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Real Yogurt Books

Our favorite guides to making yogurt, cooking and baking with yogurt, and beyond.
  • Cooking with Yogurt

    Learn to use yogurt in your cooking and baking projects.
  • Cultured Food Life

    A beautiful guide to how to make and use Kefir, Kombucha, Cultured Vegetables, Sourdough and Sprouted Flour.

    Cultured Food Life


    "Great for newbies"

    This is where I started with learning about fermentation. Still a newbie but with more understanding and clarity around the subject. Has a great collection of recipes that I am yet to try.

    - Sarra


    Very interesting and informative book, have not tried any recipes yet. My kombucha is making enough to drink, as soon as I make vinegar I am going to try to make ketchup.

    - Mary

    "i love love what kefir and cultures are doing for our family...Thanks for the cookbook,it makes it fun! we are blessed! God is good! Happy Easter!"

    We have been making kefir since last May,but this cookbook has really changing us yet another level. So glad for the vita~mix for making kefir so edible especially with orange slice or in a smoothie...

    - farmgal


    I have several books on fermenting and this is the most clear and easy to follow recipes. I have already bought a second copy to give to a friend.

    - Rita

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods

    Includes over 100 delicious recipes for all types of culturing and fermentation projects.

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods


    "Great Product"

    This is an awesome beginners guide for practically fermenting anything, and in a healthy way. I was extremely happy about the price and how grateful my mom was to receive this as a gift.

    - Nate

    "Father's Day gift"

    I gave this to my Dad for Fathers Day and he's excited to get started. My Mom loves cookbooks and so she liked it too! So with some starter and couple air locks, he's on his way!

    - Kelley

    "excellent book"

    This book has tons of information and tons of recipes and also many options for each recipe. An indispensible book for the beginner.

    - waynelm

    "It helped this ignorant person."

    I had never fermented food until three weeks ago.i began in earnest, determined to do a thorough job. I had, with the help of Idiot's Guide, beginner's luck ok the first effort. After sampling the fermenting food, we decided to complete our equipment. We now have a complete array of pots, yogurt maker, and the determination to wear the very helpful Idiot's Guide out. I referred too it several times in the Process of preparation. Happy with it.

    - Charles

    "Great book!"

    This is an informative book on fermentation for the novice. Many good recipes! Loaned it to a friend who now wants to purchase one!

    - Tracy

  • Cultured Food Life: The Trilogy DVD

    Join host Donna Schwenk in her kitchen where she will teach you to make kefir, kombucha and cultured vegetables in your own kitchen.

    Cultured Food Life: The Trilogy DVD


    "Great video"

    I am new to the fermentation / cultures works so this video was very informative and really has me looking forward to a life of brewing and healthy living.

    - Dale

    "Great information"

    Excellent video, every informative.

    - Gerald

    "Lifesaver --- great backup plan"

    i was so worried about making fermented anything believing i would mess it up. in instances like that, i would typically not do anything while waiting for that one thing that would assure me i had the right instruction. this dvd is terrific --- basic, clear and reassuing at the same time. i can read directions but not always certain i am following them correctly. i'm much more a visual learner and this dvd fit my learning style to a T. plus there is the addd benefit of being able to return view it again if i have additional questions. i've watched all segments 2 times already. thanks!

    - Mary

    "Worth the time, Worth the money Super DVD"

    Not much more to say!


    "Great video"

    This is a great video that gives the viewer the confidence and desire to begin culturing foods! I showed to a small group and we all wanted to start with a project of kombucha, cultured veggies or kefir!

    - Debbie