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Equipment & Accessories

Real Yogurt Equipment & Accessories

Make thick, Greek-style yogurt or double your batch size with these yogurt-making tools.
Equipment & Accessories
  • Top Tier for Yogurt Maker

    Double the capacity of your yogurt maker by adding a top tier.
    • Use it for: doubling the capacity of either of our Euro Cuisines

    Top Tier for Yogurt Maker


    "This product works perfectly with my EuroCuisine Y100."

    Exactly as advertised! 5 stars

    - marcia

    "Woke fine for me"

    Surprised to see a few folks that didn't have success with the second tier. I do usually throw a towel over the "incubator" just cuz it's winter and that's what we do to keep ourselves warm. I suspect that this is probably pretty key to keeping the temp a little better equilibrated for the upper deck. Otherwise for $8 it's a no brainer

    - Rich

    "Didn't work as expected"

    the yogurt I placed on the top tier didn't stay warm enough to set. I removed the top jars and placed them inside the yogurt maker and they set up after an additional 4 hours. I was disappointed because the idea of the top shelf is great! Response from CFH: Be certain to test the temperature in your yogurt maker. It may be helpful to cover the unit with a towel or something similar depending on the temperature in your yogurt maker. We ask that you contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding your products.

    - ms

    "top jars did not 'jel' when lower level had hours earlier"

    This was my first batch, but the bottom layer was done setting many hours before the top layer...they even 'scorched ' a little. Will do another set to see if it happens again. Response from CFH: Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team and we'd be happy to troubleshoot!

    - Wayne

    "It's worthless"

    The top tier is worthless. The temperature is only 85 degrees so it doesn't make yogurt. Note from CFH~ Please contact customer support for troubleshooting advice usually a simple adjustment can be made for better results.

    - Tammy

  • Set of Extra Jars for Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

    Set of 8 Extra Jars for the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker.
    • Use it for: extra jars to fit either of our Euro Cuisines

    Set of Extra Jars for Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker



    I have not used these jars yet. I like the way they look and feel. Looking forward to making my first batch of coconut yogurt.

    - Strong/quality!

    "Makes it easier to keep up with the need for fresh yogurt"

    Very happy to have an entire extra set of jars so I can make the next batch of yogurt before the last of the previous batch has been consumed. My work schedule doesn't make it easy to make the yogurt on a tight schedule. My only issue is that the lids do not have the date option on them.

    - Donna

    "dissapointed with the plain lids no date wheel"

    Overall ok, jars are the same, but the lids are plain with no date wheel. I was disappointed with this aspect. I would gladly pay more for the option of date wheel lids.

    - Wayne


    Great to have more avalable yogurt!

    - Jennifer

    "Good value "

    Great little jars. Don't seal tight very well. No day indicator on top of lid.

    - Teri

  • Cotton Bag for Making Cheese

    Just pour cheese curds, yogurt, or anything else you want to strain into this bag and hang it from a cupboard to drain. 12" x 12".
    • Use it for: straining whey from yogurt, kefir, and cheese.

    Cotton Bag for Making Cheese



    At first I thought the bag was to small but I fit my homemade cream cheese made with 1 gallon of milk perfectly!! It's very thick and didn't leak!! I.thought the ties would break when I hung it up for draining but that didn't happen. Very good product!!!

    - Valerie


    I use this for making my kefir whey, and cream cheese. It's the perfect size. I can put a half gallon...or less...into the bag and hang it over a glass bowl to drain. It's clean and easy. You boil it before and then rinse it and boil it to clean it when you are finished. Then hang dry and store! Just what I needed~!

    - Lori

    "Necessary to filter kefir whey from curd..."

    Excellent use, perfect fit for the bag i bought from this web, and good thing I bought it. I didn't know this was necessary.

    - SY

    "A must have need to make cheese"

    Not good by itself. Must use in combination with the Butter Muslin for perfection. Very Strong and good filtration. No sign of weakness yet.

    - SY

    "Excellent for making whey"

    Excellent for making whey from Kefir

    - Dennis

    "great idea and great price"

    love it! worked great

    - Nanny

  • Inner Styrofoam Pail with Lid for Yogotherm

    Styrofoam replacement pail and lid for the interior of the Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator.
    • Use it for: replacement styrofoam pail for Yogotherm

    Inner Styrofoam Pail with Lid for Yogotherm


    "~~ What you need when the milk spills! ~~"

    I have been making yogurt in my Yogotherm for years now and absolutely love it. No matter where we are I can still make a successful batch due to no electric power needed. HOWEVER once in a while someone jogs the freshly cultured milk and milk spills out of the pail and penetrates this styrofoam insulator. Although I immediately wash it, I have yet to find a way to get it perfectly clean so after a while mold beings to grow! Yuk! Time to purchase a replacement. I am SO thankful that Yogotherm sales replacements. Now I am back to a "like new" Yogotherm and hoping no spills will happen. Due to it not normally coming into contact with the yogurt/milk this insert does not require cleaning after each use. I think this is the second or third insert I have purchased from Cultures for Health. Their service, shipping and prices have always been good. Happy yogurt making!

    - Liz

  • Replacement Inner Pail with Lid for Yogotherm

    Plastic replacement pail and lid for the interior of the Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator.
    • Use it for: replacement or extra inner pail of our Yogotherm

    Replacement Inner Pail with Lid for Yogotherm


    "~~ If your pail splits or molds grab a new one! ~~"

    Although I absolutely love my Yogotherm, I do not like the design of the pail lid. Maybe it's just me but I find that after a while black mold starts to grow in the crevice of the lid. I wash it carefully after each use but I think this is the third pail I am on now. I do make yogurt every week so this is in almost constant use. To clean the mold out you have to use a thin sharp knife which of course then creates a fine cut making a further growing ground. After so many cleans I discard the pail and purchase a new one. Does it put me off using a Yogotherm? No! This yogurt maker is SO versatile. No matter where we are I can still make a successful batch due to no electric power needed. I am just thankful that there is somewhere to purchase a replacement when needed. Thanks Cultures for Health! Happy yogurt making!

    - Liz

    "Very handy!"

    Having an extra bucket on hand has come in very handy!

    - Judy

  • Greek Yogurt Maker (Strainer)

    This unique strainer kit which is BPA Free transforms up to 2 quarts of ordinary homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek yogurt in a matter of hours – all inside your refrigerator.
    • Use it for: straining whey from yogurt, kefir, and cheese.

    Greek Yogurt Maker (Strainer)


    "For the very best thick Greek yogurt!"

    I love this strainer. It holds up to half a gallon of yogurt at a time, comes with its own lid. We make yogurt weekly using fresh milk from our cow share program. We follow the basic recipe, including heating the milk up to 182 degrees, then letting the temp fall to about 110 degrees before adding culture. When the yogurt is done, we refrigerate it, usually overnight, then put all of it into the Greek Yogurt Maker. We have drained yogurt anywhere from 3 to 24 hours. At 24 hours it is like a thick cream, better than ice cream. We usually eat it with a little maple syrup and/or some fruit or fruit jam. Best thing is, we are both lactose intolerant, but the drained off whey contains most of the remaining lactose, so we can eat yogurt without GI issues. Love this kitchen tool!

    - Michele

    "Great Product"

    This is simple to use and works exactly as it is supposed to. I had fantastic results the first use, thick & creamy greek yogurt, couldn't be more happy with it. Also use the left over whey it neatly collects to make bread, love this product!

    - Cara


    I've made goat yogurt for many years. It was always great but had the tendency to be more liquid than I liked. I've had this yogurt maker for almost 2 weeks. I can't begin to tell you the great, smooth, silky, & thick the consistency is now. It is so rich that we are eating it quicker than I can replenish the container. I use my Yogourmet to process the milk with the culture. I then refrigerate for 24 hrs. I pour the cold yogurt into the Greek Yogurt Maker & the next day have the best yogurt I have ever eaten. Thanks so much for this awesome product.

    - Guajome

    "Easy to use and clean"

    I have been using this strainer for our weekly batches of homemade yogurt. Twelve hours in the strainer and the yogurt is wonderfully thick. Bonus: it is so easy to clean!

    - beckmom

    "How did I live without this?"

    This is one of my favorite kitchen "gadgets." My husband and I both love the thick yogurt and with so little mess.

    - Sherri

    "Very effective!"

    We use it all the time, absolutely love it. Now my husband eats tons of creamy homemade yogurt with only good stuff in it! It works very quickly too.

    - Jen

  • Organic Cotton Bag

    Available in three sizes. Perfect for straining kefir, yogurt, or soft cheese varieties.
    • Use it for: straining whey from yogurt, kefir, and cheese

    Starting at: $4.00

    Organic Cotton Bag


    "Great for straining yogurt"

    I got this bag to strain my yogurt. It works great. I can hang it by the drawstring and in an hour or so I have have delicious greek yogurt.

    - slk

    "very useful product"

    Good Quality organic cotton bag, well sewn. I got the 12 x 15" bag and use it for straining Greek yogurt primarily but find other uses as well. It stands up to the boiling for sanitation and is cheaper than a Greek yogurt maker.

    - Tennessee Tim

    "Good for yogurt!"

    I used this to strain yogurt for making labneh and frozen yogurt. It works well. It will shrink if you accidentally put it in the dryer. :) Even so, I got the 12x15, which shrank to about 10x12, and is still more than big enough for my needs (I strain about a pint at a time)

    - Lyndsay