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Saint Maure Mold

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Saint Maure Mold

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Use this mold to make a cheese-log style soft cheese at home.

  • Dimensions: Width: 2" | Length: 8" | Open Bottom
  • Materials: BPA-free, food-grade polypropylene cheese-shaping mold.
  • Sanitize before each use.
  • Imported from France. 


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Questions on Saint Maure Mold

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  • From Pat at 3/29/2013 10:22 PM
    • I was wondering if the St Maure Mold could be used with a follower to make a goulda cheese log that could be cut into wheels. i.e. like babybel cheese?
    • That should work just fine. But don't slice the log until AFTER brining.
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  • From rik at 11/24/2012 12:25 PM
    • Does anybody knows how this mold works, i like to use it to make a big fresh goatcheese.

    • This mold is used to make Saint Maure goat cheese, a soft cheese with a mold on the outside. The curds are not cut, but poured straight into the mold. Traditionally, a rye straw is inserted into the center to assist with removing the cheese from the mold after draining, and for handling during the ripening time.

      For making other soft goat cheeses such as chevre, you may not need a mold. Simply drain through a cheesecloth and press into a log, rolling in plastic wrap to hold the shape. Or use a differently shaped mold such as our chevré mold.
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  • From jose at 10/3/2012 8:48 AM
    • Do instructions come with this mold? Is it sold as a kit with all I need to make this type of cheese? Thanks. Jose
    • This mold can be used with any soft cheese recipe. It isn't part of a kit and does not come with instructions but you could use it with any soft cheese kit which would come with instructions and recipes.
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