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Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

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Aura Cacia Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

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Warm your home with the mood-elevating scent of Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil. Use in Car Diffusers or Room Diffusers, for an energizing, revitalizing scent.

  • Warm, spicy aroma
  • 0.25 ounce bottle (about 144 drops)
  • Steam distilled from leaves and stems of the cinnamon tree 
  • Cinnamomum verum
  • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka


Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Uses


Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Quality Information

  • Physically tested to ensure quality using sensory evaluation, testing optical rotation, and measuring specific gravity
  • Tested using gas chromatography to ensure purity
  • No animal testing

Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Safety Information

  • Always consult a healthcare practitioner before use
  • Do not apply undiluted oils directly to skin
  • For external use only
  • Keep out of reach of children

Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Storage Information

  • Store in a tightly closed glass bottle away from heat and light
  • Use within 2 years


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Questions on Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

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  • From Hannah at 11/2/2015 1:53 PM
    • Hello, can you tell me if this is Therapeutic Grade? Thanks! :)
    • From the manufacturer:

      There is no such grading system for essential oils. Companies sometimes use this term in marketing to try to differentiate aromatherapy oils from essential oils used in flavoring and food. Aromatherapy oils should be pure, complete and unadulterated high quality oils. But because the term "therapeutic grade" isn't based on established standards or regulation, it can be — and often is — used without regard to the quality of the oil.

      Aura Cacia oils are labeled and intended for aromatherapy purposes and fall within the category of cosmetic (for FDA labeling purposes). As such, they must legally have a warning to not ingest them on the label. Some other essential oil companies sell essential oils as dietary supplements and have different labeling requirements. Aura Cacia essential oils are thoroughly tested – this includes the use of gas chromatography/mass spectrometry to ensure their quality and purity. To learn more about testing the methods, you can visit the quality page: http://www.auracacia.com/auracacia/aclearn/ar_quality.html
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