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Equipment & Accessories

Sourdough Bread Equipment & Accessories

Our hand-picked tools to help you ferment, prove, and bake better sourdough bread at home.
Equipment & Accessories
  • Wood Handle Dough Scraper

    Easily scrape bread dough from your work surface during kneading or clean up.
    • Use it for: kneading bread dough, scooping veggies, and more.

    Wood Handle Dough Scraper


    "Works like a charm!"

    I have sourdough bread and mini pizzas that you make on a frying pan, all using this scraper to keep things less messy? What's there to say? This works as advertized!

    - Johnnyman


    a bit pricey, but that being said, I love using it.

    - Anna

  • Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker

    Perfect for rising bread dough, making yogurt, melting chocolate and so much more!
    • Use it for: proving bread, making yogurt, incubating tempeh, and much more.

    Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker


    "Like this!"

    I bought this about 2 yrs ago for culturing my yogurt. I can put any size cup, bowl or other container in it ti do the yogurt. It keeps the temp constant and my yogurt has always turned out well after using this proofer. I have also used it for thawing meats when I have forgotten to plan ahead. Two or 3 hours will thaw a pound of gr beef so dinner won't be late. When i am not using it I can fold it up and store it in a small slot. Very convient feature that I also like. I would buy it again and if I get to the point of being able to make bread again my proofer will be ready.  

    - jj


    I have been using this product for a few years. It allows me to culture my yogurt batches easily with no guessing. I love it and recommend it to anyone who is serious about their yogurt.

    - Pat

    "Great item"

    This little oven is perfect for making vegan dishes. Kefer loves begin made in it. I like then fact that i can cook at such low temperatures. That means I am getting as much nutritional benifit as posible.

    - LadyBug


    I'm impressed when my sourdough grew big after used this proofer. My house is in 62 degrees not doing well when I do this. IT IS AWESOME!

    - laurij99

    "Quick and easy."

    Just finished my first tempeh batch.No problems. Followed instructions and it turned out great. Can't wait to get back to baking bread.

    - Stark

    "Very Happy!"

    I bought this to make yogurt. It is well-constructed and works well. Excellent product!

    - Mark

  • Organic Cotton Bread Bag

    Store your bread in this stylish bread bag made from organic cotton.
    • Use it for: storing or gifting homemade bread

    Organic Cotton Bread Bag



    Love the bread bag!

    - Candy

    "Love this cottony goodness!"

    This bread bag is useful! I have heard about plastic and how bad it is for your health, and I previously used plastic shopping bags to store any bread I've made; but not anymore! I get to use this cotton bread bag, which honestly makes me feel fancy.

    - Johnnyman


    I was amazed when this bag arrived! It is beautiful, very large and very well made! It is well worth double what I paid! Definitely a high quality item!

    - Lorigrace

    "Great bag"

    This bag is larger than I expected which is really nice. It's sturdy and does a fine job holding bread.

    - slk

    "fantastic product"

    I love this bag. I'm using it every day to keep my bread fresh. It's big and most importantly made from 100% cotton.

    - Bozena

    "Big Bag"

    I was excited to find the bread bags on the website for such a good price and a very Big bag. It's a must buy if you make bread!!

    - Sourdough MOM

  • Waterproof Digital Thermometer

    Easy to read digital display; perfect for making cheese, yogurt or checking the temperature of your sourdough bread and more.
    • Use it for: making cheese, yogurt, checking the temperature of sourdough bread, and more.

    Waterproof Digital Thermometer


    "much needed this"

    New at baking bread. I now realize we pulled out many loaves not quite done. The taping and getting a hollow sound did not always work for me. This little thermometer does the trick. Now I am prretty good at guessing when the bread is done. This gadget lets me know exactly when done.

    - Gert24

    "Easy to read"

    Really glad I purchased this item

    - Evelyn

    "Reliable and easy to read"

    I use it for making yogurt, and feta cheese. I use it to be sure my hand feeding formula is the right temperature for baby parrots. Easy to read and very reliable.

    - Julia

    "waterproof digital thermometer"

    works fast and easy to read

    - Mike

    "Good quality"

    I ordered this thermometer because I had a coupon. This is my first digital thermometer. I like it because it is waterproof. I use it to make yogurt and kefir. In the past, I have bought Taylor brand standard thermometers and found them to be good quality. I'm expecting this one to hold up well also.

    - Sarah

    "Very good quality"

    My sister gave me this thermometer, which she had originally purchased for culinary school, about 3 or 4 years ago. It gets regular use and has stood up to quite a bit of abuse. Very reliable and quick to indicate temperature changes. I have used it for everything from roast chicken, to Swiss meringue, to yogurt making. Should mine ever brake (and it shows no signs of doing so anytime soon) I would not hesitate to buy the same model again. Highly recommended.

    - MP

  • Stick-On Thermometer Strip

    A hassle-free way to keep an eye on the temperature of your ferments.
    • Use it for: checking culturing temperatures of your ferments.

    Stick-On Thermometer Strip


    "Awesome Little Helper!"

    My house is not very well climate controlled since it is over 100 years old and not modernized! This stick on thermometer allows me to monitor my fermenting foods at a glance. The price is right too! I will be ordering more.

    - Dianna

    "Convenient, accurate & CAN be reused"

    This little thermometer is accurate (also put a "regular" thermometer next to the glass jar just to test it) and can be reused if you use a removeable clear tape on the top and bottom of the tape (leave the self stick backing on). I found it very helpful and it didn't keep falling over like the test thermometer.

    - Carol

    "great product"

    These work great for my kombucha and water kefir!

    - ela

    "Very handy! "

    Perfect little helper and easy for my seven year-old to use when he helps make batches of our "soda." Unfortunately, I lost my first one and had to replace it, but fortunately it's very inexpensive. Very handy!

    - Rebecca


    A tad small to read but not bad at all.

    - Malicek


    Good product works well on jar

    - scott

  • Pocket Test Thermometer

    Perfect for making cheese, yogurt or checking the temperature of your sourdough bread and more. This thermometer is a cultured kitchen workhorse.
    • Use it for: making cheese, yogurt, checking the temperature of sourdough bread, and more.

    Pocket Test Thermometer


    "Basic it is"

    There is nothing fancy, just a "Basic Thermometer." If you don't need accuracy or long reach it will do a fine job.

    - Chugchug


    The thermometer works but disagrees with my other thermometers. I have two others that show to add starter at a lower temperature. I don't know which is most accurate. Also, the round top dial is very small and hard to read. Response from CFH: Thermometers can be calibrated. Please contact Customer Support for advice or for replacements for defective products.

    - krayola

    "Easier than what I was using."

    When I decided to make my own yogurt, I was using a candy thermometer -- something I already had. This is much easier to position and read.

    - BuckIrose


    I ordered the basic thermometer, but it turned out to be a mini thermometer. Very tiny and dials are hard to read! Response from CFH: The details section note this thermometer has a 1-inch dial display and is 5 inches long.

    - MAY