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Real Yogurt Ingredients

Make thicker yogurt without any weird ingredients - just all-natural thickeners here.
  • Pomona's Pectin

    Useful for thickening non-dairy yogurt.
    • Use it for: thickening homemade vegan yogurt

    Pomona's Pectin



    This is fantastic stuff!! I have never made yogurt before and now, thanks to Cultures for Health I am making my own vegan yogurt every week!! Just add a little honey and vanilla when it is done and it turns out beautiful every time!!!!

    - Tim

    "Vegan Yogurt"

    Initially I only bought the culture to make began yogurt but when it didn't thicken I emailed Culture for Health and was told I also needed this Pomona Universal Pectin. Well I attempted again and it worked out perfectly. What a treat to be able to make my own vegan yogurt. Thank goodness for Cultures for Health and their terrific staff that are always there when your need assistance.

    - Libby

    "works well for thickening yogurt"

    I use this to thicken my Bulgarian culture raw goat milk yogurt. Their is an added step in the process, but it turns out consistenly well.

    - Gretchen

    "Works great!"

    I used this to make my first homemade batch of preserves. This product was recommended in Nourishing Traditions, so I bought it. My preserves came out great and my family loves it. Just bought more recently.

    - Lidy

    "Good product"

    I used this product twice to make almond yogurt following the recipe from the website of cultures for health. The first time I halved everything since I was using only 2 cups of almond milk. It worked great. The second time I used the same proportions on the website but the yogurt came out way too thick. could not use it. I will have to play with the amount of pectin next time to get a creamy consistency.

    - Tina

    "Needs better instructions."

    This product was not created for yogurt, and the instructions are not easy to follow. When you do follow them, the results are less than satisfactory. I ended up with solid yogurt. Certainly not appetizing! Response from CFH: Thickening yogurt is one use suggested by the manufacturer. The calcium content of your milk will affect the set of yogurt thickened with Pomona's Pectin. Please contact our helpful support team at customersupport@culturesforhealth.com for assistance.

    - happy Vegan

  • Beef Gelatin Powder

    A natural thickening agent for yogurt and good source of protein!
    • Use it for: thickening homemade yogurt naturally

    Beef Gelatin Powder


    "Good stuff!!"

    I actually purchased this elsewhere, but this gelatin works great for thickening yogurt if you don't want to strain it. It has no discernible taste and dissolves well in warm liquid, you just need to stir/whisk thoroughly. 1 Tbsp per quart of yogurt seems to work well for me.

    - JB