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Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture

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Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture

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Product Review (submitted on January 28, 2014):

I've made yogurt a few times using store bought starters. I wanted something I can culture batch to batch. This variety is fabulous!!! The first batch was thinner, but after that I get thick, lovely yogurt each time.

I use whole milk and I hold it at 160 degrees for 20 minutes, cool, add cultures, and keep it warm for 4-5 hours. Perfect!

My method is to use a small cooler that fits 2 quart jars. I fill it with 115 degree tap water, and let the cooler warm up while I prep the milk. Once I've mixed the milk with the cultures, I lay a sandwich bag across the top and use a canning ring to hold it in place. This lets me check the consistency without removing the lid.

I put two full quart jars in the cooler, and make sure the water is almost up to the lid. Then I close it up. I find this holds the temperature well for 2-4 hours. By the time it cools off, it's time to put it on the counter, then into the fridge.

Yummy yummy flavor--my kids adjusted to it really well.