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Real Yogurt Ingredients

Make thicker yogurt without any weird ingredients - just all-natural thickeners here.
  • Pomona's Pectin

    Useful for thickening non-dairy yogurt.
    • Use it for: thickening homemade vegan yogurt

    Pomona's Pectin


    "worked great"

    I used this in my yogurt recipe and it worked great. I have made two batches of yogurt - one with the pectin, one without the pectin, in future I will always use pectin.

    - BC

    "Worked very well with almond yogurt."

    Made my first batch of almond yogurt. The pectin gave it a jello like consistency.

    - Susan

    "Great Product"

    I started canning about the time I became aware of the mirad'un'natural things that are in so much of our foods. This new awareness caused me some discomfort when canning jellies and jams, because of the pectin I was forced to use. Then I found Pomona's, and I have never looked back. I love it, and it works great!

    - sittinnspinnin


    Wanting to save a bit of money, I used a regular pectin on my first batch of yogurt. It didn't thicken at all. I decided to get the Pomona's Pectin, and my yogurt has turned out perfectly every batch. I will use this from now on!

    - MM

    "Great product"

    This is also a wonderful product. I have used other pectins and they didn't work very well at all, I had to add arrowroot powder also. Great product and very pleased with both of the products.

    - Mary

    "Excellent product"

    This is the best pectin I have ever used.

    - Mary

  • CapraMilk Powdered Goat Milk

    Use to thicken homemade goat milk yogurt.
    • Use it for: thickening homemade yogurt

    Starting at: $14.96

  • Agar Powder

    Yogurt thickener and vegetarian substitute for gelatin!
    • Use it for: thickening homemade yogurt
  • Beef Gelatin Powder

    A natural thickening agent for yogurt and good source of protein!
    • Use it for: thickening homemade yogurt naturally

    Beef Gelatin Powder


    "Good stuff!!"

    I actually purchased this elsewhere, but this gelatin works great for thickening yogurt if you don't want to strain it. It has no discernible taste and dissolves well in warm liquid, you just need to stir/whisk thoroughly. 1 Tbsp per quart of yogurt seems to work well for me.

    - JB