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Real Yogurt You Make at Home

Real savings
Yogurt costs less than 20 cents per serving to make at home, plus you know what's in it.
More live probiotics
Homemade yogurt probiotic cultures are truly live, active, and thriving - not sitting on a store shelf.
Culture on your schedule
Make yogurt weekly with our heirloom cultures or whenever you want with our direct-set starters.
A world of choice
Tart or mild, milk or dairy-free, Greek or Bulgarian: explore the world in our 11 cultures.
Starter Cultures & Kits
  • Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture

    You can make real dairy-free yogurt at home! Use this culture with soy milk, coconut milk, and more to make a smooth, mild yogurt that's miles better than store-bought.
    • Makes up to 8 gallons of dairy-free probiotic yogurt
    • Direct-set single use culture: make yogurt when you want it
    • Contains 4 packets of starter culture and instructions

    Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture


    • Rice maltodextrin, live active bacteria.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy and dairy.
    • May contain trace amounts of gluten: Barley source is used as a fermentation nutrient.
    • May contain trace amounts of soy: Soybeans are used as a fermentation nutrient.
    • Non-GMO

    Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    • Soy milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, or other dairy-free milk
    • Yogurt maker or other incubating appliance
    • Thickening agent like pectin (optional)

    Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture


    "Great !"

    I finally found a vegan yogurt culture that works !! It makes delicious yogurt every time. Prompt delivery , and some very good coupons . I also enjoy the ebook. Lots of very good info in it. I will continue to buy this product.

    - Trish

    "Great Soy Yogurt!"

    I've used this product four times now and I feel like I'm getting the hang of making my own yogurt! I have an Instant Pot with the yogurt function, which makes it super easy. Like another reviewer, I didn't realize you couldn't just save some of the yogurt as a starter for next time and I had a couple of bad batches before I went on the Cultures for Health web site and read how to make a mother culture. I use Trader Joe's soy milk that is just soybeans and water and it is so easy! I get the best results using 10 3/4 oz. wide-mouth canning jars, which fit into the pot perfectly (I use four at a time, three full and one half-full). I also make my own soy milk from time to time and it works even better! This homemade non-dairy yogurt is so delicious, I eat it plain (which I've never done before). My whole family enjoys it plain, in parfaits, in smoothies, and as a replacement for sour cream. Highly recommended! Note from CFH: That is great you are getting more use of the starter with subsequent batches! This is not the usual case, so we are happy for you! The manufacturer does not guarantee it can make more batches from a batch, so as long as it does work for you, that is wonderful.

    - Kathy

    "Easy and delicious "

    I have begun making my own “clean” soy yogurt with organic soy milk and Cultures for Health Vegan starter. I get perfect yogurt every time! It is easy and delicious!

    - Sue

    "Finally...third time is the charm!"

    I could have had yummy yogurt sooner if I paid attention to the reviews & adjusted the milk I used. Initially I used Silk (unsweetened soy) and the yogurt was edible but it was not tangy and curdled (even whipping it didn’t create a smooth creamy texture). Next time I tried Silk Almond/Soy w/ Vanilla. That was a mistake!!! It had an icky/rancid taste, had to throw it out. THEN I finally decided to pay attention to reviews and soybeans (or other milk) with just water (no additives) was recommended. I bought WestSoy online because my local markets do not sell it, sooo worth it. Perfect yogurt. Tasty, tangy and I did have not wisk it after culture to get it smooth - it was perfect. I like Greek Yogurt, but have gone Vegan and can not do dairy. I bought a Greek yogurt maker and strained the yogurt to get it thicker. It helped, but still could use a little more. I might try adding a thickener next time. My complaint - and I assume this is true after reading reviews - being direct starter means I have to use a new package each time. Bummer, cause that will get expensive. I think someone said they did use a small batch from previous to make a new one and I might give it a try. Otherwise my 3rd time was perfect and it was SO easy. Open the WestSoy container, empty starter into container, close it and give it a few shakes, dump it into my yogurt machine, turn it on and leave it for 12 hours. NO heating before (WestSoy’s container is sealed, no need to heat to get rid of bacteria) and 12 hours was the perfect time for really tasty yogurt. THANKS!

    - Masselyn

    "Finally a Vegan Culture that Works ! "

    I am very pleased with this starter . I used it in my yogurt maker . It came out firm and tasty . It wasn’t too tart, it was just right . One note I came across somewhere is to use non dairy milk with the least amount of ingredients. I used West Soy organic , unsweetened . It was perfect. I wish I could find this product in my local Whole Foods or health food market. I was worried about the temperature during the mailing process, especially in the summer , but so far , so good.

    - Trish

    "Works great"

    I love this vegan yogurt starter! I've made tasty yogurt with coconut milk and cashew milk. I also made a wonderful dairy free sour cream with it using cashew milk and adding a touch of lemon juice at the end of fermentation. It was so good, and it tasted so close to the real thing, and most dairy substitutes don't! Thank you for this wonderful starter. I will continue to use it as long as you have it

    - Lady E

  • Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit

    Designed for beginners, this kit contains our tried-and-true favorite supplies to help you make thick dairy-free yogurt at home with soy milk, coconut milk, and more.
    • Makes up to 8 quarts (32 cups) of dairy-free yogurt
    • Direct-set single use culture: make yogurt when you want
    • Contains Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture, Pomona's Pectin, a thermometer, our organic cotton nut milk bag, and instructions.

    Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    • Soy milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, or other dairy-free milk (or make it yourself with our nut milk bag)
    • Yogurt maker or other incubating appliance

    Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit


    "Delicious and so easy!"

    Thank you so much for the step-by-step instructions! Now I can make coconut milk yogurt at home, know exactly what goes in my yogurt, and save money!

    - Colleen

    "great product"

    I have a terrible time working with live cultures like yeast. Since this was my first attempt at making yogurt I did not have high hopes, but it worked out! I made cashew yogurt from homemade cashew milk.

    - none

    "Very simple"

    This was my first attempt at making vegan yogurt and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. The end result was also very tasty for a first try. Will make a few tweaks on the next batch and should get it just right !

    - Dirk

    "Great Yogurt Kit"

    First time using the Vegan yogurt starter and my yogurt maker; and neither let me down. The yogurt similar in texture to tapioca; but I like tapioca. It (cashew milk) set solid and I used a little more calcium water than instructed and I let it cook for 12 hours not 8-10. I flavored it with dried cranberries once and whole canned cranberries the second time. Making my own yogurt is half as expensive and the store bought is 45min away. I am lactose intolerant so this kit lets me have one of my favorite foods again. I recommend this to anyone who loves yogurt the Vegan style.

    - Darcy

  • Greek Yogurt Starter Culture

    Tangy and thick, the Greek yogurt you'll make at home with this culture is just like you buy in the store. Our most popular choice.
    • Makes batch after batch of real Greek yogurt
    • Heirloom culture: make a batch every week indefinitely
    • Contains 2 packets of starter culture and instructions

    Greek Yogurt Starter Culture


    • Organic milk, live active cultures.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy and dairy.
    • Gluten-free
    • Non-GMO

    Greek Yogurt Starter Culture

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    Greek Yogurt Starter Culture



    you might have to leave it for 12 hours or more, but it works.

    - dbsantana

    "Great yogurt starter"

    The instructions and the starter itself were very good. The yogurt is coming out very nicely.

    - Chris

    "Did not work"

    I have been making yogurt for a few years and this is the first Total failure i have had. I use a cuisinart automatic yogurt maker and with yogurt from the store it works well. I was looking for improved yogurt so I inquired as to what to use and was told this culture. Turned out like what it was ...milk. ??????? Response from CFH: We are sorry your first experience was less than stellar! We thank you for working on this with us behind-the-review-scenes, and we are sure we'll get this going for you soon!

    - Walter

    "Fantastic Yogurt Culture!"

    Your first batch may be thin, but from then on, you've got it made! I strain ours quite a bit since we like thick yogurt, but you wouldn't have to. I use the crockpot method, and this has always worked fantastically! Use yogurt you've reserved from each batch for a starter within a week, and keep making great yogurt endlessly. Well... As far as I know! Lol! I had mine for nearly a year and had to quit for a couple of weeks, so I'm ordering my next back up. Enjoy! Well worth the money!

    - Molly

    "what don't I understand here?"

    For some strange reason I thought each packet would make a gallon of yogurt. Wow, was I surprised that it makes just a quart. So I'm befuddled why anyone would spend $7 + shipping, plus the cost of the milk to make one quart of yogurt??? Response from CFH: Thanks for leaving the review so we could clarify! Each packet is a starter, and once activated you can make a lot more yogurt, up to a 1/2 gallon per batch using 4-6 Tablespoons of starter! You will only make 1 quart at first as your mother starter, but from there, you would use 2-3 Tbs of starter for each quart of milk for new yogurt! Always save some mother of course, so that in 7 days you can make a new mother, from which to enjoy even more yogurt from!

    - gg

    "Greek Yogurt"

    I used to make Yoghurt but going to the specialty store and paying for the culture got old. Now, I make Greek Yoghurt ever week from my previous batch. It's nearly free now to have it. I started straining it recently and it's thick and rich. Far better than store bought! I do have an incubator and that probably helps to turn out great yoghurt consistently. I also noticed it got firmer with each generation I made.

    - Nadine

  • Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture

    Thick, rich, and mild, the yogurt you'll make with this culture will remind you of a European vacation. Save a spoonful from each batch to make more yogurt.
    • Makes batch after batch of our thickest yogurt
    • Heirloom culture: make a batch every week indefinitely
    • Contains 2 packets of starter culture and instructions

    Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture


    • Organic milk, live active cultures.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy and dairy.
    • Gluten-free
    • Non-GMO

    Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    Bulgarian Yogurt Starter Culture


    "Wonderful product"

    I have used this culture multiple times. It doesn't have the "tang" that puts me off regular yogurt. I've been able to use lactose free milk and eat yogurt again! I add a tablespoon of honey to the milk when I add the culture and it works really well and tastes amazing!

    - Diana

    "Not a fan"

    I really wanted to like this culture. I have been making my own yogurt for more than six years...and using the same culture (started from a spoonful of Dannon) for almost five years. My 5 year old culture died out of the blue. I had always wanted to try Cultures for Health, so I thought I would start over with that rather than Dannon. I was so disappointed. The Cultures for Health produced a yogurt that was prone to separation (spooned straight from the jar it looked curdled)...but more significantly, I didn't like the taste. It wasn't very tangy...but at the same time it tasted like milk that was beginning to go off. I gave the culture 3 generations to hit it's stride and just got tired of eating it.... Instead of enjoying my breakfast, I felt like I was eating it 'because it was good for me.' Life's to short for that. I threw away the last jar and started up with my Dannon again...the first batch was thick, creamy, tangy and delicious. If I have to restart my culture every five years, so be it. Response from CFH: Thank you so much for your honest review! We are thrilled and honestly amazed that you are able to create more yogurt from a commercial yogurt. In our experience this is never the case for someone to be so lucky! We do appreciate your working with us and the Bulgarian starter behind the scenes! We hope you'll keep trying, or try a different culture!

    - Paige

    "Delicious and easy"

    This is my second time purchasing this starter. I would still be using my original package except that I ruined my first attempt by not feeding or re-making the yogurt for a long time and it smelled off. The second packet met a similar fate when I left town for a month and forgot to take care of my culture before leaving. If you take care of your culture it will work like a dream and make delicious, mild yogurt. My husband is European and likes this the best as it is most the plain yogurt he gets in Germany. We use organic whole milk from the grocery, the yogurt setting on the Instant Pot for heating the milk, and a Salton yogurt maker with 12 hours incubation. It is perfect every time!

    - Becky

    "Against recommendations"

    I used organic ultra pasteurized milk and it came out fine. It seems if you want organic milk, it's ultra pasteurized and it does save the heating step. Delicious! Response from CFH: Thanks for the great review! We do want to caution customers that using Ultra Pasteurized milk is not reliable, and it is best to avoid it. We cannot guarantee it will work, or work long term, but we are VERY happy you are experiencing success!

    - Nancy

    "Works Great, Beginners Don't Fear"

    After trying the Mild culture starter, with good results I opted for the Bulgarian due to reviews and co$t savings. As others have noted the first batch should be given 10 -12 hrs to set. I have the Euro yogurt maker that holds 7 jars. A few tips. I spoke with a rep asking if adding flavorings to mix would create issue with culture for next starter batch. Advised not to. However I've since done this and it isn't a problem for future batches. My RECIPE; In a 6 cup pyrex dish measure 3 heaping tablespoons of yogurt from your last batch as a starter, let sit at room temp. Add 5 1/2 cups whole pasturized milk, NOT Ultra to heavy s/s pan, attach candy thermometer to side. Set stove burner to low, leave, let warm for 20 minutes. It will reach100 degrees by then. Then turn heat med-hi, stir gently, add 1/3 cup palm sugar, 5 tsps. instant coffee granules. Stir till reaches 180 degrees. Set on sidebar to cool to 108 degrees. (go take a shower, vacuum house, read a book, as it will take about 1/2 hr). Place a fine mesh strainer over 6 cup pyrex dish. pour half the mixture into. dump out the scalded skin from strainer and softly whisk the mixture to combine the starter to new batch. Once combined place mesh strainer over dish and pour remaining mixture. Dump the scalded milk skin into trash. Gently stir the complete yogurt mixture, pour into the 7 jars. Place without lids onto yogurt maker, cover, and let culture for 10 hrs. It comes out delicious, creamy solid everytime! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this culture. Hope this helps. Enjoy. note: the 5/1/2 cups milk are needed as it will scald, this will reduce it down to the amount needed for your batch. Response from CFH: We are SO happy this is working for you! For all the newbies out there, please be sure to follow the directions we send, and if you'd like try Patricia's recipe, do so with extra culture so you can be sure all is well with your attempt. If the mother culture is older than 7 days, or you do not save any while experimenting, you'll be sad!

    - Patricia

    "Best flavour "

    We have tried nearly ALL the varieties here and so far the Bulgarian is the best. Hubby and the puppers all like this one best. I make it with goats milk and if not for the accidental eating of my starter it would have kept on being re-cultured. This is hands down the best strain.

    - Kim

  • Mild Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture

    Get all the probiotic benefits of yogurt without the tart flavor with this creamy, mild, starter culture. Each single-use packet makes 1-2 quarts of our most kid-friendly yogurt.
    • Makes up to 8 gallons of creamy, mild yogurt
    • Direct-set single use culture: make yogurt when you want
    • Contains 4 packets of starter culture and instructions

    Mild Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture


    • Lactose, live active cultures.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy and dairy.
    • Gluten-free
    • Non-GMO

    Mild Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    Mild Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture


    "I CAN do it!"

    1st attempt and it's better than bought!

    - Bob

    "Creamy and mild"

    Easily the best yogurt I have ever had. Creamy, sweet and mild. I usually put honey on my yogurt, but not this one. It's delicate flavor and creamy quality blew my mind. Love it. Made it with organic milk and some cream.

    - fromumbridge

    "Great tasting Yogurt"

    This is a really great tasting yogurt.

    - Stan

    "Excellent, Tasty Yogurt Culture "

    This culture has made excellent batches of yogurt using both whole milk and 2% milk. I prefer the consistency of the whole milk variety a little over the 2% though.

    - Fit4Life_62

    "Love love love!"

    This was so easy and really incredible yoghurt. Reminded me of yogurt I use to have every morning when I lived in Germany.

    - Leslie


    By far the most delicious yogurt I've ever tasted. Will continue to buy for a long time!

    - Trish

  • Traditional Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture

    Make pleasantly tangy yogurt that tastes just like yogurt should. Each single-use packet makes 1-2 quarts. A great choice for beginners.
    • Makes up to 8 gallons of pleasantly tangy yogurt
    • Direct-set single use culture: make yogurt when you want
    • Contains 4 packets of starter culture and instructions

    Traditional Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture


    • Lactose, live active cultures.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy and dairy.
    • May contain trace amounts of gluten: Barley source is used as a fermentation nutrient.
    • Non-GMO

    Traditional Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    Traditional Flavor Yogurt Starter Culture


    "LOVE LOVE LOVE this product"

    Nice and creamy with a bit of a tang.I am now up to 2 weeks worth of yogurt. Next I am going to make the vegan yogurt and home made mozzarella. Easy to make. I had so much fun doing it.

    - Susan

    "Creamy and sweet!"

    After following your directions my yogurt was a complete success the very first batch! It set up beautifully and was very mild and sweet. We like it for dessert topping for fresh fruits. Thanks for another wonderful product and for such speedy delivery!

    - Sunny

    "Works even with A2 ultra pasteurized milk"

    Food allergies require I only consume A2 (vs A1) milk and there is currently no such thing as yogurt based on A2 milk. Likely because the A2 milk one can purchase in the US comes in ultra pasteurized form (no doubt to extend shelf life since it's not yet caught on in US). All yogurt recipes warn against using UP milk, even the instructions that come with this starter. Figuring what-the-heck, I spent big bucks on the fancy Cuisinart CYM-100 yogurt maker and went for it. Followed the Cultures For Health recipe exactly. It turned out perfectly. Wow. Definitely the best yogurt I've ever eaten in my life. Great flavor, great consistency. So for any of you that need to use UP milk, this starter works!!!! Response from CFH: We are SO thrilled to hear this! Using UP milk is so unreliable in general, so we are happy you have success. We do recommend customers use regularly pasteurized milk, because of the unreliability - we cannot guarantee it will work. But keep on culturing, Kimra! YAY!

    - ChicoKim

    "Starter Failed"

    I originally purchased this from Culture for Health at $9.99 for 8 packets in 2014 and although I understand inflation...the same named product is being sold at 8.99 for 2 packets. Very steep price for a small amount of product. I had 6 packets left over form my purchase in 2014 and each packet produced delicious yogurt while the newer product both failed. The content of the starter was also strange, brown and clumped together whereas the older started I had in my freezer were beige in color. Response from CFH: Despite multiple attempts to connect with you, we have not been able to reach you to assist further. It sounds the culture you received was possibly defective and we're always happy to troubleshoot and replace if needed. We are sorry for the price jump, but it was necessary given the increase the manufacturer also extended to its vendors due to ingredient and production costs. We do hope you understand.

    - Janette

    "Easy to use, great tasting"

    These direct set cultures are easy to use with consistent results. It's way more cost effective than buying yogurt from the stores. I am going to try the Mild tasting culture next time. It's unfortunate that they don't offer free shipping to Alaska though.

    - Cat Goodwin

    "Great Yogurt After Heat Induced Culture Failure..."

    I ordered this on Amazon where quite a few reviewers had similar experiences with a sticky brown, dead, culture in the envelopes. They quickly replaced the failed culture and I was delighted with the yogurt that resulted; initially finishing to a custard-y texture before the finishing-stir through, it thickened significantly in the fridge over the next 24 hours (and it was a decent thickness to start with). The tartness was spot on. So, while I question them shipping the product during hot weather (a lot of California wineries will not ship during summer for the same reason) if it's not too hot where you are, right now, I would otherwise highly recommend this yogurt culture.

    - Gryphonisle

  • Heirloom Yogurt Starter Cultures

    Our 4 carefully collected Scandinavian yogurt strains culture right on your countertop, easy as adding milk. Sample rich, custard-like Filmjölk; drinkable Piimä; mild, creamy Viili; and honey-scented Matsoni.
    • Makes batch after batch of 4 unique varieties of yogurt
    • Heirloom cultures: make a batch every week indefinitely
    • Contains 8 packets: 2 packets each of all 4 yogurt strains, and instructions

    Heirloom Yogurt Starter Cultures


    • Organic milk, live active cultures.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy and dairy.
    • Gluten-free
    • Non-GMO

    Heirloom Yogurt Starter Cultures

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    • Whole milk
    • Glass jar or other culturing container

    Heirloom Yogurt Starter Cultures


    "Set it and forget it"

    This is my first time trying to make yogurt at home, so my first couple tries were a little rough. I definitely wanted something easy. I didn't want to have to buy a yogurt-maker, and I didn't want to have to monitor temperatures every so often for several hours at a time. These mesophilic cultures seemed to fit the bill. My first batch was with the viili, and it turned out pretty well. One thing I didn't do the very first time was cover the glass jar with a coffee filter (or something similar). I just put the lid on it and put it on the pantry shelf. That one didn't turn out well. But the next one was surprisingly good, especially after it was strained. The texture was a little jelly-like, but I put some maple syrup, dry oats and blueberries with it, and it tasted good. Very mild flavor though. The batch I'm working on now is the Matsoni. The starter batch was so good that I did not want to set any aside for another batch. I wanted to eat all of it. I strained the whey, and what was left was a thick, creamy, tangy Greek-like yogurt. It was unbelievably good. I'm hoping my next batch is as good or better. By the way, I'm using raw, unpasteurized milk, and I did not pasteurize it at any point in the process. The instructions said that before you get started, you should pasteurize your raw milk. I disobeyed. The warmest the milk ever got was room temperature when I'd put it on the pantry shelf, probably 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It made absolutely delicious Matsoni. I look forward to trying the other cultures. Response from CFH: That's great to hear! The reason we say to use pasteurized milk for your activation and future mother batches is so that the awesome raw milk bacteria does not overpower and eventually weaken/harm the yogurt bacteria. We also want you to be sure you do not use strained yogurt as your perpetuation batches (mother batches) - you want all the yogurt bacteria intact to make more yogurt!

    - pdh

    "Love these cultures..."

    I have been looking for yogurt cultures I could culture on my kitchen counter. I finally found Cultures For Health and love, love, love their products. I, admittedly, am not a yogurt fan but know it is a great resource for probiotics. I've only tried the Villi culture so far. It is easy to culture and has a very pleasant, mild, tartness to it. I blended some of my homemade canned peaches, a little water kefir (I cultured from the water kefir grains I purchased from Cultures For Health) and some of my Villi yogurt...it was delicious and sustained me for the entire morning. I'm looking forward to trying the other yogurt cultures.

    - Leslie

    "Love them!"

    I've tried the Filmjolk and Matsoni so far. I love the taste and freshness. I don't think I'll ever go back to commercial yogurts. Filmjolk was thin the first time, as described. The second culture was thicker and was fine. Matsoni took longer to culture, but was thick and very tasty. Also, I've had excellent customer service. I've shared some cultures with my friend and she loved it as well.

    - Donna

    "The only yogurt start that I use."

    The first time I used any of these starters I could not stand them many many years ago. A year or so ago, I got some more and now it is the only yogurt that I make daily. I started with one of the four and after a few batches, I would add another of the four and repeat until I now have all four in the mix. It has been several months now with all four and I make a new batch ever other day or two for use in my new ninja blender for smoothies.

    - Samuel


    I used Villa Yogurt ... kept it going for more than a year. I used it to make my morning smoothie every day. Love it. This time, to hurry it up, I put some heat with it but forgot about it. I feared I'd cooked it. But it's fine and I'm back on board! Looking forward to trying the other varieties.

    - Equestrienne

    "great product "

    Shipping cost was outrageous, but the product is great.

    - Michael

  • Kosher Yogurt Starter: Mild Flavor

    This direct-set, certified kosher starter culture makes thick, creamy, mild yogurt. Perfect for making big batches when you like - just freeze the remaining starter for later.
    • Makes up to 20 gallons of mild kosher yogurt
    • Direct-set single use culture: make yogurt when you want
    • Contains 1 1/4 teaspoon certified kosher starter culture

    Kosher Yogurt Starter: Mild Flavor


    • Milk, live active cultures.

    Allergen Information

    • Product contains dairy.
    • Non-GMO

    Kosher Yogurt Starter: Mild Flavor

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    Kosher Yogurt Starter: Mild Flavor


    "great starter"

    A really good, lively culture. Cultured for 8 hours. May be important for some to know the texture of this yogurt. It's super creamy and stringy. The best way I can describe is when pulling yogurt out of the container, there is no clean break. The string follows the spoon I'm using which can make for a bit of a mess. Overall happy with the product. Response from CFH: Hi! There may be an issue with the process, as that should not really happen - it's not a problem, but certainly not quite what we expect. Please feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to troubleshoot!

    - Kristi

    "excellent taste easy to use great service"

    love how easy it is to order receive and use. thank you for great service and an excellent product...

    - nananono

    "Quick, creamy and sweet"

    Very nice culture to make sweet and creamy yogurt. I always make a starter as my milk heats up so gives it a head start and the yogurt is always done in 4 hours for a 2 qt. batch.

    - Sj

    "Love this starter"

    I've been making yogurt for years, typically 8-10 L once a week. I've haven't found another inoculate as consistent as this to make smooth creamy custard like yogurt.

    - Cowboy Bob


    It is thick and mild. Since I am just learning about yogurt, this was an excellent suggestion for my 2 quart yogurt maker. I would definitely recommend this product.

    - Picky

    "Mild and THICK! Exactly what we wanted"

    I made certain I shook the yogurt culture up, I let it dissolve for 2 minutes and stirred for 2 minutes. I produced exactly the consistency and taste we wanted.

    - Rita

  • Kosher Yogurt Starter: Traditional Flavor

    This direct-set, certified kosher starter culture makes traditionally tangy yogurt. Perfect for making big batches when you like - just freeze the remaining starter for later.
    • Makes up to 20 gallons of tart kosher yogurt
    • Direct-set single use culture: make yogurt when you want
    • Contains 1 1/4 teaspoon certified kosher starter culture

    Kosher Yogurt Starter: Traditional Flavor


    • Milk, live active cultures.

    Allergen Information

    • Product contains dairy.
    • May contain trace amounts of gluten: Barley source is used as a fermentation nutrient.
    • Non-GMO

    Kosher Yogurt Starter: Traditional Flavor

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    Kosher Yogurt Starter: Traditional Flavor


    "Tastes great and easy to make!!"

    I followed the directions and it sets up thick and smooth with a great tangy flavor. Absolutely love it. Thank you for a great product. Plus, it was delivered in just a couple of days! Very highly recommend this business!

    - Sunny

    "Great taste, easy to use"

    I very much liked this product. I liked the ease of using this starter. The taste is delish. My only reason for not giving product 5 stars is that I ordered it Jan. 8th and it expires in April of 2018. Very short shelf life. Especially since it's stored in freezer.

    - Kim

    "At first very disappointed in this product. I ended up with milk that was not even as thick as kefir. "

    At first I was very disappointed in this over rated product. It failed to perform! But on the 2nd try it worked well!

    - Debbie

    "Delicious! "

    Simple to make, tasty, creamy, love it!

    - Angel

    "very satisfied"

    yogurt came out perfect!! came out like real plain yogurt that you buy in the stores. highly recommend this product!

    - rachel

    "great value "

    I love the convenience and how many gallons it cultures, I just wish it was more tangy.

    - Theresa

Yogurt Makers
  • Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

    Make homemade yogurt in individual serving containers with this easy to use yogurt maker.
    • Use it for: incubating single-serve jars

    Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker


    "I love it!"

    This is a wonderful machine. My yogurt turned out great!

    - Pamela

    "Love it!"

    Nice quality and simple to use.

    - Teresa

    "not great if you want Greek style"

    I love the way this maker looks. It's so cute! And in fact, I wound up using the jars for all sorts of other things before I gave it away: pesto, salad dressing, small bits of leftovers, haha. But ultimately after using it several times, it wasn't right for me since the yogurt is made right in the jars in which it gets stored in the fridge. So, there's no way to strain it to make it thick. I now have the Yogotherm, which works great.

    - Craige

    "Excellent product"

    Great for making small batches - It's just me, so this is perfect. Consistent and even heating of the yogurt means that all the cups come out the same. I have tried it without the plastic lids, as recommended but the mfg prefers to place the lids on the jars before putting them in the yogurt maker as it keeps the condensation from dripping into the product.

    - Elizabeth

    "I love my yogurt machine"

    I tried making yogurt with my dehydrator and failed miserably. Then I tried the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker and loved it. It is small, easy to store, stays out of the way, easy to use and does just what it is suppose to. Every week I learn better techniques to fine tune my yogurt. The jars are perfect for me. One jar, a little fruit and off I go. I am not having trouble with cleaning. After I empty my yogurt into a cup, I add my fruit, fill my jar with water and after breakfast the jars come clean easily.

    - Teresa

    "Works Great....Easy to use"

    Saves the time in the morning from dishing out yogurt to take for lunches great size glass jars!

    - Lee

  • Euro Cuisine 2 Quart Yogurt Maker

    Make up to two quarts of homemade yogurt at one time.
    • Use it for: making up to 2 quarts of yogurt at once

    Euro Cuisine 2 Quart Yogurt Maker


    "So much better than store bought"

    My wife and I have been eating yogurt for years and when we started getting more "organic" the price of yogurt really shot up. after comparing several brands I choose this one. it does not have some of the bellsor whistles as some of the fancier machines out there do but I wanted a simple well made yoghur maker that would last. The two quart yogurt maker has paid for itself in just one month . I make a fresh batch every other day and it is sweet and creamy. We also bought the greek style culture and the Yogurt strainer to make low carb thick yogurt just the way we like it. I can not say enough good things about this machine It is great

    - Boots

    "Good enough"

    The yogurt came out fine and I like the 2 qt option as we go through a LOT of yogurt. The included instructions and those on the web site differ. Not sure whether I'm supposed to put water in around the bucket or not (I added it - no negative effects). Response from CFH: Our apologies for any confusion. Generally if you are working with an heirloom culture from CFH, please follow the website directions, or the directions that come with the yogurt itself. If you still have questions, we are happy to assist! Just chat in or send us a message!

    - Elizabeth

    "works great"

    Easy to use, great for beginner. My first batch of yogurt worked great and just finished the second. Will use often!

    - Candy

    "So much better than store-bought!"

    Made my first batch of yogurt last weekend with great results! The instructions that came with the Euro-Cuisine were very good. I used yogurt starter from culturesforhealth.com and whole organic milk. Turned out great and I'm about to make another batch.

    - Terry H.


    Received the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker, and made Yogurt that day. Best tasting homemade yogurt! It was tasty and creamy! I've made yogurt in my crockpot for the past year, then decided to purchase the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker. This was so much better! Having read a previous review about the thermometer that is included with the maker, I checked the thermometer that came with the machine. The thermometer was off by close to 10 degrees. I use the thermometer I already had. I highly recommend this yogurt maker to anyone wanting to make yogurt. The fact it makes up to 2 quarts at a time is a BIG BONUS!

    - Sugar73bj

    "Makes the Best Yogurt"

    Received the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker on Saturday, made Yogurt on Sunday. Wonderful, tasty and creamy yogurt! I have always made yogurt in my crockpot. This was so much better! Because of a previous review, I checked the thermometer that came with the machine. Mine, too, was way off (it was off by a BIG 20 degrees). So I just use the thermometer I already had. Love this yogurt maker and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make yogurt in a 2 quart batch! Response from CFH: Check out our easy tutorial on calibrating and adjusting your thermometer: http://blog.culturesforhealth.com/basic-thermometer-testing-and-calibration/

    - Deborah

  • Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker with Timer

    Easy to use yogurt maker with individual yogurt containers and a timer.
    • Use it for: timing your batches of homemade yogurt

    Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker with Timer


    "works wonderfully"

    works wonderfully

    - Gracia

    "Great product"

    I had never made yogurt before last weekend. I have now made two batches and it was very easy and I am very happy with the results.

    - DM

    "Excellent product, easy to use"

    This unit has made greek yogurt affordable to me. I love the jars instead of a big tub like unit. I make my own Kimchee, sauerkraut, and now yogurt. YEA.

    - Wayne

    "great product"

    I wish it held more containers for the yogurt, but other than that, just great!! Response from CFH: There is a top tier http://www.culturesforhealth.com/top-tier-for-euro-cuisine-yogurt-maker.html for both the YM80 http://www.culturesforhealth.com/euro-cuisine-yogurt-maker.html and the YM100 http://www.culturesforhealth.com/euro-cuisine-yogurt-maker-timer-ym100.html. Hope that might be helpful!

    - justine

    "Love, love, love"

    I have had my yogurt maker now for about 3-4 weeks. I have made yogurt each week. I have no complaints about this product. I had a Salton yogurt maker back in the day but this machine is so much superior. Love the top rack for lids. Very quiet when running (actually you would not even know it was running). Jars are 6 oz each which is a good size. I run it for 13 hours to get the texture I want. It was a bit high in cost and I debated on which machine to buy. I made the right decision. This machine has a timer and turn off.

    - Sue


    wife loves this = 1st batch was great!

    - thornsteel

  • Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator

    Make homemade yogurt without electricity. 2-quart capacity.
    • Use it for: an easy-to-clean, simple yogurt maker

    Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator


    "Wonderful always"

    I can only recommend this product, you can MAKE YOUR OWN classic Yogurt and even your own PROBIOTIC to drink! DELICIOUS , EASY to make, and GREAT for your HEALTH: 1 glass a day keeps the Do tor AWAY! I have given to my children everyday and not gone through Otitis or tonsil infections IN YEARS! I really commend it!

    - Monike

    "So easy to use"

    This is the first time I ever attempted to make yogurt. I got the Yogotherm because my husband told me the best yogurt he ever had was as a boy when his family lived in Indonesia and when I showed him the Yogotherm he said it looked like what they used. I used the Bulgarian starter and it took about 10 hours for it to thicken. The next time it took about 6 hours and the same with the 3rd batch, but the 3 batch turned out the most beautiful. It was so thick and creamy. I used whole pasturized milk from a local dairy. I'm only making one quart at a time and having no trouble with it being runny at all. I think this product works perfectly in the summer in the South . The ambient temp in our house is probably 78 degrees. I put hot water the container to warm it before hand then putting the heated milk in with the starter. I'm very happy and excited to be making my own yogurt.

    - ninjafaerie

    "Not recommended "

    This product is made of cheap plastic and styrofoam. Really?! Styrofoam is the least environmentally friendly product made next to plastic. This purchase was a big mistake. It does not retain heat for 5 hours let alone 8 hours to make Greek yogurt. Do NOT buy this product. Bad for yogurt making, bad for the environment. Response from CFH: Thank you for your feedback! We do appreciate it. We hope that you have had your issue resolved after having contacted our Customer Support Team. **There are recommendations for how to get the most efficient use with your YogoTherm on the product page. Please let us know if you have any questions!

    - Jean

    "Works great for yogurt"

    I bought this to incubate my yogurt and it works great. But since I live in North Dakota and it's winter time my house is pretty cool. I put it on a heating pad on low and cover with a blanket. In 6 hours my yogurt comes out perfect!

    - ela

    "One expensive thermos!!!"

    Very expensive for a 4 cup thermos.

    - onge1899

    "The Best Yogurt Maker"

    This yogurt maker makes great yogurt every time. I made non fat yogurt and 25 yogurt. I incubated for 7 hours. Both yogurt come out good. The 2% yogurt come out very thick after I strained it for an hour. I like this yogurt maker the best because it does not use electricity. The electric yogurt makers get too hot.

    - James

Equipment & Accessories
  • Top Tier for Yogurt Maker

    Double the capacity of your yogurt maker by adding a top tier.
    • Use it for: doubling the capacity of either of our Euro Cuisines

    Top Tier for Yogurt Maker


    "Woke fine for me"

    Surprised to see a few folks that didn't have success with the second tier. I do usually throw a towel over the "incubator" just cuz it's winter and that's what we do to keep ourselves warm. I suspect that this is probably pretty key to keeping the temp a little better equilibrated for the upper deck. Otherwise for $8 it's a no brainer

    - Rich

    "top jars did not 'jel' when lower level had hours earlier"

    This was my first batch, but the bottom layer was done setting many hours before the top layer...they even 'scorched ' a little. Will do another set to see if it happens again. Response from CFH: Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team and we'd be happy to troubleshoot!

    - Wayne

    "Didn't work as expected"

    the yogurt I placed on the top tier didn't stay warm enough to set. I removed the top jars and placed them inside the yogurt maker and they set up after an additional 4 hours. I was disappointed because the idea of the top shelf is great! Response from CFH: Be certain to test the temperature in your yogurt maker. It may be helpful to cover the unit with a towel or something similar depending on the temperature in your yogurt maker. We ask that you contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding your products.

    - ms

    "It's worthless"

    The top tier is worthless. The temperature is only 85 degrees so it doesn't make yogurt. Note from CFH~ Please contact customer support for troubleshooting advice usually a simple adjustment can be made for better results.

    - Tammy

    "This product works perfectly with my EuroCuisine Y100."

    Exactly as advertised! 5 stars

    - marcia

  • Set of Extra Jars for Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

    Set of 8 Extra Jars for the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker.
    • Use it for: extra jars to fit either of our Euro Cuisines

    Set of Extra Jars for Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker



    Great to have more avalable yogurt!

    - Jennifer

    "dissapointed with the plain lids no date wheel"

    Overall ok, jars are the same, but the lids are plain with no date wheel. I was disappointed with this aspect. I would gladly pay more for the option of date wheel lids.

    - Wayne

    "Good value "

    Great little jars. Don't seal tight very well. No day indicator on top of lid.

    - Teri


    I have not used these jars yet. I like the way they look and feel. Looking forward to making my first batch of coconut yogurt.

    - Strong/quality!

    "Makes it easier to keep up with the need for fresh yogurt"

    Very happy to have an entire extra set of jars so I can make the next batch of yogurt before the last of the previous batch has been consumed. My work schedule doesn't make it easy to make the yogurt on a tight schedule. My only issue is that the lids do not have the date option on them.

    - Donna

  • Cotton Bag for Making Cheese

    Just pour cheese curds, yogurt, or anything else you want to strain into this bag and hang it from a cupboard to drain. 12" x 12".
    • Use it for: straining whey from yogurt, kefir, and cheese.

    Cotton Bag for Making Cheese


    "Sturdy and well made. "

    Sturdy and well made. I've only had it for a short time, but so far I'm pleased with it. It works nicely for draining our kefir cheese. It can be a little hard to get some of the dry bits out of the inside of the bag, but turning it inside out helps.

    - Me

    "great idea and great price"

    love it! worked great

    - Nanny

    "Good solid product"

    So far this bag has held up well to regular use, it's solidly made and I think it will hold up well for years to come.

    - Larane

    "Excellent for making whey"

    Excellent for making whey from Kefir

    - Dennis

    "A must have need to make cheese"

    Not good by itself. Must use in combination with the Butter Muslin for perfection. Very Strong and good filtration. No sign of weakness yet.

    - SY

    "Necessary to filter kefir whey from curd..."

    Excellent use, perfect fit for the bag i bought from this web, and good thing I bought it. I didn't know this was necessary.

    - SY

  • Inner Styrofoam Pail with Lid for Yogotherm

    Styrofoam replacement pail and lid for the interior of the Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator.
    • Use it for: replacement styrofoam pail for Yogotherm

    Inner Styrofoam Pail with Lid for Yogotherm


    "~~ What you need when the milk spills! ~~"

    I have been making yogurt in my Yogotherm for years now and absolutely love it. No matter where we are I can still make a successful batch due to no electric power needed. HOWEVER once in a while someone jogs the freshly cultured milk and milk spills out of the pail and penetrates this styrofoam insulator. Although I immediately wash it, I have yet to find a way to get it perfectly clean so after a while mold beings to grow! Yuk! Time to purchase a replacement. I am SO thankful that Yogotherm sales replacements. Now I am back to a "like new" Yogotherm and hoping no spills will happen. Due to it not normally coming into contact with the yogurt/milk this insert does not require cleaning after each use. I think this is the second or third insert I have purchased from Cultures for Health. Their service, shipping and prices have always been good. Happy yogurt making!

    - Liz

  • Replacement Inner Pail with Lid for Yogotherm

    Plastic replacement pail and lid for the interior of the Yogotherm Yogurt Incubator.
    • Use it for: replacement or extra inner pail of our Yogotherm

    Replacement Inner Pail with Lid for Yogotherm


    "~~ If your pail splits or molds grab a new one! ~~"

    Although I absolutely love my Yogotherm, I do not like the design of the pail lid. Maybe it's just me but I find that after a while black mold starts to grow in the crevice of the lid. I wash it carefully after each use but I think this is the third pail I am on now. I do make yogurt every week so this is in almost constant use. To clean the mold out you have to use a thin sharp knife which of course then creates a fine cut making a further growing ground. After so many cleans I discard the pail and purchase a new one. Does it put me off using a Yogotherm? No! This yogurt maker is SO versatile. No matter where we are I can still make a successful batch due to no electric power needed. I am just thankful that there is somewhere to purchase a replacement when needed. Thanks Cultures for Health! Happy yogurt making!

    - Liz

    "Very handy!"

    Having an extra bucket on hand has come in very handy!

    - Judy

  • Greek Yogurt Maker (Strainer)

    This unique strainer kit which is BPA Free transforms up to 2 quarts of ordinary homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek yogurt in a matter of hours – all inside your refrigerator.
    • Use it for: straining whey from yogurt, kefir, and cheese.

    Greek Yogurt Maker (Strainer)



    Holds a lot of yogurt and works well

    - Julia

    "Tick Tock"

    All I can say is, "Why did I wait so long to buy this yogurt strainer!?" I finally decided to buy it when CFH had a nice discount on it. This is an excellent product and my family loves the thicker yogurt! This is also an excellent way to separate out the whey to be used when culturing vegetables! Don't delay - it's worth it!!

    - Sarah

    "Works well holds up fair"

    Worked perfectly for straining yogurt and is very convenient. Although second or third time I washed it the lid became distorted from the hot water and no longer fits. I didn't wash it in a dishwasher as some people are probably suspecting, I washed it in a dishpan with hot soapy water and air dried. Sooooo, works great but doesn't hold up great. Note from CFH: In reaching out to the manufacturer, the lids should be washed in lukewarm soapy water. Thank you for working with us behind-the-review-scenes to help you out!

    - Nl

    "works well, must use gently"

    Tried it out, works great, but I recognize the straining filter mesh is very fine and will take some gentle handling through emptying and cleaning.

    - Hunterland

    "Awesome product "

    Was using cotton bags before-would not go back! This product makes Greek yoghurt simply with minimal mess. Love it!

    - Johnny

    "answer to kids bringing yogurt to school for lunch"

    I've been eyeing this for some time and finally bought it when I was ready to buy several items here. I've been making homemade yogurt for years, but because it doesn't stay as cold in a lunch pack and therefore seems quite thin in their lunch, my kids have poo-pooed yogurt for lunch. Problem solved. They LOVE this. My only challenge is to not waste the whey but I'm using it for soaking grains as much as possible for now.

    - Chrisphil365

  • Organic Cotton Bag

    Available in three sizes. Perfect for straining kefir, yogurt, or soft cheese varieties.
    • Use it for: straining whey from yogurt, kefir, and cheese

    Starting at: $4.00

    Organic Cotton Bag


    "Good for yogurt!"

    I used this to strain yogurt for making labneh and frozen yogurt. It works well. It will shrink if you accidentally put it in the dryer. :) Even so, I got the 12x15, which shrank to about 10x12, and is still more than big enough for my needs (I strain about a pint at a time)

    - Lyndsay

    "very useful product"

    Good Quality organic cotton bag, well sewn. I got the 12 x 15" bag and use it for straining Greek yogurt primarily but find other uses as well. It stands up to the boiling for sanitation and is cheaper than a Greek yogurt maker.

    - Tennessee Tim

    "Great for straining yogurt"

    I got this bag to strain my yogurt. It works great. I can hang it by the drawstring and in an hour or so I have have delicious greek yogurt.

    - slk

  • Pomona's Pectin

    Useful for thickening non-dairy yogurt.
    • Use it for: thickening homemade vegan yogurt

    Pomona's Pectin



    This is fantastic stuff!! I have never made yogurt before and now, thanks to Cultures for Health I am making my own vegan yogurt every week!! Just add a little honey and vanilla when it is done and it turns out beautiful every time!!!!

    - Tim

    "Vegan Yogurt"

    Initially I only bought the culture to make began yogurt but when it didn't thicken I emailed Culture for Health and was told I also needed this Pomona Universal Pectin. Well I attempted again and it worked out perfectly. What a treat to be able to make my own vegan yogurt. Thank goodness for Cultures for Health and their terrific staff that are always there when your need assistance.

    - Libby

    "works well for thickening yogurt"

    I use this to thicken my Bulgarian culture raw goat milk yogurt. Their is an added step in the process, but it turns out consistenly well.

    - Gretchen

    "Works great!"

    I used this to make my first homemade batch of preserves. This product was recommended in Nourishing Traditions, so I bought it. My preserves came out great and my family loves it. Just bought more recently.

    - Lidy

    "Good product"

    I used this product twice to make almond yogurt following the recipe from the website of cultures for health. The first time I halved everything since I was using only 2 cups of almond milk. It worked great. The second time I used the same proportions on the website but the yogurt came out way too thick. could not use it. I will have to play with the amount of pectin next time to get a creamy consistency.

    - Tina

    "Needs better instructions."

    This product was not created for yogurt, and the instructions are not easy to follow. When you do follow them, the results are less than satisfactory. I ended up with solid yogurt. Certainly not appetizing! Response from CFH: Thickening yogurt is one use suggested by the manufacturer. The calcium content of your milk will affect the set of yogurt thickened with Pomona's Pectin. Please contact our helpful support team at [email protected] for assistance.

    - happy Vegan

  • CapraMilk Powdered Goat Milk

    Use to thicken homemade goat milk yogurt.
    • Use it for: thickening homemade yogurt

    Starting at: $14.96

  • Agar Powder

    Yogurt thickener and vegetarian substitute for gelatin!
    • Use it for: thickening homemade yogurt
  • Beef Gelatin Powder

    A natural thickening agent for yogurt and good source of protein!
    • Use it for: thickening homemade yogurt naturally

    Beef Gelatin Powder


    "Good stuff!!"

    I actually purchased this elsewhere, but this gelatin works great for thickening yogurt if you don't want to strain it. It has no discernible taste and dissolves well in warm liquid, you just need to stir/whisk thoroughly. 1 Tbsp per quart of yogurt seems to work well for me.

    - JB

  • Cooking with Yogurt

    Learn to use yogurt in your cooking and baking projects.
  • Cultured Food Life

    A beautiful guide to how to make and use Kefir, Kombucha, Cultured Vegetables, Sourdough and Sprouted Flour.

    Cultured Food Life


    "Great for newbies"

    This is where I started with learning about fermentation. Still a newbie but with more understanding and clarity around the subject. Has a great collection of recipes that I am yet to try.

    - Sarra


    Very interesting and informative book, have not tried any recipes yet. My kombucha is making enough to drink, as soon as I make vinegar I am going to try to make ketchup.

    - Mary

    "i love love what kefir and cultures are doing for our family...Thanks for the cookbook,it makes it fun! we are blessed! God is good! Happy Easter!"

    We have been making kefir since last May,but this cookbook has really changing us yet another level. So glad for the vita~mix for making kefir so edible especially with orange slice or in a smoothie...

    - farmgal


    I have several books on fermenting and this is the most clear and easy to follow recipes. I have already bought a second copy to give to a friend.

    - Rita

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods

    Includes over 100 delicious recipes for all types of culturing and fermentation projects.

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods


    "Great Product"

    This is an awesome beginners guide for practically fermenting anything, and in a healthy way. I was extremely happy about the price and how grateful my mom was to receive this as a gift.

    - Nate

    "Father's Day gift"

    I gave this to my Dad for Fathers Day and he's excited to get started. My Mom loves cookbooks and so she liked it too! So with some starter and couple air locks, he's on his way!

    - Kelley

    "excellent book"

    This book has tons of information and tons of recipes and also many options for each recipe. An indispensible book for the beginner.

    - waynelm

    "It helped this ignorant person."

    I had never fermented food until three weeks ago.i began in earnest, determined to do a thorough job. I had, with the help of Idiot's Guide, beginner's luck ok the first effort. After sampling the fermenting food, we decided to complete our equipment. We now have a complete array of pots, yogurt maker, and the determination to wear the very helpful Idiot's Guide out. I referred too it several times in the Process of preparation. Happy with it.

    - Charles

    "Great book!"

    This is an informative book on fermentation for the novice. Many good recipes! Loaned it to a friend who now wants to purchase one!

    - Tracy

  • Cultured Food Life: The Trilogy DVD

    Join host Donna Schwenk in her kitchen where she will teach you to make kefir, kombucha and cultured vegetables in your own kitchen.

    Cultured Food Life: The Trilogy DVD


    "Great video"

    I am new to the fermentation / cultures works so this video was very informative and really has me looking forward to a life of brewing and healthy living.

    - Dale

    "Great information"

    Excellent video, every informative.

    - Gerald

    "Lifesaver --- great backup plan"

    i was so worried about making fermented anything believing i would mess it up. in instances like that, i would typically not do anything while waiting for that one thing that would assure me i had the right instruction. this dvd is terrific --- basic, clear and reassuing at the same time. i can read directions but not always certain i am following them correctly. i'm much more a visual learner and this dvd fit my learning style to a T. plus there is the addd benefit of being able to return view it again if i have additional questions. i've watched all segments 2 times already. thanks!

    - Mary

    "Worth the time, Worth the money Super DVD"

    Not much more to say!


    "Great video"

    This is a great video that gives the viewer the confidence and desire to begin culturing foods! I showed to a small group and we all wanted to start with a project of kombucha, cultured veggies or kefir!

    - Debbie