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Sourdough Dessert Recipes


When we think of sourdough most of us think of large loaves of artisan-style crusty bread with that ubiquitous sour tang. But sourdough has so many more uses than that: from yeast breads to quick breads, savory to sweet.

One great thing about sourdough is that it doesn’t have to be “sour” as most people think. By manipulating a few simple variables such as frequency of feedings and the environment where you keep your sourdough starter, you can create sourdough baked goods with very little tang at all.

Because of this you can create a baked item that tastes much like what you are used to, but using a traditional leavening method that increases the nutritional value of the grain you are using. This can make your sweet treat just a little bit healthier.

Baking desserts with sourdough is fairly straightforward. You can adapt most dessert recipes that you already have to use sourdough starter if you know the hydration level of your starter (100% works well) and if you understand that you can replace the liquid and flour ingredients with the sourdough starter.

Just in case you would like to dip your toes into sourdough desserts with a tried-and-true recipe here is a list to keep you busy in the kitchen for a while:

Sourdough Peanut Butter Blondies

Chocolate Malt Dessert Waffles

Sourdough Chocolate Cake

Soft Sourdough Cookies

Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sourdough Brownies

Sourdough Gingerbread

Sourdough Donuts

Pumpkin-Maple Sourdough Cake

Currant Pie with Sourdough Pie Crust

Sweet Potato Sourdough Fritters

So, whether it is cake, cookies, pie, or donuts that you crave, be sure to use your sourdough starter in any of these delicious, traditionally leavened desserts.

Sourdough Cake

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