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Sourdough Bread You Make at Home

A pantry staple
Pancakes, muffins, pizza crust, and even cookies - sourdough can give a lift to all of your baking.
More nutritious bread
Sourdough fermentation means lower sugar, more B vitamins, and naturally preserved bread.
Be part of history
Baking with sourdough means practicing an ancient art passed down through generations.
Bread for everyone
Our four heirloom sourdough starters make beautiful bread to fit any diet, even gluten-free.
Starter Cultures
  • San Francisco Sourdough Starter

    This classic heirloom starter culture ferments white flour to make deliciously tangy San Francisco-style bread, pizza crust, and more. Our most popular choice for sourdough.
    • Makes all kinds of classic white flour sourdough baked goods
    • Flexible culture: feed daily at room temp. or weekly in the fridge
    • Contains starter culture and instructions

    San Francisco Sourdough Starter


    • Organic white wheat flour, live active cultures
    • This product contains no GMO ingredients.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that processes products containing gluten.
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan

    San Francisco Sourdough Starter

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make sourdough starter with this culture:

    • White flour
    • A glass jar or similar container
    • Bottled water

    San Francisco Sourdough Starter


    "didnt work for me"

    Followed the directions to the letter and the starter did nothing, waste of $19. Response from CFH: Thank you for reaching out and allowing us to assist you behind the scenes. We are here to troubleshoot possible issues and help you get some great sourdough, so please keep in touch!

    - Kris

    "Perfect sourdough"

    Received my order quickly, and started it the next day. Took right off without a hitch, Been making bread for a few days now, and has been wonderfull!

    - Amy

    "Great Starter"

    This stuff took right off and got very active quickly. It took less time than advertised. The best news is that it makes sour sourdough bread like the stuff I am used to in San Francisco area where I live. I highly recommend it.

    - John

    "True San Francisco flavor"

    I bought this starter because I wanted sourdough flavor like San Francisco Sourdough Bread I used to buy in San Diego in the 1970’s. This tastes like it.

    - Steve in CT

    "good product"

    the product is great and what is even better is you can refer back to the site for questions and help....

    - peggy

    "It didn't work."

    Your customer was replete with recommendations in an effort to aid me. I attempted to use them but in the end I garnered two things from the purchase. (1) Your starter didn't work for me (2) Your price is almost 50% higher than another purveyor. I don't like writing negative reviews but I believe this one is earned. I ended up making a starter based on a recipe from another vendor. In addition they have a free tip line and spent time with me on what is essentially a free recipe. Needless to say their starter worked and yours didn't. No I don't work for them, nor do any of my relatives. Response from CFH: We are thankful for your review of our starter, and very sorry it did not produce good results for you. Thank you for working with us, and if we can be of service to you in the future for your fermenting needs, please reach out.

    - Joe

  • Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter

    Give your gluten-free bread, pizza dough, crackers, donuts, and more a lift with sourdough. Cultured with brown rice, this starter culture is a versatile staple in a gluten-free kitchen.
    • Makes all kinds of gluten-free sourdough baked goods
    • Vigorous culture: feed 3x per day at room temp. or twice a week in the fridge
    • Contains starter culture and instructions

    Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter


    • Organic brown rice flour, live active cultures.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy and dairy.
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten-free
    • Vegan

    Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make sourdough with this culture:

    • Brown rice flour
    • Glass jar or similar jar

    Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter


    "Great product"

    I'm new to baking with sourdough starter. So far I've tried waffles, pretzels, french bread and dinner rolls with good results. It's a lot to learn but your kind customer service will walk you go any questions.

    - Lynne

    "Worked great"

    This worked great, lots of bubbles and came out with a great gluten free sourdough boule. Thanks for from getting me started down the gluten free sourdough road

    - April

    "works great"

    I ordered two of these, used one to begin a starter culture in a jar, and then I thought oh why not, and I put the other packet in the culture jar after a day or two, then just threw in a large amount, maybe a cup, of brown rice flour, added some water, stirred it up, and then it worked very well. I'm sure it would have worked with only one packet, but I wanted to see what would happen. I am grinding my own brown rice flour from Lundberg's organic sprouted brown rice. I have an electric mill with stone wheels or what you may call them. So I put a cup of dry rice in it, grind it, and then immediately put it in the culture jar. All I ever do with this stuff is make pancakes, which means I melt some butter in a cast-iron pan and then throw in some starter culture. It's really good.

    - Do I really need a nickname? I guess you can call me, what, I really can't think of one. You can make it up.

    "Super Fast Starter!"

    I got mine started Monday morning and by this morning (Wednesday) it was all bubble and happy w/foam on top. I can't believe how fast this was to get started and I was wayyyyyy off w/the feedings. It was at least 12 hour between feedings both Mon night/Tues morning and last night to this morning. I was a little sticker shocked at the price but for the time it saved and how long I'll be using this - it's a steal! Thank you so much for this wonderful starter!!

    - Pam

    "Excellent starter, quick to hydrate and get ready for baking!"

    I hydrated my starter yesterday, several weeks after the expiry date (oops!) and within 24 hours it was bubbly and frothy. By the end of the second day, it was doubling in size and I was almost ready to bake with it! Excellent starter so far. Now we just need to actually bake with it. :)

    - Darls


    This GF sour dough is super easy to start & I love using it. Thanks for a great product.

    - none

  • Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

    Make real whole grain sourdough bread at home with this vigorous starter culture. Then, take your waffles, muffins, bagels, and more to the next level. One of our favorite starter cultures.
    • Makes all kinds of whole grain sourdough baked goods
    • Flexible culture: feed daily at room temp. or weekly in the fridge
    • Contains starter culture and instructions

    Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter


    • Organic whole wheat flour, live active cultures

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that processes products containing gluten.
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan

    Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make sourdough starter with this culture:

    • Whole wheat flour
    • A glass jar or similar container
    • Bottled water

    Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter


    "following instruction to the letter and FAILURE"

    Product arrived in good shape. Open package and followed to the letter. Used distilled water to start the "starter". Finished the steps... Waited 36 hours for a reaction. NONE. I am a homebrewer, so I know fermentation. Would not purchase again. Response from CFH: Thank you for reaching out to us. We are very sorry for the trouble, and we thank you for allowing us to make this right. We look forward to future correspondence with the starter.

    - chris

    "Best daily bread!"

    The instructions were super easy to follow and the bread turned out amazing. Actually, I found out that it's quite forgiving and I can vary the times for feeding and such quite a bit and it still turns out delicious and perfect texture every time! I've been playing with the recipe based on https://nourishedkitchen.com/whole-grain-no-knead-sourdough/ and modifying it. Happy to share here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15kZKVhIZK6z_KJMB7gA_7U4N-Jjpb0QspAYeMx0v5FQ/edit?usp=sharing. My family is happy :)

    - Ian

    "Starter works great but I need more practice"

    As a total beginner bread baker, it was a bit frustrating. First attempt didn't work out very well for many reasons. The 2nd attempt produced bread but was a little denser than I liked. My biggest problem is I can't get the gluten to the window-pane stage after much kneading/dough stretching (gave up after an hour). I probably should've gotten the San Francisco sourdough starter as I've been told whole wheat is much harder to work with. Customer Service has been great giving me tips and ideas. I may take a break on bread making and look for some other recipes that doesn't require so much kneading. And if there is a big sale, I might give the San Francisco sourdough starter a try.

    - Kathy

    "1st attempt flopped"

    My first attempt produced a dense, extremely sour bread and it went in the bin. I may have overproofed it so I will try again. I would like to find a another recipe to go by his time. Response from CFH: Remember that whole wheat is going to produce a heavier more sour bread by nature! Definitely experiment with your proofing time, and contact us if needed!

    - Gopony

    "Activated quick and easy"

    I had unfortunately killed a starter that a friend had used for years and I had used for over a year by not looking closely at a new bag of flour that turned out to be a bleached flour so I was looking for a replacement and was interested in whole wheat since I never had luck with whole wheat flours with my old starter. This starter activated and started bubbly within a few days much quicker than I expected and works great with my whole wheat flour my first loaf was good and I'm really excited about my next one which is rising as I were this.

    - Jewels

    "Very Good indeed!"

    This sourdough starter has proven to be a success. We have had delicious waffles and hamburger buns. Will definitely be recommending this to friends.

    - Mama

  • Rye Sourdough Starter

    Make real rye sourdough bread, English muffins, noodles, and more at home! Our quickest-to-rise sourdough starter, it proves delicious bread in under 3 hours.
    • Makes all kinds of rye and rye/wheat sourdough baked goods
    • Flexible culture: feed daily at room temp. or weekly in the fridge
    • Contains starter culture and instructions

    Rye Sourdough Starter


    • Organic rye flour, live active cultures
    • This product contains no GMO ingredients.

    Allergen Information

    • Manufactured in a facility that processes products containing gluten.
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan

    Rye Sourdough Starter

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make sourdough starter with this culture:

    • Rye flour
    • A glass jar or similar container
    • Bottled water

    Rye Sourdough Starter


    "Love this sourdough..."

    I haven't baked/cooked with my rye sourdough yet, but I can say it has been very easy to start and smells great.

    - Leslie

    "a Great Starter"

    Amazingly enough, I put my starter together on a very hot day with the air conditioning running. Eventually I noticed that I was wasting all this great heat, so i put the jar out in the garage. Magical bubbles! I've only made two things from it so far: crepes from just plain starter itself fried in butter, and then the no-knead focaccia. That second one was interesting, because I put too much dough into the pan (the recipe in the Rye cookbook that I also got here said to make a thinner layer of dough), but i went ahead and did it anyway, and after twenty minutes at 450 I heard some sounds and the loaf pan was boiling and bubbling with olive oil and I suppose the water that came out of the dough! So I basically boiled it for twenty minutes in olive oil! But I took it out of the oven and let it sit on the counter, and the liquid was soon reabsorbed into the "bread." I haven't tried it yet, but it smells terrific.

    - Translucent

    "Great product"

    Love this! My sister became so excited to hear I was making sourdough rye bread as it is one of her favourites. It was easier than I thought and was thoroughly enjoyed. Now for sourdough rye English muffins...yeah!!!

    - gouche

    "Excellent Sourdough"

    I know I could have shared my discard, but I gave my second purchase to a friend for her birthday. Despite a little slow development, both suddenly went into action, which sourdough can be like that. I contacted Customer Service and had a question answered quickly. I am very happy with this. Thank you.

    - Pizzelle Princess

    "I love it and I use it often for many things."

    It took only 3 days to reconstitute and then it's been just a joy to have around. It bounds back when I leave it in the fridge for a week and it is just easy to use.

    - lee


    It was amazingly healthy within a week. I really love this. It's hands down the strongest starter I've ever had. Making great rye bread.

    - Norsknitter

Equipment & Accessories
  • Wood Handle Dough Scraper

    Easily scrape bread dough from your work surface during kneading or clean up.
    • Use it for: kneading bread dough, scooping veggies, and more.

    Wood Handle Dough Scraper



    a bit pricey, but that being said, I love using it.

    - Anna

    "Works like a charm!"

    I have sourdough bread and mini pizzas that you make on a frying pan, all using this scraper to keep things less messy? What's there to say? This works as advertized!

    - Johnnyman

  • Organic Cotton Bread Bag

    Store your bread in this stylish bread bag made from organic cotton.
    • Use it for: storing or gifting homemade bread

    Organic Cotton Bread Bag


    "Bread Dries Out Quickly"

    I also bought this bag so that I wouldn't have to use a plastic bag to store my freshly baked bread. My loaf of bread dried out by the next day. I wouldn't recommend this bag either to store fresh homemade bread.

    - SusanG

    "Did not keep my homemade bread fresh"

    I bought this bag so I could stop using plastic bags to store my homemade bread. I was excited to use this bag but disappointed because my bread became hard and stale after 2 days of storing it in this cotton bag. I ended up returning the 2 bags I purchased for a refund. I would not recommend this bag to store fresh homemade bread.

    - Melanie

    "Big Bag"

    I was excited to find the bread bags on the website for such a good price and a very Big bag. It's a must buy if you make bread!!

    - Sourdough MOM

    "fantastic product"

    I love this bag. I'm using it every day to keep my bread fresh. It's big and most importantly made from 100% cotton.

    - Bozena

    "Great bag"

    This bag is larger than I expected which is really nice. It's sturdy and does a fine job holding bread.

    - slk


    I was amazed when this bag arrived! It is beautiful, very large and very well made! It is well worth double what I paid! Definitely a high quality item!

    - Lorigrace

  • Waterproof Digital Thermometer

    Easy to read digital display; perfect for making cheese, yogurt or checking the temperature of your sourdough bread and more.
    • Use it for: making cheese, yogurt, checking the temperature of sourdough bread, and more.

    Waterproof Digital Thermometer


    "waterproof digital thermometer"

    works fast and easy to read

    - Mike

    "Very dissatisfied"

    I used this thermometer for the first time last week and it was off by over 20 degrees! Not happy with the product at all. Note from CFH: Thermometers will require calibration before the first use and periodically throughout the life of the thermometer. Please contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding your products.

    - Jaye

    "Reliable and easy to read"

    I use it for making yogurt, and feta cheese. I use it to be sure my hand feeding formula is the right temperature for baby parrots. Easy to read and very reliable.

    - Julia

    "Easy to read"

    Really glad I purchased this item

    - Evelyn

    "Happy with this"

    This is my very first gadget as far as kitchen thermometers are concerned , happy I got a good one. Easy to use , reliable, clear readings.

    - Sarra

    "Good quality"

    I ordered this thermometer because I had a coupon. This is my first digital thermometer. I like it because it is waterproof. I use it to make yogurt and kefir. In the past, I have bought Taylor brand standard thermometers and found them to be good quality. I'm expecting this one to hold up well also.

    - Sarah

  • Stick-On Thermometer Strip

    A hassle-free way to keep an eye on the temperature of your ferments.
    • Use it for: checking culturing temperatures of your ferments.

    Stick-On Thermometer Strip


    "So easy to use"

    I live in California so I dont use the heat much in the winter. Instead of heating the house I put these on some large canning jars with my mix in them and put them in a cabinet. I also got a cheap heating pad and set it next to the jars. This keeps the jars warm enough for the critters and now I know how the temp is. I was afraid the heating pad would be to hot.

    - Sandra

    "stick on thermometer"

    My downstairs kitchen is not heated so these little stick on thermometers have come in handy. I now know that just turning the light on inside my oven raises the temp. to 88 F. so after a short time, it is best to move my heirloom yogurt to top of the stove and just cover with a towel to hold in the warmth.

    - rkng


    Good product works well on jar

    - scott


    A tad small to read but not bad at all.

    - Malicek

    "Very handy! "

    Perfect little helper and easy for my seven year-old to use when he helps make batches of our "soda." Unfortunately, I lost my first one and had to replace it, but fortunately it's very inexpensive. Very handy!

    - Rebecca

    "great product"

    These work great for my kombucha and water kefir!

    - ela

  • Pocket Test Thermometer

    Perfect for making cheese, yogurt or checking the temperature of your sourdough bread and more. This thermometer is a cultured kitchen workhorse.
    • Use it for: making cheese, yogurt, checking the temperature of sourdough bread, and more.

    Pocket Test Thermometer



    I ordered the basic thermometer, but it turned out to be a mini thermometer. Very tiny and dials are hard to read! Response from CFH: The details section note this thermometer has a 1-inch dial display and is 5 inches long.

    - MAY

    "Basic it is"

    There is nothing fancy, just a "Basic Thermometer." If you don't need accuracy or long reach it will do a fine job.

    - Chugchug

    "Easier than what I was using."

    When I decided to make my own yogurt, I was using a candy thermometer -- something I already had. This is much easier to position and read.

    - BuckIrose


    The thermometer works but disagrees with my other thermometers. I have two others that show to add starter at a lower temperature. I don't know which is most accurate. Also, the round top dial is very small and hard to read. Response from CFH: Thermometers can be calibrated. Please contact Customer Support for advice or for replacements for defective products.

    - krayola