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Sourdough Bread Books

Our go-to sources for sourdough baking history, recipes, tips, and general knowledge.
  • Wild Bread

    One of the best sourdough cookbooks available. Learn how to make delicious homemade sourdough artisan breads.

    Wild Bread



    If you are wanting long ferment sourdoughs you may be disappointed in this book,

    - LK

    "Incorrect Recipe"

    There is a lot of information on the history of bread, but if you are a beginner the book is difficult to use. It lacks a clearly worded, well organized basic recipe for using sourdough starter to make a basic loaf. - the instructions are not well written. In addition we found the weights of starter to flour ratios in the basic recipe to be printed incorrectly - they need to be reversed to work correctly!

    - sue


    It was not flashy and distracting. It provided the information like a well practiced school teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would share it with others.

    - Ec

    "Great book"

    This is a great book for those who want to learn about the history and care of sourdough culture. I encourage anyone who I share my culture with to purchase this book.

    - Deb

    "Interesting book"

    I found the book interesting and well worth reading. Lots of helpful tips, that will make you stop and say, "So that's what I have been doing wrong." If you love baking bread and are new to baking with sourdough, I feel sure you will find this book very helpful. I keep a copy of this book in my office. When I need a break from the computer, I pick up the book and review a few pages. I keep finding tips that I missed the first time.

    - HarryK

    "Interesting information, but disappointing recipes"

    The description of this book made it sound great, but I was overall disappointed. The recipes are very general and are vegan or vegetarian (which is not clear in the description). I like like to include milk, eggs, and butter in my baking. I was looking for something with specific recipes, but it just had a lot of basic guidelines. Good things about the book include an interesting history, some good tips on caring for your starter, and good baking guidelines. After reading it through, this book is probably just going to sit on my shelf until I can resell it. I found other books to be more helpful.

    - Liz

  • Baking with Sourdough

    A wonderful collection of 21 recipes.

    Baking with Sourdough


    "excellent reference"

    great reference manual, made a good gift for Christmas

    - leherbiere

    "Excellent little book"

    This is an excellent little book packed with sourdough wisdom and recipes. It's definitely worth the price.

    - Curtis

  • The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking

    26 recipes for gluten-free sourdough breads, muffins, pancakes, and pizza.

    The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking


    "don't need the book"

    If you've ever used or worked with sour dough starter you really don't need the book. I've used ideas from it. I've found that I don't have to be as careful and exact as they would make you believe

    - Marcia

    "Not what I had expected"

    I was not expecting this book to be so complicated in all processes of recipes. I was looking for something a little less detailed and specific.

    - jam

    "Excellent value"

    This is a beautiful book, spiral for ease of reading recipes, clear directions and help topics with photos that show how dough should look. Anyone starting out making gluten-free breads will definitely want this book!

    - Patsy

    "Excellent resource."

    I'm excited to be trying gluten-free fermented breads. I've not been happy with other gluten-free bread books. The fermented process makes sense and the book takes all of the mystery out of the process.

    - Lucy

    "Excellent resource."

    I'm excited to be trying gluten-free fermented breads. I've not been happy with other gluten-free bread books. The fermented process makes sense and the book takes all of the mystery out of the process.

    - Lucy

    "would not order this again or give as gift"

    A very disappointing book for the price. Quality of publication poor,lacking detailed information and pictures. Expectation of book very high because of the price point. Did not live up to expectation. Would not recommend this book.

    - loveandlight

  • 100% Rye Sourdough Cookbook

    Fermented rye breads and treats. Wheat free, sourdough, honey-sweetened, traditional fats.

    100% Rye Sourdough Cookbook


    "nice book"

    nice book. lots of blank space. was expecting more recipes. the ones that are in the book are good.

    - Anna

    "Glad I made the purchase."

    Haven't made anything yet but look forward to getting my rye starter going so I can begin working my way through all the interesting recipes. Thanks for your work.

    - J. J.