill my jar with water and after breakfast the jars come clean easily.

    - Teresa

    "Works Great....Easy to use"

    Saves the time in the morning from dishing out yogurt to take for lunches great size glass jars!

    - Lee