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Equipment & Accessories

Real Kombucha Equipment & Accessories

Set up a continuous brew system, bottle your kombucha to carbonate it, and more with our recommended supplies.
Equipment & Accessories
  • Plastic Strainer

    This easy-to-clean, BPA-free nylon mesh strainer is a workhorse in the cultured kitchen. Comes in 2 sizes (when in doubt, size up).
    • Use it for: straining kombucha, kefir grains, tea, and lots more

    Starting at: $3.99

    Plastic Strainer


    "LOVE this little strainer!"

    This is perfect for straining water and milk kefir grains out of the finished product. Just rapping it lightly and constantly on the top of the jar as the kefir is being poured helps to move the product through the strainer. I look in every store I go in to find a good non metal strainer and have not found any yet, so I am very glad this company offered this great, simple, convenient, easy to clean product. The smaller one is perfect for using over a wide mouth canning jar. The larger one is great when used with a canning funnel. You should definately get one.

    - Buffalowingman


    Well made, strong, and NOT metal. I love it. This is the one you should buy.

    - Larry

    "It is perfect for my kefir grains."

    I was looking for this product at other places and they didn't have it. I am glad I was able to find it here.

    - Evelin

    "The best strainer for milk kefir I have used!"

    For the first eight months of making milk kefir(store bought whole milk), I used my high quality large stainless strainer. Tiny, tiny grains would get trapped in the fine mesh and were impossible to wash out. I finally gave in and order this 3.5" strainer. The straining process is actually much faster and thorough! I use a canning funnel to support the strainer over the canning jar. With a couple of gentle taps, the thickened kefir goes right thru and the grains stay put. A few tiny, tiny grains work their way to the underside from the tapping, but a gentle scrap with a spatula retrieves them. There are no seams; there are no hiding spots for stray grains or any other foreign debris. It cleans up easily too. After months of thinking it would be a dumb purchase, I bought it and for six months I have absolutely loved it!

    - Debbie

    "A note about the large size"

    This is a good strainer. However, I wanted to point out that the larger size does not fit over a standard quart jar. That may be obvious if you bother to measure a jar, but I missed that detail. I was thinking I'd go for the larger size to have a greater value and accommodate more grains, but instead I wish it could fit perfectly with the quart jars I use for kefir. Maybe this tip will help someone else choose the best size for their purpose. Response from CFH: Thank you for your feedback! What we find works great (we love this larger strainer too) is to use a funnel that the strainer can sit upon it. We use a wide mouth funnel, and it's perfect! Good luck!

    - Anna

    "Perfect! "

    What can I say? This is the perfect little high-quality plastic strainer! It's ideal for straining out kefir grains while making kefir water and is just the right size and works perfectly with the bottles and a funnel. I haven't had any problems with wear and expect it to last for years. In fact, I have now purchased it in both sizes and would happily buy another if only I could convince my sister to begin making ferments! I love this company! :)

    - Rebecca

  • Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar - 5 Liters

    Designed specifically for continuously brewing kombucha, this glass jar will enable your growing kombucha habit.
    • Use it for: setting up a continuous brew of kombucha

    Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar - 5 Liters


    "Very attractive and functional"

    And it makes perfect kombucha. I use the spigot only for tasting it to see if it is "done" to my taste before bottling.

    - Cynde

    "Too bad"

    We got one of the continuous brew jars for the holidays. It worked fine for about three months, then it started to leak and developed mold around the outside. Too bad; it's a great idea whose time has not come. Response from CFH: We are sorry to hear this! This seems unusual, so we recommend contacting the actual manufacturer for the best assistance: https://www.mortierpilon.com/customer-service

    - Jackie


    I bought this kit to start making my own kombucha and it tastes great after the first batch! The tap is so convenient to collect the kombucha after it's brewed. Love it!

    - Tom


    My scoby is really happy in this jar. I've gotten great results with my brew and I just can't get enough! I really like the kombucha bottles by this company too! Just great!

    - Jenny

    "I love this product. "

    It made me much less nervous using this for my first batch of Kombucha. Appreciated the recipes and extra info that came with it. The Kombucha turned out great!

    - Toni

    "this is not what you really want"

    do your research, this is not the correct type of vessel for making kombucha Response from CFH: Thank you for your very honest feedback! We are saddened that it is not meeting your expectations as our other customers and staff for brewing kombucha continuously! Please contact us if you need any assistance.

    - wingear

  • Grolsch-style Flip-top Bottles, 500 ml (Case of 12)

    Our favorite air-tight bottles hold just over 16 ounces of goodness while your brew gets fizzy.
    • Use it for: bottling kombucha, water kefir, and more for carbonation

    Grolsch-style Flip-top Bottles, 500 ml (Case of 12)


    "Completely satisfied!"

    This was my first set of Grolsch bottles and after reading tons of negative reviews of those sold by other venders I was skeptical to say the least. I wanted to wait until the completion of my first 2F with these bottles before reviewing them in order to give a completely honest review. The glass as well as the wire is very thick and resilient, definitely of excellent quality.The seals are what I was most concerned with prior to purchase and they exceeded my expectations! My Kombucha came out perfectly carbonated, allowing me to achieve my sought after goal of a good brew. I am very much grateful, so much so that I just placed an order for another 36 bottles! Thank you so much CFH! Islam. Namaste.

    - Andre Moore-El

    "Great bottles for my Kombucha "

    Couldn’t be happier! Quality thick glass! Stoppers work very well! Can’t go wrong with these bottles!

    - Redbeard

    "very hard to close"

    Lots of trouble to close these bottles. I hate them. Perhaps we'll get used to it. First batch of water kefir was well carbonated and very tasty. Response from CFH: Hi Elizabeth! Yes, the new bottles are indeed a bit difficult to close. They will get better as time goes on, but you really do want them to hold in those gasses and not let air in!

    - Elizabeth

    "Great value "

    Very nice solid bottles.

    - TD

    "Really nice!"

    These bottles are working very well. Didn't think I needed a case but that was an error in my thinking. Love the dark color and the weight. Very durable. Nice to be able to store the water kefir in these. Will be playing with the secondary fermentation soon. Right now just enjoying the Lemon flavored water kefir.

    - lin

    "Great bottles!"

    I am using these for water kefir and they are great. Very tough! They seem very durable and well-made. It was a bit of a learning experience to put them together, but not too hard after the first couple. They are stiff to close at first, but that's because they are so sturdy. Recommend!

    - Rhonda

  • Bottle Brush

    Perfect for scrubbing away sticky residue from your ferments on all sorts of bottles.
    • Use it for: cleaning bottles like our Grolsch-style Flip-top bottles

    Bottle Brush


    "Not like I had expected. "

    The hairs on the brush have split to one side; one side of the wire down the middle has bristles on it and the other side has none. it doesn't clean like I thought it would. Not very happy with it at all. Response from CFH: We are so sorry to hear this! We will be contacting you soon, but please reach out to us anytime you are unhappy with one of our products - we'd be happy to assist!

    - Loraine

    "Not as expected"

    So I was excited to get this bottle brush, but was also disappointed at its HUGE size! LOL! My husband solved the problem by crimping the end of the wire and now it fits into the brown bottles I purchased for cleaning. Just be careful when you pull it out cause it sprays soapy water everywhere!

    - Brenda

    "Bottle Brush"

    Brush does not fit in the brown bottles I purchased from Cultures for Health. Disappointing because I haven’t found a brush that fits in the small neck of these bottles & therefore; do not use the bottles, either, not having a way to be sure they are clean. Response from CFH: I am sorry this brush does not fit - it is rather large, and works well with the brewing equipment on the site for beer, wine and cider. However, I have tried and true way to really clean the bottles, although with daily use you can just wash with warm soapy water and rinse them well with warm water. If you have stubborn debris, add about 1-2 Tablespoons of uncooked rice in the bottle. Then add a tiny bit of soap (not anti-bacterial) and 1/4 to 1/2 cup water. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously for several minutes. It may have to be done a few times if you haven't washed them recently. Empty the bottle, adding more water if necessary to ease the rice grains out. Rinse well with warm water and it should be good to go!

    - Theresa


    Wow because I can't believe I am writing a review of a bottle brush that cost $2. And wow because I can't believe how good this thing works. It fits easily into narrow bottles and big bottles equally well. The long handle makes it easy to maneuver to ensure a good clean. Yes the handle came folded in the box as everyone says but it's wire and you can just bend it back into place--no big deal. My old bottle brush was double this price and more solid..to the point where I had to shove it into the bottle tops if I was lucky to fit it. This brush is great. So yes, I highly recommend this product.

    - M


    Exactly what I was looking for. I used it to clean recycled kombucha bottles as well as bottles with a tight neck and it works very well. As other reviewers said, it came folded but I was expecting that and it hasnt affected its purpose.

    - Verdin


    hi guys, everything I have ever ordered from cultures for health has been a five star satisfaction except for this product. it arrived folded in half (I'm guessing to make shipping it easier) and when I unfolded it the bristles started falling out where it was previously bent... which opened up a space for bristles to continue to fall out... I ended up throwing it away after the first use. Response from CFH: We are so sorry, Alex! It sounds as if the brush was definitely defective if the bristles were falling out. We'd be happy to replace or refund, and we have sent you an email!

    - alex

  • Stick-On Thermometer Strip

    A hassle-free way to keep an eye on the temperature of your ferments.
    • Use it for: checking culturing temperatures of your ferments.

    Stick-On Thermometer Strip


    "So easy to use"

    I live in California so I dont use the heat much in the winter. Instead of heating the house I put these on some large canning jars with my mix in them and put them in a cabinet. I also got a cheap heating pad and set it next to the jars. This keeps the jars warm enough for the critters and now I know how the temp is. I was afraid the heating pad would be to hot.

    - Sandra

    "stick on thermometer"

    My downstairs kitchen is not heated so these little stick on thermometers have come in handy. I now know that just turning the light on inside my oven raises the temp. to 88 F. so after a short time, it is best to move my heirloom yogurt to top of the stove and just cover with a towel to hold in the warmth.

    - rkng


    Good product works well on jar

    - scott


    A tad small to read but not bad at all.

    - Malicek

    "Very handy! "

    Perfect little helper and easy for my seven year-old to use when he helps make batches of our "soda." Unfortunately, I lost my first one and had to replace it, but fortunately it's very inexpensive. Very handy!

    - Rebecca

    "great product"

    These work great for my kombucha and water kefir!

    - ela

  • Pocket Test Thermometer

    Perfect for making cheese, yogurt or checking the temperature of your sourdough bread and more. This thermometer is a cultured kitchen workhorse.
    • Use it for: making cheese, yogurt, checking the temperature of sourdough bread, and more.

    Pocket Test Thermometer



    I ordered the basic thermometer, but it turned out to be a mini thermometer. Very tiny and dials are hard to read! Response from CFH: The details section note this thermometer has a 1-inch dial display and is 5 inches long.

    - MAY

    "Basic it is"

    There is nothing fancy, just a "Basic Thermometer." If you don't need accuracy or long reach it will do a fine job.

    - Chugchug

    "Easier than what I was using."

    When I decided to make my own yogurt, I was using a candy thermometer -- something I already had. This is much easier to position and read.

    - BuckIrose


    The thermometer works but disagrees with my other thermometers. I have two others that show to add starter at a lower temperature. I don't know which is most accurate. Also, the round top dial is very small and hard to read. Response from CFH: Thermometers can be calibrated. Please contact Customer Support for advice or for replacements for defective products.

    - krayola

  • Waterproof Digital Thermometer

    Easy to read digital display; perfect for making cheese, yogurt or checking the temperature of your sourdough bread and more.
    • Use it for: making cheese, yogurt, checking the temperature of sourdough bread, and more.

    Waterproof Digital Thermometer


    "waterproof digital thermometer"

    works fast and easy to read

    - Mike

    "Very dissatisfied"

    I used this thermometer for the first time last week and it was off by over 20 degrees! Not happy with the product at all. Note from CFH: Thermometers will require calibration before the first use and periodically throughout the life of the thermometer. Please contact Customer Support with any questions or concerns regarding your products.

    - Jaye

    "Reliable and easy to read"

    I use it for making yogurt, and feta cheese. I use it to be sure my hand feeding formula is the right temperature for baby parrots. Easy to read and very reliable.

    - Julia

    "Easy to read"

    Really glad I purchased this item

    - Evelyn

    "Happy with this"

    This is my very first gadget as far as kitchen thermometers are concerned , happy I got a good one. Easy to use , reliable, clear readings.

    - Sarra

    "Good quality"

    I ordered this thermometer because I had a coupon. This is my first digital thermometer. I like it because it is waterproof. I use it to make yogurt and kefir. In the past, I have bought Taylor brand standard thermometers and found them to be good quality. I'm expecting this one to hold up well also.

    - Sarah

  • Mesh Tea Ball Infuser - 2 inch

    This 2-inch stainless steel infuser is ideal for steeping loose leaf tea for regular batches of kombucha.
    • Use it for: brewing 1 cup up to a half-gallon of tea

    Mesh Tea Ball Infuser - 2 inch


    "Great Little Tea Ball"

    This ball works great for 8-10 oz cups of tea. I treat it gingerly because the metal is fairly delicate but it makes my life easier when I drink tea.

    - Dave

    "Tea ball infuser"

    Just a simple tea ball infuser. It does not hold a lot of tea though.

    - Cynthia

    "Broke at first use"

    The hinge bent open the first time I used the infuser. I used some pliers to push it back together but it bent open again the next time I used it and I lost the metal band. Now it's mostly useless unless I find some other stainless steel bit to connect them. I wanted it for Kombucha and for that it would be perfect if it held up. Response from CFH: We are terribly sorry for the defective tea ball! We are always happy to send a replacement, as we want our customers happy. Please contact customer service any time so we may assist you.

    - Sarah


    The product looks and works just like it said it would.

    - Alissa

    "Smaller than expected from photo"

    My fault. I didn't read that this is a 2 oz tea ball. I looked at the accompanying photo in which it looks like a 4 oz ball at least. I wanted to use it for my kombucha, but it's too small. Disappointed with myself for not reading and disappointed with the product listing because the photo makes it look larger than it is.

    - Ellie

    "Great product"

    Wanted to use loose tea for my Kombucha and this product does the trick!

    - Terri

  • Kombucha Rediscovered

    An assortment of advice, trivia, the history of kombucha, and the author’s personal anecdotes.
    • Use it for: learning more about kombucha

    Kombucha Rediscovered


    "Silly book"

    Empty. Insulting to my intelligence. Misleading. Typical health food deception literature. Lots of suggestions for benefit without one shred of proof.

    - Warren

    "Was sorry I spent my time and money on this."

    As I had enjoyed Klaus Kaufmann's book "Making Sauerkraut" I tried this one on Kombucha. I found the content of this book is very limited and simplistic rather than thorough and researched. The directions for making Kombucha likewise are very limited. I couldn't pass this book on to any friends I was so dissapointed with it. It got recycled. There are a lot of quotes to Gunter W. Frank's work on Kombucha so I purchased that book (149 pages) and was very pleased and much educated.

    - tapergirl

    "good book"

    good book for starters. Full of facts and interesting.

    - FermentMe

    "An empty book"

    I read this book hoping to find some serious facts of the origin and the brewing of the kombucha culture, instead this book left me with a disappointing feeling. The author didn't really research the subject to find its origins and real use in ancient times. He only told me people's vague accounts of what they suppose it does. It almost felt like he was mocking people that are conscious and want to stay away from Walmart's processed white sugar and non organic "Orange Peeko.......... tea". There are so many recipes that you can do and combinations that I never heard. Herbal teas can also be used to enhance their healing properties. But I learned how many thousand of names he could find that people have given it. Not much of a "rediscovery". Absolutely no substance and no valid information in it.

    - Beatriz