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Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting & Wheatgrass Sprounting Seeds

Selected for home sprouting with high germination rates, these seeds grow into tasty sprouts to liven up any sandwich or salad.
Sprouting Seeds
  • Sprouting for Health Booklet

    Learn all about sprouting
  • Organic Protein Powerhouse Sprouts Seeds Mix

    A mix of organic Adzuki, Garbanzo, Mung and Green Pea seeds pack a protein punch!

    Organic Protein Powerhouse Sprouts Seeds Mix


    "Nice Variety"

    I discovered how Great this combination is on Avocado toast!

    - Oregon john

    "Variety "

    Love the variety. Easy to grow. Great packaging. Love that I can reseal bag for later.

    - Robyne

    "Great food!!"

    I had forgotten how much fun it is to grow sprouts and they are sooo good!

    - ginna22154

    "Love the Sprouts"

    My first batch was awesome and tasted so yummy!! I will be ordering more!

    - Liz

    "Great Mix!"

    This is a terrific mix. I just had my first batch of it this past week and it is just terrific!

    - Mike S

  • $2.95
  • Organic Barley Sprouting Seeds

    Barley sprouting seeds are great for sprouting and for growing into grass for barley grass juice. These sprouting seeds are a potent source of concentrated nutrition.

    Organic Barley Sprouting Seeds


    "Fresh and Nutty"

    Love how easy it is to have a springtime salad with a fresh nutty taste. Perfect time of year to brighten a healthy meal.

    - Deb


    I bought this to make malt. The grains sprouted well and taste excellent. I am very glad to have bought these.

    - Julie

  • Organic Brown Mustard Sprouting Seeds

    Add lots of spice to salads or sandwiches with sprouted mustard seeds. You can also use Brown Mustard sprouting seeds to make homemade mustard!

    Organic Brown Mustard Sprouting Seeds



    I have had better luck sprouting mustard seed from supermarkets. All the other seeds I have bought from you have been great, wonderful germination. This is not doing the job. Have your vender check this out. Note from CFH: Thanks so much for letting us know! We are checking with the vendor and encourage you to contact support anytime there is a concern about a product.

    - nnnnnn

  • Organic Garbanzo Sprouting Seeds

    Tasty, crunchy, nutty garbanzo beans make amazing sprouts for hummus, soups, stews, and more!
  • Organic Green Pea Sprouting Seeds

    Delicious, fresh-tasting green peas make a scrumptious addition to any meal!

    Organic Green Pea Sprouting Seeds


    "good quality"

    Good germination, good product.

    - nnnnnn

  • Onion Sprouting Seeds

    Onion sprouts make tasty little scallions to add flavor to your favorite sandwich.

    Onion Sprouting Seeds


    "Loving the onion sprouts"

    These sprouts are quite tasty and have a pretty fantastic aesthetic to boot. A bit pricier per pound than most of the other sprouts here, and a bit slower to sprout, but **well** worth what really amounts to a marginal cost difference when you consider how many trays I'll get out of this.

    - Erica

  • Organic Soy Bean Sprouting Seeds

    These organic yellow soy beans are a versatile staple in a cultured kitchen. Since they're hulled, they're a great choice for fermenting.
    • Use to make tofu, soy milk, natto, bean sprouts, tempeh, and more.

    Organic Soy Bean Sprouting Seeds


    "Sprouted quickly!"

    These beans are great. In a few days they showed the sign of sprouting! I'm afraid the previous reviewer did not do right. I soaked the beans for overnight, drained and rinsed. Then soaked under the cover (shutting sunlight). Repeated "drain and rinse" twice a day. If you over-soak Soy, they may sprout poorly or even rot. They need oxygen. Will order again!.

    - Yaeko


    Not sprouting at all CFH Response: I am so sorry that you are having trouble with your Soy Bean Sprouting Seeds. Please contact our Customer Support. We would be happy to help you get things working again.

    - Thanks

  • Organic Sunflower Sprouting Seeds

    Organic sunflower seeds in the shell, perfect for micro greens, edible sprouts, and more!
  • How to Grow Sprouts & Wheatgrass DVD

    Proven techniques and step-by-step instrucitions on how to grow sprouts and wheatgrass in your own home.
  • Herb Walk by LeArta Moulton DVD

    LeArta Moulton takes you on a field trip of edible and medicinal plants and shares her extensive knowledge.
  • Organic Black Chia Sprouting Seeds

    High in protein and omega 3 fatty acids, black chia sprouting seeds are a teeny, tiny powerhouse!
  • Organic 5-Part Salad Sprouting Seed Mix

    This 5-part salad sprouting seed mix adds super flavor and nutrition to any salad.

    Starting at: $5.65

    Organic 5-Part Salad Sprouting Seed Mix


    "Love them Sprouts!"

    I was a little scared to start sprouts last year, but your kit made it so easy. This time I order the full pound of mixed sprout seeds. They are so fresh, they doubled in size within the first 36 hours. I have learned that one tablespoon of seeds is plenty for a quart size mason jar. Thanks for such great products and resources!

    - Kathy

  • Organic Bean Salad Sprouting Seed Mix

    A delightful combination of protein-rich beans and radish seeds, our organic bean salad sprouting seed mix makes a tasty meal!

    Starting at: $4.95

  • Chinese Cabbage Sprouting Seeds

    Chinese cabbage sprouting seeds are wonderful for sprouting and growing microgreens!

    Starting at: $4.95

    Chinese Cabbage Sprouting Seeds


    "Tasty sprouts"

    I first tried the spicier radish sprouts which I love and thought these would be almost the same. They are more delicate sprouts with a milder flavor. They should be a better choice for kids. Tiny they may be they are mighty at sprouting. The little seeds (2 or 3 Tbsp.)grow to fill my Easy Sprouter in just a few days. They green up nicely and are great for eating raw on sandwiches, in salads or lightly sautéed in scrambled eggs. I prefer them to lettuce on a sandwich. A good choice for timid taste buds.

    - Sea Girl

  • Organic Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds

    Add spicy flavor to salads, soups, and more with organic Fenugreek sprouting seeds!

    Starting at: $4.95

    Organic Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds


    "Powerful sprouts"

    These sprouts grow really well and are quite versatile. Despite a slight bitter flavor if eaten plain when mixed in a salad or sandwich we don't notice it at all. I also like to add to soups just before serving or add at the last minute to a stir fry. They would be good mixed into most any kind of burger or patty. These are fun, delicious sprouts that should be in everyone's kitchen.

    - Sea Girl


    I do a lot of seed sprouting. The Fenugreek seeds have a fine texture and that nutty maple flavor is the best.

    - oily4me

  • Organic Green Lentil Sprouting Seeds

    Common green lentils are not so common when sprouted and added to salads, soups, and more!

    Starting at: $2.95

  • Organic Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds

    Organic Mung bean sprouting seeds are a sprouting favorite, and they taste delicious in stir-fry meals!

    Starting at: $2.95

    Organic Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds



    I was satisfied with how the mung beans performed as well as the service and delivery!

    - Marcia

  • Organic 3-Part Salad Sprouting Seed Mix

    Certified Organic sprout seeds mix perfectly for tasty salads!

    Starting at: $5.65

  • Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

    Make your own salad bar sprouts with our Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds.

    Starting at: $5.65

    Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds


    "excellent value"

    Have been sprouting for several years. These are the best seeds I have found. Used only 1 1/2 T and have sprouts to last me for 5 - 7 days. Had to use 2 T for product I have been using. Also very fresh. Great taste

    - none

  • Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seeds

    Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seeds make very tasty sprouts and micro greens.

    Starting at: $10.95

  • Organic Clover Sprouting Seeds

    Organic clover sprouting seeds produce delicious sprouts, mild in flavor and delicious on salads and sandwiches.

    Starting at: $4.95

  • Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds

    Make spicy and tangy sprouts with our Daikon Radish Sprouting Seeds. Add a nice kick to your next salad!

    Starting at: $5.95

    Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds


    "Great all purpose sprout!"

    I love these radish sprouts. Excellent germination and fast growth. They have a little kick but if the heat bothers you just mix with other foods like a salad or a sandwich. Light cooking seems to eliminate the heat. I love them sauteed with a bit of green onion (and other veggies if you like) in scrambled eggs or added to sauteed mixed veggies just at the last minute. Or add to soups right before serving.

    - Sea Girl