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Equipment & Accessories

Tempeh & Fermented Soy Equipment & Accessories

Press your homemade tofu, strain soy milk, and more with these tools.
Equipment & Accessories
  • Mitoku Home Tofu Kit

    This kit contains supplies to make tofu at home: a handcrafted Japanese cypress tofu box, a cotton straining bag, and enough liquid nigari for 24 batches of tofu.
    • Use it to make tofu.

    Mitoku Home Tofu Kit


    "Mitoku Home Tofu Kit"

    I would have ordered this years ago if I had known it would be this easy to make tofu. Now I have fresh, organic tofu anytime I want it.

    - Silkweaver

    "Tasty "

    Easy to use!

    - Dawang

    "Made in Japan"

    I was happy to find a wooden mold made in Japan. A bit pricey as others as suggested, but looks like a great investment and like much better than what I was using before. I'll update once I've tried to make a batch.

    - Hiroshi

    "Quality Japanese Product"

    I've made two batches, with the next being better than the previous one. Instructions are accurate and result in amazing tofu. Totally worth it. The wood dries up well and holds up great so far.

    - Hiroshi


    It was as easy as making farmer's cheese. And a far superior product than store bought. A five-star product all around!

    - Bonnie

    "[email protected]"

    It is a bit pricy but that likely has to do with import costs. The wood and straining materials are strong and well crafted. Overall I am pleased with this item however the instructions given are not so good first they go only by grams which takes a little trouble/research to convert 500g of Soybeans = roughly 3 Cups. I also advise to halve the recipe they provide and divide that when pureeing the soy beans. Overall just buy a tofu cook book and use the recipe and suggestions from the book which are more substantial and can help you troubleshoot if you have problems. I have and recommend "The Book of Tofu and Miso" which also provides recipes for the byproducts of making the tofu too.

    - Brett Leone

  • Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

    This 11" x 14" organic cotton bag is perfect for making nut milk and soy milk, but we also love it for straining whey from homemade yogurt, cheese, kefir, and more.
    • Use it for: straining nut milks, cheese, yogurt, and more.

    Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag


    "Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag"

    I had been searching for an organic bag and so thankful to have found it on your website. I'm using it to hold my cabbage for sauerkraut. It keeps it under the juice and when I'm ready to us it I just pull it to the top and the juice is left behind. I love drinking the juice without the kraut.

    - Lily

    "Best nut milk bag I have bought "

    This was a great nut milk bag - and the price is the best I've seen. My milk tasted better after using this and I think because the cotton is organic - it really makes a difference! Am definitely going to buy more.

    - Amy

    "Great for Almond Milk"

    I had been looking for nut milk bag so that I could make my own almond milk. I love that it is organic as well! The bag works perfectly and I love the way my homemade milk tastes.

    - Brittleby

    "Indispensible! "

    This simple bag is a must have for making your own homemade nut milks. I've tried other types of strainers, but this simply works the best!!!

    - Melissa

    "Great nut milk bag!"

    I have been soo happy with this bag. I had been looking online for a while and didn't see anything I felt was good quality for a good price until I found this bag. I am very happy with it thus far and it looks like it is holding up well.

    - Angie

    "Worth more than price I paid"

    I was looking for organic bags to make hemp oil for my best friend that had breast cancer. These bags were perfect for it. Very sturdy and great quality. Most other bags on other sites were going for $8 or more and I thought those were better in quality but it ends up they were thinner. These were perfect and not thin at all.

    - Donna Jay

  • The Tempeh Cookbook

    More than 100 kitchen-tested recipes show how easy it is to cook with tempeh and get more protein, B vitamins, niacin, and iron.

    The Tempeh Cookbook


    "Good starting out book"

    This little book is a good starting point for someone who knows nothing about cooking with Tempeh. We have tried several of the recipes and they have turned out great. A good little investment. Shipping was fast and arrived in good condition. Quite pleased.

    - Peg