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Starter Cultures

Make yogurt at home using a yogurt starter! Choose from starters for making dairy-free yogurt and re-usable or single-use starters.
Make delicious probiotic beverages from the comfort of your own home with kefir cultures and grains from Cultures for Health.

Starter cultures for fermenting rice, vegetables and more!

Browse our selection of starter cultures to make traditional fermented foods at home including Tempeh, Natto, Koji, Miso and more!

Ready to make sauerkraut or pickles at home? A starter culture can improve the final taste of the recipe. Check out our selection.
Get started making cheese at home with our full line of starter cultures. From mozzarella to cheddar cheese, you can do this!

Get started making amazing sourdough bread and other baked goods at home with our selection of heirloom sourdough starters.

Make the delicious fermented tea at home for a fraction of the cost. Plus get FREE access to our 56-page Learn to Make Kombucha eBook.