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Sprouting & Wheatgrass

Sprouting & Wheatgrass You Make at Home

A world of choice
Lentils, chickpeas, rice, barley, beans: nearly any seed, legume, or grain can be sprouted.
Homegrown nutrition
Sprouting makes the proteins and vitamins found in seeds and grains easier to digest.
Tasty & versatile
Homegrown sprouts dress up a salad, add some healthy crunch to a sandwich, and much more.
Just add water
Rinse your seeds a couple times a day for a few days, and you'll have sprouts with very little work.
Equipment & Kits
  • Sprouting Jar Lid

    The Sprout Lid fits most wide mouth canning jars and is rust-free!

    Sprouting Jar Lid


    "Had to buy Two"

    After searching around locally for these and coming up empty handed...I came across these and had to buy 2. They are well made and work as promised. I also use them to sprout grains and legumes before cooking

    - Oregon John


    It was exactly as I pictured it, and works great for a variety of projects.

    - Dina

    "Essential for sprouting"

    Once I bought this simple lid for sprouting, it made the whole process so much less cumbersome for me. I used to cover my jar with a cheese cloth and the circular ring. This is so much easier to clean. recommend that you buy at least two .

    - Tina

    "Probably won't order again"

    I ordered two of these, thinking that they would be a great way to rinse the sprouts. Unfortunately that was not the case. They do not screw on to the mason (BALL) jars without a struggle. One works fairly well, but not good, while the other one will barely screw on at all. Would not recommend this product.

    - Donnatrition

    "Won't drain properly!"

    I thought this would work better and faster than my cheesecloth method I've used since the 60's. I have ruined 3 batches of sprouts. I called customer service for assistance and I was given ideas to make it work. I told her, "The Sprouting Jar Lid is defective as it will not fully drain the water off. The water sits on the inside edge of the lid no matter how hard I try to shake it out. There is a curve in the lid that won't change." Using her ideas I am still ruining sprouts. I am done using this lid! What a waste of money! Response from CFH: We're so sorry this product did not work for you. As with any product, some find more success than others. Rinsing the sprouts more frequently may help.

    - Suzanne

    "Perfect sprout lid!"

    I bought two of these and I am totally satisfied with them. To avoid the clogging that some refer to, I remove the lid, and push down on the sprouts which causes the seed hulls to float to the top. I pour those off before adding clean water, then I screw the sprout lid back on and strain. Works great! Will definitely buy a couple more.

    - Jesse

  • Sprout Garden Book

    Indoor Grower's Guide to Gourmet Sprouts
  • Sprout Sack Combo Kit

    The Sprout Sack Kit sprouting bags are great for easy sprouting of beans and grains
  • Hanging Food Pantrie: Solar Food Dehydrator

    5-Tray Solar food dehydrator, great for drying produce, making jerky, and more!
Sprouting Seeds
  • Organic Brown Mustard Sprouting Seeds

    Add lots of spice to salads or sandwiches with sprouted mustard seeds. You can also use Brown Mustard sprouting seeds to make homemade mustard!

    Organic Brown Mustard Sprouting Seeds



    I have had better luck sprouting mustard seed from supermarkets. All the other seeds I have bought from you have been great, wonderful germination. This is not doing the job. Have your vender check this out. Note from CFH: Thanks so much for letting us know! We are checking with the vendor and encourage you to contact support anytime there is a concern about a product.

    - nnnnnn

  • Onion Sprouting Seeds

    Onion sprouts make tasty little scallions to add flavor to your favorite sandwich.

    Onion Sprouting Seeds


    "Loving the onion sprouts"

    These sprouts are quite tasty and have a pretty fantastic aesthetic to boot. A bit pricier per pound than most of the other sprouts here, and a bit slower to sprout, but **well** worth what really amounts to a marginal cost difference when you consider how many trays I'll get out of this.

    - Erica

  • How to Grow Sprouts & Wheatgrass DVD

    Proven techniques and step-by-step instrucitions on how to grow sprouts and wheatgrass in your own home.
  • Herb Walk by LeArta Moulton DVD

    LeArta Moulton takes you on a field trip of edible and medicinal plants and shares her extensive knowledge.
  • Organic Green Lentil Sprouting Seeds

    Common green lentils are not so common when sprouted and added to salads, soups, and more!

    Starting at: $4.99