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San Francisco Sourdough Starter

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San Francisco Sourdough Starter

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Product Review (submitted on January 30, 2014):

This is the first time I have tried managing a starter. The more I learn about the food industry and all the additives and crap that go into commercial products... the more I want to make my own foods from scratch!

This was a great New Year's 'science project'. At first the directions seemed intimidating but once you get started it's easy and fun! My starter woke up after about 3-4 days and has been what I call "Happy" ever since.

I have shared it with a few others who have all reported great success. I learn something new with each batch I make.

A few points: the bread flour definitely gives a better rise than all purpose(a big difference), inside the oven with the light on seems to give a perfect environment and my rise times are much shorter than the one's quoted in the directions. I am getting full proofing with good flavor after 3-5 hours. When letting rise longer, they collapse from overproofing :( I live in AZ so not sure if the drier climate is a factor.

Overall, a great product and I plan to purchase other variations!