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Fermented Vegetables You Make at Home

Real savings
Food you ferment yourself, so there's less waste - plus it packs a healthy punch with a few simple ingredients.
Preserve your garden
Choose your own ingredients right from your garden and turn them into a probiotic-rich dish.
Be part of history
Practice an ancient art passed down through generations by making fermented vegetables.
Delicious & long-lasting
Fermenting vegetables results in tangy, crunchy flavor that dresses up any meal all year round.
Starter Cultures & Ingredients
  • Caldwell Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables

    This powerful vegetable starter culture ferments all sorts of raw vegetables right at home, with a great taste. Perfect for culturing sauerkraut, kimchi, carrots, and much more.
    • Cultures up to 27 lbs of raw vegetables.
    • Easy to use: make fermented vegetables in less than 10 - 30 minutes of hands-on time.
    • Contains 6 pouches of starter culture and instructions.

    Caldwell Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables


    • Organic maltodextrin (as a carrier), active lactic bacteria (lactobacillus plantarum, leuconostoc mesenteroides, and pediococcus acidilactici)

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that occasionally handles wheat, soy, milk, eggs, and fish (including shrimps).
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten-free

    Caldwell Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items to make fermented vegetables with this culture:

    • Water (free of chlorine and fluoride)
    • Glass jar or other culturing container
    • Fermentation weight like our Pickle Pebbles (optional)

    Caldwell Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables


    "Better than Expected"

    This was like a science experiment for me. I have done kraut in a crock with no starter but it was a little hit and miss. I also wanted to try try a veggie mix and felt this was a way to give it a go. I rigged mason jars with fermentation locks. Well it was a bit of a mess as the stuff took off and leaked all over. I learned a lesson to really seal all the gaps tight. So the kraut I made turned out very good. I am still letting it go further. I mixed a bunch of veggies - broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, cukes, celery. I was concerned this would bomb but wow - it turned out really great. Very satisfied!

    - Mumbo

    "Great Results"

    I've tried making sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables with varied results. Sometimes it comes out good and sometimes not, and I don't like having to throw out vegetables. With Caldwell's starter culture, my ferments turn out good every time. It's worth the price.

    - Shelley

    "Great Results"

    I have tried most of the starter cultures for vegetables and most do a good job with cabbage, carrots and other similar vegetables. But when it comes to making dill pickles, Caldwell is the best at getting just the right texture and firmness.

    - beachbum49

    "Better kraut"

    I usually make fermented cabbage with just salt, but the Caldwell's really gave it a better flavor. Also used it for whole green beans. Big difference but a little more pricey than I'd like.

    - Cath


    Better than other staters. Never a bad batch. Top quality.

    - Wayne

    "What an awesome thing"

    I live in a 3 year old brick house which is jammed packed with micro life. I gave up on salt water pickling. Caldwell Starter gave me the technology to pickle Cucumbers, sweet pepper, asparagus and to make Barszcz for the first time ever!

    - k l s

  • Cutting Edge Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables

    Supercharge your ferments without using only salt or whey! This starter culture is uniquely designed to help you create probiotic and nutrient-rich kraut, cultured beets, and more.
    • Cultures up to 30 lbs of raw vegetables.
    • Easy to use: make fermented vegetables in less than 10 - 30 minutes of hands-on time.
    • Contains 6 pouches of starter culture and instructions.

    Cutting Edge Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables


    • Active bacteria strains, organic tapioca sugar. (lactobacillus plantarum, leuconostoc mesenteroides, and pediococcus acidilactici)

    Allergen Information

    • Packaged in a facility also handles products that may contain wheat, soy, eggs, milk, and fish.
    • This product does not contain any of the following materials: Milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish, crustacean shell fish.
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten-free
    • Vegan

    Cutting Edge Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items to make fermented vegetables with this culture:

    • Water (free of chlorine and fluoride)
    • Glass jar or other culturing container
    • Fermentation weight like our Pickle Pebbles (optional)

    Cutting Edge Starter Culture for Fresh Vegetables


    "Makes Delicious Sauerkraut!"

    Just finished making my first batch of sauerkraut with this product - its DELISH!

    - CarolG

    "Excellent product!"

    Even though I know it is not necessary to use a starter culture when making my fermented pickles, I use this product to boost the quantity of healthy probiotics in the finished product and to ensure rapid proliferation of the good microbes during fermentation.

    - Karen

    "Excellent Product!"

    I have been using this starter culture for a year and a half now and it has become my favorite. My pickles are super crunchy and taste great. I love the reassurance that my finished product will be packed with healthy probiotics! :-)

    - Food Scientist

    "Always Crispy Pickles"

    I like the results get when using this starter culture. I like to keep a box in the fridge. Love this website and all the cultures it offers.

    - Rhonda

    "Great Product!"

    I made a batch of fermented salsa with nothing but salt, then I made a batch using the starter culture. The batch that I used the starter culture in was a lot better in taste & color than the one with salt only. I will definitely continue to use a starter culture for fermenting my vegetables.

    - DaisyMae

    "Quality is excellent!"

    This product is great! I made 4 quarts of cultured veggies. They fermented well and are tasty.

    - Nita

  • Celtic Sea Salt

    Celtic sea salt is a mineral-rich salt that takes fermentation to the next level. It is our favorite for fermenting vegetables and an alternative to ordinary table salt in the cultured kitchen.
    • Use it for: creating the brine needed to ferment vegetables.

    Celtic Sea Salt


    "Just what I needed"

    I ordered this to use in fermenting. As a first time fermenter I really didn't know what to expect. My first batch of pickled peppers are delicious. Can't wait to do more. This salt has a nice flavor.

    - Sandra

    "Best Salt Available"

    This salt is delicious. Store bought salt is nasty. This stuff is so good I will just pop a few grains in my mouth and chew on them. A doctor wanted to put my wife on warfarin. We started using this stuff and she has been normal ever since.

    - Ryan

    "The absolute best salt. "

    I found out about this salt from Donna Schwenk's website, cultured food life, and have been using it for two years now. It has dropped my wife's high down to normal. This salt is so delicious grocery store salt is nasty to me now.

    - Ryan

    "Well worth it. "

    After adding celtic sea salt to my cooking instead of the regular grocery store salt, I am feeling much cheerier, without low level headaches, and much peppier. These are great benefits from this product after only two weeks!

    - Pam

    "Very tasty salt!"

    I love this product!

    - Connie

Kits & Equipment
  • Vegetable Fermenting Crock - 2 or 5 Liters

    These stylish fermentation crocks from Mortier Pilon provide a specialized anaerobic fermenting environment to help keep away the ”bad” bacteria and allow the good guys to thrive!
    • Use it for: fermenting vegetables.

    Starting at: $39.00

    Vegetable Fermenting Crock - 2 or 5 Liters


    "No regrets"

    This jar is everything I've ever wanted and more! It's easy to clean, simple to use, it has a great lid design, and it matches my kitchen aesthetic. I have nothing but love for this jar!

    - Valeriethefermenter

    "Great for Kimchi"

    I've made a few great batches of Kimchi in my crock and the results have all been delicious -even when I changed my recipe. It's a must-have for my kitchen!

    - Amy989

    "Great "

    I have fermented quite a few veggies in both my 2L and 5L crocks and the result is always great! They are easy to use and look great on my kitchen counter. We are a big family so I just wish they had bigger sizes, too!

    - Mark

    "Appearance over Function "

    We have had tried to use the 5 Liter Crock for everything from sauerkraut and Kimchi to apple cider vinegar. In every chase the attempts have been disappointing and resulted in a total waste. I believe this is due primarily to the design. The Crock narrows at the top and bottom with the center being wider. The wider center unfortunately allows more room for fermenting solids to make their way around the weight. The weight is simply not heavy enough to keep the fermenting solids submerged. I have tried decreasing the amount of cabbage or apple scraps but every time the fermentable solids ultimately escape around the weight or the weight is raised to the top. I have to constantly toss a layer of solids from the top to prevent spoilage. Never had this issue with older style crocks, which I have had to resort back to. I have found that I am losing one third to half a batch using this crock. This crock looks good but does not work as well. Very expensive kombucha maker.

    - Eric

    "won't open"

    I purchased this crock and when I took it out of the box and tried to figure out how it would work, I could not open the lid of the crock, I asked my husband for help, he also could not force the lid off in any way, I watched a video on the internet so I knew it should screw off but the only thing that came off was the bottom of the jar. As soon as I can get someone to respond to me, they are getting this crock back.

    - newtothis

    "Convenient and clean"

    I got the big jar, it's really convenient because it can hold a lot and doesn't take up too much space. Also it looks really clean in my kitchen!

    - Jess1988

  • Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

    With 4 Pickle Pebble fermentation weights, 4 Pickle Pipe airlocks, and a Pickle Packer tamper, this awesome kit turns any wide-mouth mason jar into a fermentation crock.
    • Use it for: making sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and more in mason jars!

    Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit


    "Looks wonderful!"

    Haven't used it yet but it looks great! All the items are very high quality and I can't wait to try it out. I'll update once I do. I have to say that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous too! I think it would make a marvelous gift.

    - JoJo

    "Easy Way to Start"

    I've tried making sauerkraut in a bowl with a plate on it before, but this kit made it so much simpler and safer. I made the white kimchi recipe that came with the kit, and it was delicious. (All taste testers thought it was better than the store-bought kimchi that we compared it with.) I'm now waiting for my sauerkraut and gingered carrots to finish fermenting. I loved making my own sauerkraut with red cabbage, which is so much more beautiful than the ghostly white cabbage one can buy in the store. All three recipes I have tried came from the easy-to-follow and beautifully illustrated booklet that came with the kit. In addition to the ease and simplicity of packing and fermenting with the contents of the kit, I like being able to see what's going on with the fermentation through the clear Mason jar, which you can't do with a crock. I think this kit would be a great gift for someone who likes to make food from scratch or who likes to preserve food from their garden.

    - Nancy

    "fermentaion kit"

    very nice. if you want to give a healthy gift, this is the one to give.

    - re

    "Complete Homesteading Kit!"

    I couldn't be happier. I love this whole kit, and was so excited to receive it that I made sauerkraut the same day it arrived. The book has easy to follow instructions, and the tools are very high quality. The packaging was too big to keep in my kitchen as is, so I cut out and kept the foam part to store the pickle pebbles when not in use. I'm so happy I bought this kit, and I will be getting another one for best friend's birthday present!

    - Felecia


    This is my first time fermenting and this kit made the process so easy! I would recommend this to anyone who is a beginner fermenter,gives you the confidence to jump right in and ferment! Thanks for a great product. It came within a few days after ordering,thank,Cultures for Health! I definetly will be a repeat customer.

    - rob

    "Love my kit"

    Great product! I store all my supplies in the handy box between ferments. Thankfully, I got it for twenty percent off as it is a bit pricey. However, the quality is excellent. So far I have made sauerkraut, dill pickles, cherry chutney, and beets with my kit. It's easy , and I am so glad to get fermented foods into my diet. I am planning to do sweet pickles today (recipe from The Complete Idiot's Guide--great resource). By the way, if you do the cherry chutney from The Complete Idiot's Guide, leave out the mint. It overpowers everything else. I recommend this kit for small batch fermenting.

    - Iteach5

  • Pickle Packer - Vegetable Tamper & Muddler

    Pack in vegetables for small-batch fermentation with this Pickle Packer.

    Pickle Packer - Vegetable Tamper & Muddler


    "I love it"

    Makes pounding cabbage much easier, and its easy to grip. Been using since last October (2016) and it is still in great condition .

    - Chirises


    I have been making krauts for 2+years and never used a packer. I decided to buy it and try since it is not that expensive and I am really impressed at the difference it makes: I can cram way more vegetables in the jar. I really love it.

    - Chantale


    I swallowed hard before buying this, thinking that I should just make my own out of a branch that was properly-sized. But since I didn't do that, I bought this one. It works well, though with the bowl I'm using, I wished it were slightly rounded on the bottom. I'm new to fermenting, and had only used my rolling pin in the past. So.... I've made less than 10 jars of ferment with this thing, and I ONLY wash it by hand. Went to put it away this morning, and it has two cracks. One goes 3/4 the way down, and the other is about 2-1/2 inches. Neither is at a joint, though I can see that a joint is opening on the flat (pounding) surface. Come to think of it, if there were a slight amount of shaping in the pounding surface, there would be less stress at the edges, and it would be less likely to crack. Conclusion: I'll use my rolling pin for now, and will look for a right-sized hardwood branch! Recommend that you do too. Response from CFH: We are so terribly sorry! This product sounds defective, and we're always happy to make things right. Please contact us anytime you have an issue such as this again!

    - Martha

    "Awsome Muddler!"

    Quality product, reasonably priced, quick delivery.

    - KLink

    "Works as Suggested"

    This made getting the juices out of my grated veggies easy. Then I went on with the culturing/pickling process.

    - Tracy

  • Fermented Vegetable Master: Gallon

    Make fermenting vegetables easier! This airlock set up facilitates gas escaping your fermented vegetables while keeping air out.
    • Use it for: fermenting vegetables.

    Fermented Vegetable Master: Gallon


    "Great Product."

    This is a great product and a great company. Customer service is very helpful and friendly. I have been looking forward to making sauerkraut for some time but didn't have an adequate container. I ordered the gallon size jar and my first batch is now fermenting. Can't wait to see and taste the result!

    - Christa

    "weight too small to work adequately"

    The weights that came with out one gallon vegetable master are much too small and light to be effective. The weights need to be closer to the diameter of the container. Response from CFH: Thank you for your feedback! Here is some information from the product page that can help...USING THE FERMENTED VEGETABLE MASTER WITH FERMENTATION WEIGHTS Weights are ideal for whole or cut veggies. For shredded or very small pieces of cut up veggies, use multiple sets of weights, or use strips of a cabbage leaf crisscrossed over the top of the veggies and tucked down the sides of the jar. Ensure the cabbage strips are well submerged under the brine. For more tips on keeping your vegetables under the brine, check out our article, How to Keep Your Fermented Vegetables Submerged.

    - Kate


    Item as received was well-packed, with plenty of cushioning. I'm completely new at this, but my first batch of sauerkraut turned out far better than I dared hope. I now have a batch of pickles, started 08/13/17. Hope they turn out as delicious as did the sauerkraut.

    - Sarge


    I don't really care for the taste of the fermented vegetables, however it may well be something to be acquired. Item was received in excellent condition and just as described. Perfect equipment for making small dose vodka from sugar syrup and yeast.

    - abyssiniandog

    "Loving learning to ferment diy"

    I am so thankful for the help of the great jars help me make great sauerkraut and pickles and will soon expand my horizons - I appreciate this incredible company and the great service they bring to help others start learning new things

    - Kim

    "Great service "

    I am in the process of fermenting my first batch of sauerkraut- the stone that came with it is not able to hold the cabbage below the brine - I think I need to find something to be able to weight it down - the customer service has been amazing - I highly recommend this company - they have been so helpful with answering many questions I have had with just learning - I look forward to fermenting pickles and I plan on buying another jar for smaller batches -

    - K

  • Fermented Vegetable Master: Half-Gallon

    Make fermenting vegetables easier! This half-gallon-size glass jar includes an airlock setup which facilitates gas escaping your fermented vegetables while keeping air out.
    • Use it for: fermenting vegetables.

    Fermented Vegetable Master: Half-Gallon


    "Easy Peasy"

    I am new to fermenting and this made making sauerkraut so easy and delicious.

    - Melissa

    "Foolproof "

    I am very happy with my jar. No more mason jars with mold. Makes perfect sauerkraut every time.

    - Chirises

    "Works great & looks beautiful "

    I made my first batch of fermented veggies in this jar and was very happy with the outcome. There was mold on one cucumber slice that accidentally failed to fully submerge, which goes to show how important it is to properly use the glass weights. The batch came out otherwise perfect! I imagine this would be great for kefir and other ferments as well and is ideal for those who prefer not to use muslin, but I really love it for veggies. This is a great product from a wonderful company!

    - Rebecca

    "Fermenting my first batch"

    So far, all seems to be working well. I'm fermenting my first batch of cabbage. It has been going for about a week now. The top layer started to show some signs of graying, but there wasn't enough liquid to cover it, so I took it out. I made a big pot last week and it went bad by this time, so I already know this is working better! Fingers crossed!!! Response from CFH: Be sure to check out our FAQs and Troubleshooting questions about culturing veggies! Or, contact our awesome Customer Support so we can assist you!

    - Robyn

    "I like the product would like stone to be larger to weigh down pickles and sauerkraut "

    I have bought a large and small fermenting jar and I really like them both although I will say I have been disappointed with the size of the stone because it just is not big enough - the stone falls down - I just started fermenting some pickles and it has already fallen to the bottom of the gallon jar but overall I love these jars so far and appreciate the great customer care they have thru this company!!! Very helpful and kind !!! Response from CFH: Thanks for the kind words! If you find the weights are not enough, you can try some tips here: http://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/natural-fermentation/how-to-keep-fermented-vegetables-submerged/

    - Duvall

    "This makes fermenting so easy. I made fabulous ginger sauerkraut the very first time"

    I was a bit worried about trying this and having to scrape scum off the top but this makes fermenting so easy. I made fabulous ginger sauerkraut the very first time. No scum!

    - Kathi

  • Perfect Pickler® Fermentation Value Package

    The perfect solution for those who want to ferment more than one jar (or two different recipes) at a time, this package from Perfect Pickler® includes twice the supplies of their Vegetable Fermenting Kit for easy, do-it-yourself vegetable fermenting.
    • Use it for: fermenting multiple recipes at once.

    Perfect Pickler® Fermentation Value Package


    "Excited to get started!!"

    Just got my jar tops today. Lost parts to my last one. But it worked so well. I am going to start with carrots from myown garden. Thanks for making an affordable option to do home vegetable fermenting!!

    - Cooper

    "Perfect Pickler Veggie Ferment Kit"

    Have not tried yet but all looks good and arrived quickly.

    - Danny

    "Great But Item Missing."

    I bought this item because I needed a smaller container than the 1 gallon fermenter I use for cabbage. I was disappointed that there was no weight in the package. I had to buy those separate. Now that I bought the kit, I wish they sold just the top for a lower price. I am happy with what I received. Response from CFH: There is not a 'weight' in the sense of a stone or rock, but instead there should have been a small stainless steel cup that you fill with water that sits on top of the veggies.

    - JP Simlo

    "Very expensive and moisture problem. DIY is better!"

    The concept is great, as it certainly provides an effective airlock. However, after use I cannot clear the moisture out of the airlock, even with a paper 'wick'. The three-piece airlocks dry in record time and are easier to clean...not to mention WAY less expensive. The price of this kit is prohibitive. I need multiple lids and airlocks, as I do a lot of fermenting in 2 quart jars. So...as a DIY project, you can simply buy six white plastic lids ($6-7), drill them, and insert grommets (12-15 for under $10). Buy the three-piece airlocks at about $1.00 each. That's six lids with airlocks for $18.00. These widemouth lids will fit any size or brand of standard jar, as long as the jars are also widemouth.

    - JennyN

    "like it!"

    I got it to culture veg's but have so far used it for the 2nd ferment for water and it works great! Makes it fizzy.

    - Grammasusan

    "clever design, helpful technology"

    Something so simple, and yet so effective, makes me marvel at the ingenuity of its designers. When I put the valve unit into the lid's black rubber-sealed hole, sometimes the seal falls through and I have to re-attach it. Not a problem, but it does expose the simplicity of the design. I am very glad to have it, and it is in use constantly. Bravo to the entrepreneurial spirit who brought it forth! Thanks for helping us all stay healthy on a budget.

    - Allusionesque

  • Plastic Lids for Regular-Mouth Jars

    These 8 Ball brand BPA-free plastic lids fit most standard regular-mouth canning jars. They're dishwasher safe, watertight, and airtight.
    • Use it for: a rust-free way to cap regular-mouth jars.

    Plastic Lids for Regular-Mouth Jars


    "Don't fit regular jars"

    I ordered these for my regular Jem jars and they don't fit. Very disappointed. Response from CFH: We are sorry to hear this! Jars can have different threads as well as diameters, but this is meant and advertised in the description for most standard size regular mouth canning jars with a 2-1/2 opening.

    - Kimberly

    "Glad I purchased this"

    I purchased a dozen canning jars to hold my juice. Since I only use one or two at a time, I found the two piece lids that came with them tedious. I know in time they rust and was looking for a non-rusting replacement. These lids work wonderfully well.

    - Joy

    "Love these lids"

    All my metal lids rust, so glad I found these plastic lids, I love them!!

    - Blue Papaya Girl

    "I love these lids!!!"

    I've been using Mason and Ball jars for food storage for years. These plastic lids come in two sizes and are a wonderful fit for all my jars. The smaller ones fit spaghetti sauce jars too. They wash easily and don't rust, like the metal lids. I don't think these lids are meant to be used for canning, but they work great for food storage.

    - becky


    the lids seem good and sturdy. Oly thing I haven't used them yet, because deceivingly from the picture on int. they were too large even for my big ball jars. big jars but narrower top I guess. I must order more Thank you.

    - lin

    "Plastic Lids for Regular-Mouth Jars"

    Love these lids. So I bought more to gift to my mother.

    - Lily

  • Plastic Lids for Wide-Mouth Jars

    These 8 Ball brand BPA-free plastic lids fit most standard wide-mouth canning jars. They're dishwasher safe, watertight, and airtight.
    • Use it for: a rust-free way to cap wide-mouth jars.

    Plastic Lids for Wide-Mouth Jars


    "Just what I wanted!"

    These lids are so handy! I had always used rings and flats when using my jars for storage. The rings would get rusty eventually. These lids are perfect.

    - Terri

    "Great lids"

    I have an old gallon mason jar that I have been using for 20+ years. As you can imagine, the ring for the lid was very rusty. I am happy that I found a great replacement. Thanks.

    - Joyce

    "GOOD STUFF!!"

    I am happy to have found the lids they are very useful. Thank you.

    - D

    "Great lids"

    I am so thankful to have found these lids. Every store I went to only had metal when I needed plastic ones for my fermented vegetables and jars of extra scobys.

    - Kalee16


    Perfect for storage, clean well, last well. I need the other size and another set.

    - TMP

    "Supplies for kefir water"

    Currently I am using the jar lids for kefir water and sourdough. I am very satisfied with both sizes of jar lids I purchased. The plastic strainer for the kefir water grains works perfectly as well. The company's website is very helpful.

    - Donna

  • Pickle Pipes - Waterless Fermentation Airlocks - 4-Pack

    Works with both regular and wide-mouth sized mason jars and band.
    • Use it for: protecting your ferments while letting gas escape.

    Starting at: $17.56

    Pickle Pipes - Waterless Fermentation Airlocks - 4-Pack


    "Great product"

    I make a lot of sauerkraut and pickles, and these are the best fermentation lids/locks I've ever used. I currently own three sets.

    - Tlh

  • FVM Storage Lid

    Extra storage lid for the Fermented Vegetable Masters.
    • Use it for: extra storage lid for our Fermented Vegetable Master.

    Starting at: $1.00

    FVM Storage Lid


    "110 mm CT lid"

    Just wanted to let people know, who might be looking for lids for other gallon jars, that this appears to fit a 110 mm jar opening, and your jar must have a continuous thread, not a lug thread. CT are what your mason jars are, lug are what many pickle, jam, and sauce jars are that you might find in the supermarket. I bought this one just to see what it was, if it would fit my jars (same size, but my jars have lug tops, not CT). These are lightweight plastic covers in a clean white.

    - Jennifer

  • Timber Tops - Bamboo Mason Jar Lids - 3 Pack

    Airtight, spillproof, and dishwasher safe, this set of 3 Timber Tops fits most standard wide-mouth canning jars. Made from fast-growing, renewable bamboo with a silicone gasket, these lids are a durable, eco-friendly option.
    • Use it for: an eco-friendly, durable way to cap mason jars.

    Starting at: $15.16

    Timber Tops - Bamboo Mason Jar Lids - 3 Pack


    "This product does not work at all."

    I bought these lids hoping to have a non metal lid for my kombucha. However, they do not work. They will not screw onto my standard wide mouth jars. I have not been able to find any wide mouth jar that they will work with. Very sad because you cannot return product to this store if it has already been removed from it's original packaging and these are expensive lids. Response from CFH: We are sorry to hear you are having trouble! We have tested these lids on both wide mouth and regular mouth mason jars in our warehouse, and found that even though "clunky" and hard to line up, they do screw on to fit nicely.

    - tea

  • Mason Jar Lids - Set of 12

    Colorful, decorative lid inserts for regular-mouth mason jars.
    • Use it for: showcasing your mason jars!

    Starting at: $7.20

  • Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids - WIDE MOUTH - 4 Pack

    Airtight, spillproof, and dishwasher safe, this set of 4 Tough Tops fit most standard wide-mouth canning jars. The silicone gasket and easy-grip design make these a versatile tool in the cultured kitchen.
    • Use it for: an airtight, spillproof way to cap wide-mouth jars.

    Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids - WIDE MOUTH - 4 Pack


    "Just what I’ve been looking for"

    These lid fit my Kerr wide mouth jars perfectly. I love that they are dishwasher safe.

    - Agavegal

    "These lids are great"

    I'm using these for gifts of barbeque rubs. Love the silicone ring to keep things fresh. I'm definitely going to purchase more.

    - NancyS

    "Tough top mason jar tops"

    Exactly what I wanted and each top comes with reusable plastic seal

    - Laurie

    "Makes my life easier"

    I'm just starting to ferment but also use glass jars for storage. Wide mouth jars are my favorite for storage. Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids fit on Bell and Mason. So handy. Am ordering more.

    - Deber

  • Plastic Canning Funnel

    Easily fill mason jars. No more spills and splashes.
    • Use it for: filling regular and wide-mouth canning jars.

    Plastic Canning Funnel



    Perfect funnel, no spills!

    - Ashley

  • Pickle Pebbles - Glass Fermentation Weights

    Keep your fermenting vegetables submerged in canning jars.
    • Use it for: keeping fermenting vegetables under brine.

    Starting at: $18.95

    Pickle Pebbles - Glass Fermentation Weights



    I purchased 8 of these glass weights and I have 2 left. The other 6 split in half or cracked while doing their job in the ferment jars sometime during the fermentation process. Response from CFH: Oh dear! Please contact us immediately on our website so that we can assist. This is something that should be reported to the manufacturer if these are being used properly.

    - usvetlaw

    "The reason for differing reviews"

    These work great, but NOT for less than full jars, like you'd have with the shorter pickling cucumbers. They simply sink to the bottom of the jar if they can find a weak spot (loosely packed spot like you'd have with pickles). However, when the jars are FULL (for like, for instance, beets for beet kvass) they work AWESOME. Soooo much better and easier than rolling up cabbage leaves that splash your brine all over.

    - Trish

    "Just what needed"

    These are exactly what I expected. They are perfect weight to hold down food for fermenting.

    - Sp7608

    "Great Product"

    Greatly helped making my cultured/pickles vegetables a success.

    - Tracy

    "wish they were a tad bigger, but generally very helpful"

    I use wide mouth quart jars, and the pebble could be bigger to fit those jars. I put a plastic lid in the jar, upside down, with the pickle pebble in it to weigh it down, and that worked well.

    - Betsy

    "What a great Company!"

    What a great company! After CFH read my previous review about one weight being broken, they contacted me and were only too happy to send me a replacement set. So all in all was a great Company to work with.

    - Deb

  • Replacement Lid for Fermented Vegetable Master

    Replacement lid set-up for our Vegetable Fermentation Master.
    • Use it for: replacement lid set-up for our Fermented Vegetable Master.

    Replacement Lid for Fermented Vegetable Master



    At least twice as robust as the OEM lid which cracked after a couple years. These are a great value and will last a long time.

    - HIW

    "Don't fit my jars"

    I wish I had seen the comments and not ordered them. They do not fit any of my gallon jars. Response from CFH: We are terribly sorry for the misunderstanding. For all our products, we include all the size details in the "Description" section on the individual product page. Feel free to contact us anytime!

    - Beth

    "Good but fragile"

    I would like to see them in a thicker plastic - since injection plastic molding is incredibly inexpensive only a few pennies per piece at most - a few more cents for more durable plastic would make this product a great product.

    - Linda R

    "A Perfect Fit For My Fermernting Jars"

    These fermenting lids arrived on time and were exactly as described. They fit my 120mm jar openings perfectly! I am very pleased as always with Cultures For Health!

    - viper

    "These Lids fit my 1 Gallon jars I got on Amazon perfectly"

    I got these lids for my jars I purchased on Amazon and they worked perfectly! Good airlock system that is economical for my fermenting!

    - Viper

    "Thanks "

    Thanks your products are Wonderful!

    - Organic

  • 3 Piece Plastic Airlock

    A replacement airlock for the Fermented Vegetable Masters or Perfect Pickler.
    • Use it for: A replacement airlock for our Fermented Vegetable Master and Perfect Pickler.

    3 Piece Plastic Airlock



    Best place to buy airlocks! Great price, delivery time great and great company!

    - LeeWee

    "Love this part great service "

    Thank you for great service and being a great company

    - K

    "Very handy to have"

    These are great! They are inexpensive and I can do more than 1 ferments at a time.

    - Cheryl

    "Good "

    Good and effective.

    - Beth

    "Inexpensive way to put an airlock on ferments"

    These airlocks are inexpensive and are a real value! They work excellently!

    - Viper

    "So appreciative of your business! God sent! "

    I'm so appreciative of your tutorials, and products. I often refer your business to everyone. Thanks so much. Blessings!

    - Organic

  • The Natural Canning Resource Book

    A guide to home canning with locally-grown, sustainably-produced and fair trade foods.
  • Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Ellix Katz DVD

    Sit in on a fermentation workshop offered by Sandor Katz and learn through hands-on demonstration and instruction.
  • Real Food Fermentation

    Preserve your favorite foods through every season with Real Food Fermentation.
  • Fermented Foods for Health

    Includes 75 recipes for incorporating fermented foods into your diet.

    Fermented Foods for Health


    "Good overview "

    Good over view of a variety of fermented foods and recipes. Clear, pretty, but not as in-depth as I hoped.

    - Beth

    "Great info and tie-in to diseases that can be healed thru fermented foods"

    This is the first book where I've seen a link given between diseases and how fermented foods can be used medicinally to help heal them. The author did a very nice job of tying in all the disorders plus gives a nice selection of fermented food recipes, many of which I've not seen before. She obviously did her research well too!

    - Shellbell

  • Cultured Food Life: The Trilogy DVD

    Join host Donna Schwenk in her kitchen where she will teach you to make kefir, kombucha and cultured vegetables in your own kitchen.

    Cultured Food Life: The Trilogy DVD


    "Great video"

    I am new to the fermentation / cultures works so this video was very informative and really has me looking forward to a life of brewing and healthy living.

    - Dale

    "Great information"

    Excellent video, every informative.

    - Gerald

    "Lifesaver --- great backup plan"

    i was so worried about making fermented anything believing i would mess it up. in instances like that, i would typically not do anything while waiting for that one thing that would assure me i had the right instruction. this dvd is terrific --- basic, clear and reassuing at the same time. i can read directions but not always certain i am following them correctly. i'm much more a visual learner and this dvd fit my learning style to a T. plus there is the addd benefit of being able to return view it again if i have additional questions. i've watched all segments 2 times already. thanks!

    - Mary

    "Worth the time, Worth the money Super DVD"

    Not much more to say!


    "Great video"

    This is a great video that gives the viewer the confidence and desire to begin culturing foods! I showed to a small group and we all wanted to start with a project of kombucha, cultured veggies or kefir!

    - Debbie