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Buttermilk, Sour Cream, & Creme Fraiche

Buttermilk, Sour Cream, & Creme Fraiche You Make at Home

Real savings
Never buy buttermilk, sour cream or creme fraiche again, and take your cooking to the next level.
More live probiotics
Each culture has a different level of truly live and thriving cultures that's rich in flavor.
Delicious & homemade
Richer, tastier, and all-around better: there's nothing like homemade with these cultures.
The easiest cultures
Buttermilk, sour cream, and creme fraiche are super easy to make, and they culture on your counter.
Starter Cultures
  • Buttermilk Starter

    This heirloom culture makes batch after batch of traditional cultured buttermilk right on your countertop, easy as pouring milk in a jar. Bake with your buttermilk or add it to cream to make cultured butter.
    • Makes batch after batch of cultured buttermilk.
    • Heirloom culture: makes a quart of buttermilk weekly or daily.
    • Contains 2 packets of starter culture and instructions.

    Buttermilk Starter


    "Buttermilk!!! "

    When I moved from Germany to Italy more than 20 years ago one of the things I was missing was buttermilk. I'm so glad I found out about CulturesForHealth, because now I can have buttermilk every day, I decide the quality of the milk, I decide how much I make. And the TASTE is absolutely awesome!!! Thank you so much!

    - abs

    "Best Buttermilk Culture!!"

    New to dairy cultures - easy and great results.

    - Wayne S.

    "Re-using the culture works"

    I'm new to dairy culturing so not much to comment. This product is presented as having the capacity to propagate, and having made 4 or 5 successive cultures using raw milk and using the former batch to activate, it is still making buttermilk. Response from CFH: This is great to hear! The Heirloom Buttermilk is an organism that will self-perpetuate so long as the conditions are right and it never accidentally gets contaminated. We are glad to hear it is working with raw milk as the mother batches, as that is not normal. We do recommend pasteurizing at least the milk used for the mother, and then using her for the raw milk buttermilk (as in never heating it at all). Keep on buttermilking!

    - Steve

    "Buttermilk Bread"

    Buttermilk makes rich delicious bread. A challenge at high altitude, 6000 feet. I use sourdough starter with the buttermilk and the dough cycle in my bread maker. Crispy crust with a soft center.

    - COcooking

    "Easy to Make"

    This is my first try at making buttermilk. I was making milk kefir prior to purchasing this product, but it got to be too time consuming. Now i just add a little saved buttermilk to a fresh quart of milk and it's done in a few hours time. I love the ease taste of this buttermilk. I drink about 1/2 cup daily.

    - JoJo1970

    "Wonderful Product"

    I love this buttermilk starter. Sets up quickly. And lasts forever! I have used it for at least a 5 year stretch making new batches.

    - Kathy

  • Sour Cream Starter Culture

    Make delicious, fresh-tasting sour cream right on your countertop, easy as heating up cream. This direct-set culture works with any schedule (and it makes buttermilk, too!).
    • Makes up to 16 quarts of sour cream or buttermilk.
    • Make sour cream and buttermilk when you want it.
    • Contains 4 packets of starter culture and instructions.

    Sour Cream Starter Culture


    "Great sour cream!"

    I really thought my first attempt would be a flub (I had trouble keeping the temp low enough while the cream was on the stove), but the sour cream turned out fabulously! I used it in a cheesecake and as a topping on lots of foods. It turned out nice and thick. Can't wait to make more!

    - Rebecca

    "Brown and caked starter culture"

    I bought the sour cream starter in April. It was brown and caked and did not make sour cream. I then talked to CfH and they said they would replace it without charge, which they did. However, it was from the same batch of bad starter, brown and caked. So they knowingly will sell a batch that is not active then replace it with the same bad batch. Response from CFH: We are terribly sorry for your experience, as that is not common. We have reached out to you via email and look forward to a solution, as we would like to ensure satisfaction.

    - PJ

    "This made delicious raw cream sour cream!!"

    well worth the minimal effort to make raw cream sour cream

    - Jen

    "Excellent product. "

    Excellent product. I didn't think it was going to set up at first. It was close to the final hour and it was still looking like milk. In an hour after I checked again, it finally set up. It was the best sour cream I have ever had.

    - Awpacky

    "Love it!!"

    I use the Kefir and mild yogurt cultures and LOVE them, so I tried the sour cream. It was a little more work, but it is REALLY GOOD!! I like an organic product without all the additives, and this came out thick and yummy...so why do they add stuff to it commercially??? This stuff is great !! and lasts a long time in the frig!!

    - lynyrd53

    "Good stuff"

    It worked wonderfully

    - Patsouth

  • Crème Fraiche Starter Culture

    Making truly rich and mild crème fraîche at home is as easy as heating up cream or half-and-half. This direct-set culture is one of our easiest and cultures on your countertop.
    • Makes 4 quarts of crème fraîche.
    • Make crème fraîche when you want it.
    • Contains 4 packets of starter culture and instructions.

    Crème Fraiche Starter Culture


    "I made delicious mistake "

    I bought to make creme Fraiche, bought a half gallon of raw milk from Old Ford Farm, one of the few places to legally purchase it in NY. The weather was unseasonably cold so I used a seedling mat, I panicked when I saw, packaged up, brought to show the owner of the farm, Becky. She told me not to panic, told me that I made cheese, so I had to season it. I was going to leave it for her to see if salvageable, and she said that I had raw fermented dairy, to keep it. It took about 3 weeks to have seasoning perfect but after 3 months is still good. May not have done what I expected since I over heated a bit but was a great surprise. I also pickled onions with the same starter and am going to keep trying new things. I haven't tried creame Fraiche again yet, but I will. Awesome product

    - kimberly

    "Sadly, it doesn't work for me"

    i have tried 3 times to make this product work and sadly i've had barely an improvement in the consistency of the milk. the last batch was done over the weekend with fresh raw milk in the hopes that supermarket milk was the problem. i mixed equal parts of cream and whole milk and i would have had better results if i had just whipped it by hand until peaks formed. the only upside is that i'm only out $7 and the cost of milk. i won't bother making the 4th packet. Response from CFH: We are sorry for your experience. We thank you for troubleshooting with us via email, and hope future attempts have worked out to be yummy!

    - kelly

    "Excellent creme fraiche"

    I have made creme fraiche with a few other cultures and this is by far the best. It thickens relatively quickly and is the least "sour" tasting - it tastes almost buttery. Its better than what I can get already made in the store. I put it in the oven with the light bulb on to thicken it and that works great.

    - LeGriz

    "Success The Second Time Around"

    I purchased CF culture a while back and wondered why the big deal was. I was not impressed with my results. CFH reached out to me and gave me advice. So glad! I followed their instructions to the T and was pleased with my creme fraiche. My whole family loved it. The trick is keeping the temp around 72. I used my electrical heating pad. Worked! Thank you, CFH!

    - noel


    Worked perfectly, possibly because I used a thermometer, and used cream that was pasteurized only (not ultra-pasteurized nor UHT [ultra high temperature] treated). Slight whey separation, not a problem. Mildly sour, with subtle other tastes. Delicious on slow cooker oatmeal made with steel cut oats, apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and almond milk. Will now start experimenting to see how well this will work with nonfat milk products. Kudos to cfh for making this available.

    - James

    "Great product!"

    Creme fraiche is easy to make and I add it to soups and vegetables. Sometimes I eat it right off the spoon, which is great. To make it, I use 1 pint of organic half and half and it tastes wonderful. :)

    - Buffy

Equipment & Accessories
  • Pocket Test Thermometer

    Perfect for making cheese, yogurt or checking the temperature of your sourdough bread and more. This thermometer is a cultured kitchen workhorse.
    • Use it for: making cheese, yogurt, checking the temperature of sourdough bread, and more.

    Pocket Test Thermometer



    I ordered the basic thermometer, but it turned out to be a mini thermometer. Very tiny and dials are hard to read! Response from CFH: The details section note this thermometer has a 1-inch dial display and is 5 inches long.

    - MAY

    "Basic it is"

    There is nothing fancy, just a "Basic Thermometer." If you don't need accuracy or long reach it will do a fine job.

    - Chugchug

    "Easier than what I was using."

    When I decided to make my own yogurt, I was using a candy thermometer -- something I already had. This is much easier to position and read.

    - BuckIrose


    The thermometer works but disagrees with my other thermometers. I have two others that show to add starter at a lower temperature. I don't know which is most accurate. Also, the round top dial is very small and hard to read. Response from CFH: Thermometers can be calibrated. Please contact Customer Support for advice or for replacements for defective products.

    - krayola

  • Plastic Lids for Regular-Mouth Jars

    These 8 Ball brand BPA-free plastic lids fit most standard regular-mouth canning jars. They're dishwasher safe, watertight, and airtight.
    • Use it for: a rust-free way to cap regular-mouth jars.

    Plastic Lids for Regular-Mouth Jars


    "Don't fit regular jars"

    I ordered these for my regular Jem jars and they don't fit. Very disappointed. Response from CFH: We are sorry to hear this! Jars can have different threads as well as diameters, but this is meant and advertised in the description for most standard size regular mouth canning jars with a 2-1/2 opening.

    - Kimberly

    "Glad I purchased this"

    I purchased a dozen canning jars to hold my juice. Since I only use one or two at a time, I found the two piece lids that came with them tedious. I know in time they rust and was looking for a non-rusting replacement. These lids work wonderfully well.

    - Joy

    "Love these lids"

    All my metal lids rust, so glad I found these plastic lids, I love them!!

    - Blue Papaya Girl

    "I love these lids!!!"

    I've been using Mason and Ball jars for food storage for years. These plastic lids come in two sizes and are a wonderful fit for all my jars. The smaller ones fit spaghetti sauce jars too. They wash easily and don't rust, like the metal lids. I don't think these lids are meant to be used for canning, but they work great for food storage.

    - becky


    the lids seem good and sturdy. Oly thing I haven't used them yet, because deceivingly from the picture on int. they were too large even for my big ball jars. big jars but narrower top I guess. I must order more Thank you.

    - lin

    "Plastic Lids for Regular-Mouth Jars"

    Love these lids. So I bought more to gift to my mother.

    - Lily

  • Plastic Lids for Wide-Mouth Jars

    These 8 Ball brand BPA-free plastic lids fit most standard wide-mouth canning jars. They're dishwasher safe, watertight, and airtight.
    • Use it for: a rust-free way to cap wide-mouth jars.

    Plastic Lids for Wide-Mouth Jars


    "Just what I wanted!"

    These lids are so handy! I had always used rings and flats when using my jars for storage. The rings would get rusty eventually. These lids are perfect.

    - Terri

    "Great lids"

    I have an old gallon mason jar that I have been using for 20+ years. As you can imagine, the ring for the lid was very rusty. I am happy that I found a great replacement. Thanks.

    - Joyce

    "GOOD STUFF!!"

    I am happy to have found the lids they are very useful. Thank you.

    - D

    "Great lids"

    I am so thankful to have found these lids. Every store I went to only had metal when I needed plastic ones for my fermented vegetables and jars of extra scobys.

    - Kalee16


    Perfect for storage, clean well, last well. I need the other size and another set.

    - TMP

    "Supplies for kefir water"

    Currently I am using the jar lids for kefir water and sourdough. I am very satisfied with both sizes of jar lids I purchased. The plastic strainer for the kefir water grains works perfectly as well. The company's website is very helpful.

    - Donna

  • Waterproof Digital Thermometer

    Easy to read digital display; perfect for making cheese, yogurt or checking the temperature of your sourdough bread and more.
    • Use it for: making cheese, yogurt, checking the temperature of sourdough bread, and more.

    Waterproof Digital Thermometer


    "waterproof digital thermometer"

    works fast and easy to read

    - Mike

    "Very dissatisfied"

    I used this thermometer for the first time last week and it was off by over 20 degrees! Not happy with the product at all. Note from CFH: Thermometers will require calibration before the first use and periodically throughout the life of the thermometer. Please contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding your products.

    - Jaye

    "Reliable and easy to read"

    I use it for making yogurt, and feta cheese. I use it to be sure my hand feeding formula is the right temperature for baby parrots. Easy to read and very reliable.

    - Julia

    "Easy to read"

    Really glad I purchased this item

    - Evelyn

    "Happy with this"

    This is my very first gadget as far as kitchen thermometers are concerned , happy I got a good one. Easy to use , reliable, clear readings.

    - Sarra

    "Good quality"

    I ordered this thermometer because I had a coupon. This is my first digital thermometer. I like it because it is waterproof. I use it to make yogurt and kefir. In the past, I have bought Taylor brand standard thermometers and found them to be good quality. I'm expecting this one to hold up well also.

    - Sarah

  • Wood Handle Dough Scraper

    Easily scrape bread dough from your work surface during kneading or clean up.
    • Use it for: kneading bread dough, scooping veggies, and more.

    Wood Handle Dough Scraper



    a bit pricey, but that being said, I love using it.

    - Anna

    "Works like a charm!"

    I have sourdough bread and mini pizzas that you make on a frying pan, all using this scraper to keep things less messy? What's there to say? This works as advertized!

    - Johnnyman

  • Cotton Bag for Making Cheese

    Just pour cheese curds, yogurt, or anything else you want to strain into this bag and hang it from a cupboard to drain. 12" x 12".
    • Use it for: straining whey from yogurt, kefir, and cheese.

    Cotton Bag for Making Cheese


    "Sturdy and well made. "

    Sturdy and well made. I've only had it for a short time, but so far I'm pleased with it. It works nicely for draining our kefir cheese. It can be a little hard to get some of the dry bits out of the inside of the bag, but turning it inside out helps.

    - Me

    "great idea and great price"

    love it! worked great

    - Nanny

    "Good solid product"

    So far this bag has held up well to regular use, it's solidly made and I think it will hold up well for years to come.

    - Larane

    "Excellent for making whey"

    Excellent for making whey from Kefir

    - Dennis

    "A must have need to make cheese"

    Not good by itself. Must use in combination with the Butter Muslin for perfection. Very Strong and good filtration. No sign of weakness yet.

    - SY

    "Necessary to filter kefir whey from curd..."

    Excellent use, perfect fit for the bag i bought from this web, and good thing I bought it. I didn't know this was necessary.

    - SY

  • Greek Yogurt Maker (Strainer)

    This unique strainer kit which is BPA Free transforms up to 2 quarts of ordinary homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek yogurt in a matter of hours – all inside your refrigerator.
    • Use it for: straining whey from yogurt, kefir, and cheese.

    Greek Yogurt Maker (Strainer)



    Holds a lot of yogurt and works well

    - Julia

    "Tick Tock"

    All I can say is, "Why did I wait so long to buy this yogurt strainer!?" I finally decided to buy it when CFH had a nice discount on it. This is an excellent product and my family loves the thicker yogurt! This is also an excellent way to separate out the whey to be used when culturing vegetables! Don't delay - it's worth it!!

    - Sarah

    "Works well holds up fair"

    Worked perfectly for straining yogurt and is very convenient. Although second or third time I washed it the lid became distorted from the hot water and no longer fits. I didn't wash it in a dishwasher as some people are probably suspecting, I washed it in a dishpan with hot soapy water and air dried. Sooooo, works great but doesn't hold up great. Note from CFH: In reaching out to the manufacturer, the lids should be washed in lukewarm soapy water. Thank you for working with us behind-the-review-scenes to help you out!

    - Nl

    "works well, must use gently"

    Tried it out, works great, but I recognize the straining filter mesh is very fine and will take some gentle handling through emptying and cleaning.

    - Hunterland

    "Awesome product "

    Was using cotton bags before-would not go back! This product makes Greek yoghurt simply with minimal mess. Love it!

    - Johnny

    "answer to kids bringing yogurt to school for lunch"

    I've been eyeing this for some time and finally bought it when I was ready to buy several items here. I've been making homemade yogurt for years, but because it doesn't stay as cold in a lunch pack and therefore seems quite thin in their lunch, my kids have poo-pooed yogurt for lunch. Problem solved. They LOVE this. My only challenge is to not waste the whey but I'm using it for soaking grains as much as possible for now.

    - Chrisphil365

  • Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker

    Perfect for rising bread dough, making yogurt, melting chocolate and so much more!
    • Use it for: proving bread, making yogurt, incubating tempeh, and much more.

    Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker


    "Does what it says."

    I live at high altitude, over 6000', and seldom is our home warm enough to proof bread - particularly sour dough which can take 12 hours. This does the job. I love it.

    - George

    "Quick and easy."

    Just finished my first tempeh batch.No problems. Followed instructions and it turned out great. Can't wait to get back to baking bread.

    - Stark

    "Love it"

    I have been using this for 6 months. and it is the best thing to use for yogurt and also proofing my sourdough bread. I also bought the shelf unit to proof two loafs at once. I keep it handy in the kitchen and it folds away nicely. The customer service is number one and they are in Massachusetts. It us USA company. Would buy this again in a heartbeat. Won't be unhappy.

    - Joe

    "I Really Like This"

    I am using this constantly for Kifer. It would be easy to store but I have given it a permanent spot on the counter. I love that you can precisely regulate the temperature.

    - Wendy


    I'm impressed when my sourdough grew big after used this proofer. My house is in 62 degrees not doing well when I do this. IT IS AWESOME!

    - laurij99

    "Very Happy!"

    I bought this to make yogurt. It is well-constructed and works well. Excellent product!

    - Mark

  • Stick-On Thermometer Strip

    A hassle-free way to keep an eye on the temperature of your ferments.
    • Use it for: checking culturing temperatures of your ferments.

    Stick-On Thermometer Strip


    "So easy to use"

    I live in California so I dont use the heat much in the winter. Instead of heating the house I put these on some large canning jars with my mix in them and put them in a cabinet. I also got a cheap heating pad and set it next to the jars. This keeps the jars warm enough for the critters and now I know how the temp is. I was afraid the heating pad would be to hot.

    - Sandra

    "stick on thermometer"

    My downstairs kitchen is not heated so these little stick on thermometers have come in handy. I now know that just turning the light on inside my oven raises the temp. to 88 F. so after a short time, it is best to move my heirloom yogurt to top of the stove and just cover with a towel to hold in the warmth.

    - rkng


    Good product works well on jar

    - scott


    A tad small to read but not bad at all.

    - Malicek

    "Very handy! "

    Perfect little helper and easy for my seven year-old to use when he helps make batches of our "soda." Unfortunately, I lost my first one and had to replace it, but fortunately it's very inexpensive. Very handy!

    - Rebecca

    "great product"

    These work great for my kombucha and water kefir!

    - ela

  • Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids - WIDE MOUTH - 4 Pack

    Airtight, spillproof, and dishwasher safe, this set of 4 Tough Tops fit most standard wide-mouth canning jars. The silicone gasket and easy-grip design make these a versatile tool in the cultured kitchen.
    • Use it for: an airtight, spillproof way to cap wide-mouth jars.

    Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids - WIDE MOUTH - 4 Pack


    "Just what I’ve been looking for"

    These lid fit my Kerr wide mouth jars perfectly. I love that they are dishwasher safe.

    - Agavegal

    "These lids are great"

    I'm using these for gifts of barbeque rubs. Love the silicone ring to keep things fresh. I'm definitely going to purchase more.

    - NancyS

    "Tough top mason jar tops"

    Exactly what I wanted and each top comes with reusable plastic seal

    - Laurie

    "Makes my life easier"

    I'm just starting to ferment but also use glass jars for storage. Wide mouth jars are my favorite for storage. Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids fit on Bell and Mason. So handy. Am ordering more.

    - Deber

  • Timber Tops - Bamboo Mason Jar Lids - 3 Pack

    Airtight, spillproof, and dishwasher safe, this set of 3 Timber Tops fits most standard wide-mouth canning jars. Made from fast-growing, renewable bamboo with a silicone gasket, these lids are a durable, eco-friendly option.
    • Use it for: an eco-friendly, durable way to cap mason jars.

    Starting at: $15.16

    Timber Tops - Bamboo Mason Jar Lids - 3 Pack


    "This product does not work at all."

    I bought these lids hoping to have a non metal lid for my kombucha. However, they do not work. They will not screw onto my standard wide mouth jars. I have not been able to find any wide mouth jar that they will work with. Very sad because you cannot return product to this store if it has already been removed from it's original packaging and these are expensive lids. Response from CFH: We are sorry to hear you are having trouble! We have tested these lids on both wide mouth and regular mouth mason jars in our warehouse, and found that even though "clunky" and hard to line up, they do screw on to fit nicely.

    - tea