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Tempeh & Fermented Soy Ingredients

We source the highest quality ingredients so you can make high-quality tofu, tempeh, natto, and other fermented soy foods at home.
  • Liquid Nigari

    A natural coagulent for making tofu, this Japanese liquid nigari is a convenient choice for the home tofu maker.
    • Use it to make tofu.

    Liquid Nigari


    "Liquid Nigari"

    Got it for Tofu making. Seems good quality and very convenient. Expensive if compare with Nigari flakes but a handy bottle for light Nigari user.

    - Yuki

  • Nigari Flakes

    A natural coagulent for making tofu, these Japanese nigari flakes make a firm, tender tofu. This 1lb bag will make many batches of tofu.
    • Use it to make tofu.

    Nigari Flakes


    "Should Be Finer Flakes"

    As others have suggested, grinding the flakes really helps in getting the accurate amount for making tofu.

    - Hiroshi

    "Ratio of Nigari to Soymilk Seems Off"

    Quality product. The only issue I have is that it seems like I am getting way more whey than tofu when I use 1 tsp with 2 quarts of soy milk. Wondering if using more nigari will help.

    - Hiroshi

    "Great Nigari"

    Magnesium chloride. Yes! Excellent source of magnesium. Thank you.

    - coleen

    "The best option for tofu"

    I had made tofu in the past with other coagulants. They were "eh" quality compared to nigari flakes. We ate the tofu as a dessert it was delicious all by itself. To get an accurate measurement I put the flakes in a coffee grinder and ground them to a powder. This took a second and the powder melted quickly in the water.

    - Laura

    "good stuff"

    Bought for tofu making. Much purer than the nigari that i previously used. Only problem was that this material arrives as large thick flakes of nigari, making it difficult to measure accurately. I normally use 4 tsp in a double batch of tofu, but it did not coagulate at this dosage. it required 6 tsp. i believe that was because the flakes leave lots of empty space in the measuring spoon. now that i know, i don't think that it will ever be a problem again. the price is reasonable, but the shipping seems high for just one pound, hence my rating on price and value.

    - tommyb

    "Shipped and received as promised."


    - artistmama