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Equipment & Kits

Sprouting & Wheatgrass Equipment & Kits

Our chosen tools, kits, books, and supplies make it simple to sprout nearly any kind of seed at home.
Equipment & Kits
  • Wheat Sprouting Kit

    Our Wheat Sprouting Kit comes loaded with all the essentials for getting started sprouting wheat. Turn your home-grown wheat into grind flour that's great for baking!
    • Makes 1-3 cups of sprouts per batch.
    • Takes 2 to 3 days depending on how much you are using.
    • Contains instructions, wide-mouth quart-sized canning jar, sprouting jar lid, organic hard red wheat sprouting seeds and plastic lid.
  • Sprouting Jar Lid

    The Sprout Lid fits most wide mouth canning jars and is rust-free!

    Sprouting Jar Lid


    "Just what you need"

    This sprouting screen is just what you need and nothing more. It's simple enough that a child can use. It fits on the wide mouth jars that you already own. I prefer to take the lid off when I fill the jar, and use the screen for draining. It allows water to drain completely, avoiding the mold that is prevalent in my climate. They stands up to repeated use, and take up little storage space.

    - All4MrD8a

    "Great Product"

    Love this lid, works perfectly. Made my first sprouting experience was a breeze!

    - Liz

    "Perfect "

    This lid is a no frills solution to sprouting! It replaces the old cheese cloth/rubber band or nylons method, is inexpensive and easy to clean. It takes the time consuming mess out of rinsing your sprouts. Get one!

    - Arizona Girl

    "the right solution"

    I had one of these many years ago to make sprouts as my kids were growing up, but have since lost it. My daughter asked where it was so she could sprout for her children. I have been looking for some time and finally found this so I got one for her and for my self again. I love this simple and practical way to sprout. no need to have anything else.

    - gwinnyb

    "Perfect sprout lid!"

    I bought two of these and I am totally satisfied with them. To avoid the clogging that some refer to, I remove the lid, and push down on the sprouts which causes the seed hulls to float to the top. I pour those off before adding clean water, then I screw the sprout lid back on and strain. Works great! Will definitely buy a couple more.

    - Jesse

    "Essential for sprouting"

    Once I bought this simple lid for sprouting, it made the whole process so much less cumbersome for me. I used to cover my jar with a cheese cloth and the circular ring. This is so much easier to clean. recommend that you buy at least two .

    - Tina

  • Sprouting Screen

    Fits most wide-mouth canning jars

    Sprouting Screen


    "The basics"

    This is a very traditional simple way to start with sprouting. I've had mine for 20 years I believe. I've also had a plastic one which got stained and the sprouts stuck in it. So I'd say this one is simplest and maybe even best. You can always clean the canning jar and rotate them out ... use the screen on multiple jars.

    - Equestrienne

    "Much better than my plastic sprouting screens"

    I love this product! I have some plastic screens that I purchased at a craft store, and they are slightly too small to do the job very well. So, maybe that's why I like this product so much. It's very durable/doesn't bend with the force of water rushing in/out, and it fits perfectly under the lid of a wide-mouth jar. I haven't had any problems with rusting yet, but I've only used it a couple of times, so maybe that's in my future; we'll see. Response from CFH: To help with potential rusting from a mason jar ring etc, rub a tiny bit of oil (i.e. sunflower) on the edge of the screen!

    - Brenda

    "rinsing screen"

    I would order these again if I had to. They make life so much easier when you're rinsing a lot of sprouts and seeds. You just slip it on the jar and screw on the lid and rinse.

    - EdenScapes


    I had problems with the screens rusting, apparently I'm not the only one. Cultures for Health was excellent with customer service and did everything they could to make it right. For that they have my continued support but you should be warned that with this product rusting is a problem. Supposedly if you put oil on the rings that will prevent rust, this is important information that should have been included in description. Response from CFH: Please note the rusting occurs from the jar rings/bands, and is transferred to the screen. The oil should help, yes.

    - Em

    "DON'T BUY THIS!!!"

    Spend the money on the plastic one. This screen rusts HORRIBLY!!! (and very quickly, I might add) Response from CFH: Please contact customer support for troubleshooting.

    - Steve

  • Azomite Trace Mineral Organic Fertilizer

    Add nutrients to sprouts, wheatgrass, and more with this natural organic fertilizer.
  • 4-Tray Seed Sprouter

    Sprouting has never been so easy or so efficient as it is with this amazing 4-tray sprouter!

    4-Tray Seed Sprouter


    "I love this, this is the second one I've bought, now I have two so I can sprout more."


    - D


    It's been a great beginner sprouter- but after a couple weeks, I'm ready to graduate to some serious sized flats now!!

    - Tee

    "Great single use item"

    I do not like single use counter top items. However, this item works much better than a mason jar and specialty lid. I can start a new batch as the older one matures. Great.

    - Roger

    "So easy!"

    After messes & hassles with jars, water bottles cut in half, cheesecloth, and other experimental things I tried (thinking I'd cleverly save a buck)... I finally caved and bought this. I am SO glad I did! It's just so easy! Do yourself a favor, click it into your cart with some organic seeds, and prepare for a fun easy way to nourish your body with yummy nutrients. Your body will thank you!

    - Kimberly

  • Glass Sprouting Jar: Quart

    Handy quart sprouting jar kit for beginning sprouters, complete with seeds and instructions!

    Glass Sprouting Jar: Quart


    "Not A Good Purchase for Me"

    I think I am not a sprouter person as it doesn't work they way they said. The plastic cap is Very hard to get on and off. I foloowwdd the directions to the tee and it has now been more than the days the said and the beans have not sprouted. Response from CFH: We are sorry to hear this! Please contact our Customer Experience Team when you have trouble, and we'd be happy to help you!

    - Karen Sue

  • Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit

    Grow culinary herbs easily right in your kitchen with this mini greenhouse!
  • The Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit

    Grow your own wheatgrass at home with this all-inclusive wheatgrass growing kit!
  • 3 Tray Stackable Sprout Garden

    Make sprouting easy! Sprout large quantities using minimal counter space

    3 Tray Stackable Sprout Garden


    "Very much liked these trays."

    These trays are the sprouting method I have found to work the best for me. I have tried several methods and like these trays the best. They take up very little counter space, can sit on counter next to sink so I remember to rinse them. Easy to clean up and store.

    - Pam

    "Easy and Fun to Use"

    I love these trays, and if they ever make a bigger size I'll buy 2 or more. My sprouts never make storage because my husband and my four kids eat up everything.

    - Raquel

    "Tres tres tres magnifique....."

    Triple the yield and variety! The salads' best friend for variety and ease in sprouting.....enhance your salad with tomatoes avocado red onions peppers olives feta/mozzarella or Parmesan topped with radish sprouts or onion sprouts alfalfa clover mix ... Nice

    - MiliMilz

    "Really liked this product "

    It makes it so much more easy to grow sprouts

    - Dianna

    "making them stackable would make them perfect"

    I got three sprout trays and four drainage trays, I think that was an error in the packing, but the trays work great the only thing is I'd like them to stack on top of each other as one tall tower instead of three separate sprout trays and drains

    - Hunterland

    "Love it."

    I like that they do not take up much counter space. worked great. Your customer service is great too. It arrived on time and was packaged well.

    - Pam

  • Sprout Garden Book

    Indoor Grower's Guide to Gourmet Sprouts
  • Sprout Sack Combo Kit

    The Sprout Sack Kit sprouting bags are great for easy sprouting of beans and grains
  • Hurricane Juicer: Manual Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

    Stainless steel, sturdy, high-quality wheat grass juicer.
  • Easy Sprout

    Easy to use sprouting container with a small footprint.

    Easy Sprout


    "Works well"

    If you want to sprout one type of seed (or a mix) at a time, this simple sprouter works well. Makes for quick and easy soaking, rinsing, and draining. It comes with 3 lids. A solid snap on lid for storage, a perforated snap on lid for sprouting, and a domed perforated lid that just sits on top and doesn't seem to be very useful. All in all a functional product, at a good price, and made in the USA which is kinda nice to see.

    - Roosterick

    "Great Product!"

    The best there is for seed sprouting! Runners-up are not even close! It's easy-to-use, effective at germination and growth support. It's design and proper use really minimizes the chance of any pathogen culture. Here is an EXCELLENT video on how to use the Easy Sprout Sprouter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WqA_Wp8NuIs

    - WilhelmGGW

    "So easy!"

    This sprouter works so well, but above all -- it is SO EASY! I will never go back to a jar or a tray or whatever. I have two and have been using them for about a year. I may get a third one. Having multiple sprouters allows you to have different sprouts going on at the same time. Also, after your sprouts are ready, these cups store the sprouts very well in the fridge. A must-have gadget for a sprouter, both novice and experienced one.

    - amopsik

    "Beats the rest"

    I just bought a second one since it takes a while for the spouts to be ready, when you keep your house at 64 degrees. Works great for small seeds. Large seeds are not a problem if you use a jar with a sprouting lid because of the weight but with alfalfa seeds jars don't work and this does.

    - Carmen

    "Buy these, not sprouting lids"

    So worth the money! Makes draining 2x every day so much easier and quicker.

    - BECKY

    "Easy Peasey"

    Neat concise small foot print.....bought one then another for double the pleasure and variety!

    - MiliMilz

  • Hanging Food Pantrie: Solar Food Dehydrator

    5-Tray Solar food dehydrator, great for drying produce, making jerky, and more!