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New Arrivals
  • Kombucha Starter Kit

    Our starter culture, plus hand-picked ingredients & supplies to get you started with your first 3 batches. You can take it from there. Ideal for beginners and makes a great gift.
    • Makes batch after batch, with ingredients for 3+ batches
    • Low-maintenance culture: make it every 7-30 days
    • Contains 1 SCOBY, instructions, pH test strips, organic cane sugar, black tea, distilled white vinegar, a thermometer, and a jar cover

    Kombucha Starter Kit

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make kombucha with this culture:

    • Water (free of chlorine and fluoride)
    • Glass Quart-Sized Jar


    You can bottle your finished kombucha to make it fizzy! Check out our Kombucha Bottling & Flavoring Kit, or our favorite Grolsch-style Flip-top Bottles.

    Kombucha Starter Kit


    "Amazing Scoby kit"

    I ordered my kit and it came very quickly. And although it’s still in process of reactivation of the dehydrated Scoby, I’m still super happy of it all and looking forward to my true intial 1st batch of drinkable Kombucha from it. So far it’s doing well. Yay. This my first attempt at Kombucha and I’m loving the learning experiences. Thank you

    - Katt

    "Awesome "

    It takes 30 days to get rollling, but now that it’s been a few months, I have delicious kombucha every 7 days! It is actually very, very good! I have not had a “baby scoby” yet, but I bought several starters so I can have one every few days! I mix it with tea to make it last longer. It is SO easy once you get rolling. I am SO happy with this product!

    - Kaity

    "Great starter kit!"

    I appreciated the thorough, yet not overwhelming, instructions, and having all the necessary items included in the kit.

    - SB

    "Do not be mislead "

    do your research before you buy. it is nearly impossible to make kombucha from a dehydrated SCOBY. Response from CFH: We thank you for your honest opinion of our scoby. We do have a great customer service team who can guide you through the process, as several agents have successfully made kombucha from several dried scobys. We are always happy to help you!

    - wingear

    "Very easy"

    The kit is very easy and convenient for someone starting Kombucha tea.

    - Carly

    "Kombucha "


    - Nam

  • Water Kefir Starter Kit

    This beginner-friendly kit contains our Water Kefir Grains plus 4 hand-picked supplies to get you started, including our favorite culturing sugar. Make 4+ cups of water kefir every day or two - just add water.
    • Makes batch after batch, with supplies to get you started
    • Vigorous culture: makes 4+ cups of water kefir every 24-48 hours
    • Contains water kefir grains, instructions, organic cane sugar, a mesh strainer, a thermometer, and a jar cover

    Water Kefir Starter Kit

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items to make water kefir with this culture.

    • Water (free from chlorine and fluoride)
    • Glass jar or similar container

    Water Kefir Starter Kit


    "Very Satisfied"

    This was my first attempt at kefir so I ordered the kit. Instructions were clear and the online videos made it even easier to get it right the first time. Thank you.

    - Sunngoddess

    "Well pleased"

    Very straightforward product.

    - ArthurMissouri

    "Happy With It"

    Easy to follow instructions, helpful to have the kit with strainer, thermometer etc. Fun to make!

    - Jean

    "Looove it!! "

    Easy to read instructions, includes everything you need to get started except the Mason jar. I LoOoVe it!!

    - Leigh


    Instructions are very clear and I'm already on my fifth batch. The fizziness is a little hard to achieve, but I guess it depends on the recipe. Our peach flavor is not at fizzy, but the lemon/ginger was more bubbly.

    - Debi

    "Very pleased"

    Started my first batch of water kefir. Made a bottle of mixed berry 'soda' from it. Have made several different flavors since. Also have used in a recipe for fermented cucumber pickles. I will not be buying or making sweet pickles with vinegar again. Very pleased with the product and looking forward to trying more recipes using water kefir.

    - Berta

  • Milk Kefir Starter Kit

    Designed for beginners, this kit contains our Milk Kefir Grains plus 3 tried-and-true culturing supplies to make it easy to get started making 4+ cups of milk kefir every day at home. Just add milk!
    • Makes batch after batch, with supplies to get you started
    • Vigorous culture: makes milk kefir daily
    • Contains milk kefir grains, instructions, a mesh strainer, a thermometer, and a jar cover

    Milk Kefir Starter Kit

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items to make milk kefir with this culture.

    • Milk
    • Glass jar or similar container

    Milk Kefir Starter Kit


    "Works great!"

    I was a little bit concerned about ordering this. But, it turned out to be simple enough that it worked well for me and had no problem getting the Kefir Grains started. The first batch took almost 2 days, but we keep the heat down in our house so it really wasn't up to the optimum temperature. However, it has worked well and we have made 4 batches so far with excellent results. We found the instructions very easy to follow and very happy with the overall product. We did research the milk we purchased to verify pasteurization and antibiotic free cows and feed. This is a great product and we would, and already have, recommended it to others.

    - John

    "The kefir I recently bought will be given to my brother. So, I cannot give a review right now."

    It should be great! The recent order that I made will be a gift to my brother. Thank you!

    - Eufre

    "I'm very satisfied with the Kefir grains. I"

    They were activated very easily and I am making about 4 cups a day. I do need to learn how to slow them down or use more in my cooking. Response from CFH: Here's an article on how to slow them down! https://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/milk-kefir/make-smaller-batches-less-milk-kefir/

    - Pam

    "One Year Later....."

    One year later and wow! They are still going strong. I have to consistently feed grains to my pup in order to keep production at a quart a day (Coat Looks Awesome! and she begs for it :)) . Warmer months are more productive than cooler months. I wasn't sure at first with the flavor, but after a few months, I learned what I like and what that looks like in the jar. It has done amazing things for my health and immunity! Amazing, and life changing. So yeah...it's worth it.

    - Steven

    "Happy with the product."

    The kefir grains worked just great, and taste great! However, I wish I had purchased just the grains, and not the kit. The temperature strip was not helpful (to me at least), and the strainer is so small that it takes forever to strain the kefir. I now use a fine strainer that I already had, and that works great. The cheesecloth was useful, and if I decide to try to make cheese, I think it will help. But, all in all, the grains are what I needed. I would order them again if I ever need to.

    - Judy


    I wasn't prepared for the final result. I've had a lot of kefir in my day. I love the sour taste. I followed the directions to a T. However all I got was rancid tasting kefir. I even tried the double fermentation how to. This was supposed to make it more palatable. It wasn't. I was very disappointed. Response from CFH: We are terribly sorry to hear this. Our efforts to reach you for troubleshooting the last two weeks were unsuccessful. Please contact us in the future and we'd be happy to help you!

    - Jenn

  • Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit

    Designed for beginners, this kit contains our tried-and-true favorite supplies to help you make thick dairy-free yogurt at home with soy milk, coconut milk, and more.
    • Makes up to 8 quarts (32 cups) of dairy-free yogurt
    • Direct-set single use culture: make yogurt when you want
    • Contains Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture, Pomona's Pectin, a thermometer, our organic cotton nut milk bag, and instructions.

    Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit

    What You'll Need

    You’ll need these items from your pantry to make yogurt with this culture:

    • Soy milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, or other dairy-free milk (or make it yourself with our nut milk bag)
    • Yogurt maker or other incubating appliance

    Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit


    "Delicious and so easy!"

    Thank you so much for the step-by-step instructions! Now I can make coconut milk yogurt at home, know exactly what goes in my yogurt, and save money!

    - Colleen

    "great product"

    I have a terrible time working with live cultures like yeast. Since this was my first attempt at making yogurt I did not have high hopes, but it worked out! I made cashew yogurt from homemade cashew milk.

    - none

    "Very simple"

    This was my first attempt at making vegan yogurt and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. The end result was also very tasty for a first try. Will make a few tweaks on the next batch and should get it just right !

    - Dirk

    "Great Yogurt Kit"

    First time using the Vegan yogurt starter and my yogurt maker; and neither let me down. The yogurt similar in texture to tapioca; but I like tapioca. It (cashew milk) set solid and I used a little more calcium water than instructed and I let it cook for 12 hours not 8-10. I flavored it with dried cranberries once and whole canned cranberries the second time. Making my own yogurt is half as expensive and the store bought is 45min away. I am lactose intolerant so this kit lets me have one of my favorite foods again. I recommend this to anyone who loves yogurt the Vegan style.

    - Darcy

  • Plastic Canning Funnel

    Easily fill mason jars. No more spills and splashes.
    • Use it for: filling regular and wide-mouth canning jars.

    Plastic Canning Funnel



    Perfect funnel, no spills!

    - Ashley

  • Stick-On Thermometer Strip

    A hassle-free way to keep an eye on the temperature of your ferments.
    • Use it for: checking culturing temperatures of your ferments.

    Stick-On Thermometer Strip


    "So easy to use"

    I live in California so I dont use the heat much in the winter. Instead of heating the house I put these on some large canning jars with my mix in them and put them in a cabinet. I also got a cheap heating pad and set it next to the jars. This keeps the jars warm enough for the critters and now I know how the temp is. I was afraid the heating pad would be to hot.

    - Sandra

    "stick on thermometer"

    My downstairs kitchen is not heated so these little stick on thermometers have come in handy. I now know that just turning the light on inside my oven raises the temp. to 88 F. so after a short time, it is best to move my heirloom yogurt to top of the stove and just cover with a towel to hold in the warmth.

    - rkng


    Good product works well on jar

    - scott


    A tad small to read but not bad at all.

    - Malicek

    "Very handy! "

    Perfect little helper and easy for my seven year-old to use when he helps make batches of our "soda." Unfortunately, I lost my first one and had to replace it, but fortunately it's very inexpensive. Very handy!

    - Rebecca

    "great product"

    These work great for my kombucha and water kefir!

    - ela

  • Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar - 5 Liters

    Designed specifically for continuously brewing kombucha, this glass jar will enable your growing kombucha habit.
    • Use it for: setting up a continuous brew of kombucha

    Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar - 5 Liters


    "Very attractive and functional"

    And it makes perfect kombucha. I use the spigot only for tasting it to see if it is "done" to my taste before bottling.

    - Cynde

    "Too bad"

    We got one of the continuous brew jars for the holidays. It worked fine for about three months, then it started to leak and developed mold around the outside. Too bad; it's a great idea whose time has not come. Response from CFH: We are sorry to hear this! This seems unusual, so we recommend contacting the actual manufacturer for the best assistance: https://www.mortierpilon.com/customer-service

    - Jackie


    I bought this kit to start making my own kombucha and it tastes great after the first batch! The tap is so convenient to collect the kombucha after it's brewed. Love it!

    - Tom


    My scoby is really happy in this jar. I've gotten great results with my brew and I just can't get enough! I really like the kombucha bottles by this company too! Just great!

    - Jenny

    "I love this product. "

    It made me much less nervous using this for my first batch of Kombucha. Appreciated the recipes and extra info that came with it. The Kombucha turned out great!

    - Toni

    "this is not what you really want"

    do your research, this is not the correct type of vessel for making kombucha Response from CFH: Thank you for your very honest feedback! We are saddened that it is not meeting your expectations as our other customers and staff for brewing kombucha continuously! Please contact us if you need any assistance.

    - wingear

  • Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids - WIDE MOUTH - 4 Pack

    Airtight, spillproof, and dishwasher safe, this set of 4 Tough Tops fit most standard wide-mouth canning jars. The silicone gasket and easy-grip design make these a versatile tool in the cultured kitchen.
    • Use it for: an airtight, spillproof way to cap wide-mouth jars.

    Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids - WIDE MOUTH - 4 Pack


    "Just what I’ve been looking for"

    These lid fit my Kerr wide mouth jars perfectly. I love that they are dishwasher safe.

    - Agavegal

    "These lids are great"

    I'm using these for gifts of barbeque rubs. Love the silicone ring to keep things fresh. I'm definitely going to purchase more.

    - NancyS

    "Tough top mason jar tops"

    Exactly what I wanted and each top comes with reusable plastic seal

    - Laurie

    "Makes my life easier"

    I'm just starting to ferment but also use glass jars for storage. Wide mouth jars are my favorite for storage. Tough Tops Mason Jar Lids fit on Bell and Mason. So handy. Am ordering more.

    - Deber

  • Perfect Pickler® Fermentation Value Package

    The perfect solution for those who want to ferment more than one jar (or two different recipes) at a time, this package from Perfect Pickler® includes twice the supplies of their Vegetable Fermenting Kit for easy, do-it-yourself vegetable fermenting.
    • Use it for: fermenting multiple recipes at once.

    Perfect Pickler® Fermentation Value Package


    "Excited to get started!!"

    Just got my jar tops today. Lost parts to my last one. But it worked so well. I am going to start with carrots from myown garden. Thanks for making an affordable option to do home vegetable fermenting!!

    - Cooper

    "Perfect Pickler Veggie Ferment Kit"

    Have not tried yet but all looks good and arrived quickly.

    - Danny

    "Great But Item Missing."

    I bought this item because I needed a smaller container than the 1 gallon fermenter I use for cabbage. I was disappointed that there was no weight in the package. I had to buy those separate. Now that I bought the kit, I wish they sold just the top for a lower price. I am happy with what I received. Response from CFH: There is not a 'weight' in the sense of a stone or rock, but instead there should have been a small stainless steel cup that you fill with water that sits on top of the veggies.

    - JP Simlo

    "Very expensive and moisture problem. DIY is better!"

    The concept is great, as it certainly provides an effective airlock. However, after use I cannot clear the moisture out of the airlock, even with a paper 'wick'. The three-piece airlocks dry in record time and are easier to clean...not to mention WAY less expensive. The price of this kit is prohibitive. I need multiple lids and airlocks, as I do a lot of fermenting in 2 quart jars. So...as a DIY project, you can simply buy six white plastic lids ($6-7), drill them, and insert grommets (12-15 for under $10). Buy the three-piece airlocks at about $1.00 each. That's six lids with airlocks for $18.00. These widemouth lids will fit any size or brand of standard jar, as long as the jars are also widemouth.

    - JennyN

    "like it!"

    I got it to culture veg's but have so far used it for the 2nd ferment for water and it works great! Makes it fizzy.

    - Grammasusan

    "clever design, helpful technology"

    Something so simple, and yet so effective, makes me marvel at the ingenuity of its designers. When I put the valve unit into the lid's black rubber-sealed hole, sometimes the seal falls through and I have to re-attach it. Not a problem, but it does expose the simplicity of the design. I am very glad to have it, and it is in use constantly. Bravo to the entrepreneurial spirit who brought it forth! Thanks for helping us all stay healthy on a budget.

    - Allusionesque

  • Vegetable Fermenting Crock - 2 or 5 Liters

    These stylish fermentation crocks from Mortier Pilon provide a specialized anaerobic fermenting environment to help keep away the ”bad” bacteria and allow the good guys to thrive!
    • Use it for: fermenting vegetables.

    Starting at: $39.00

    Vegetable Fermenting Crock - 2 or 5 Liters


    "No regrets"

    This jar is everything I've ever wanted and more! It's easy to clean, simple to use, it has a great lid design, and it matches my kitchen aesthetic. I have nothing but love for this jar!

    - Valeriethefermenter

    "Great for Kimchi"

    I've made a few great batches of Kimchi in my crock and the results have all been delicious -even when I changed my recipe. It's a must-have for my kitchen!

    - Amy989

    "Great "

    I have fermented quite a few veggies in both my 2L and 5L crocks and the result is always great! They are easy to use and look great on my kitchen counter. We are a big family so I just wish they had bigger sizes, too!

    - Mark

    "Appearance over Function "

    We have had tried to use the 5 Liter Crock for everything from sauerkraut and Kimchi to apple cider vinegar. In every chase the attempts have been disappointing and resulted in a total waste. I believe this is due primarily to the design. The Crock narrows at the top and bottom with the center being wider. The wider center unfortunately allows more room for fermenting solids to make their way around the weight. The weight is simply not heavy enough to keep the fermenting solids submerged. I have tried decreasing the amount of cabbage or apple scraps but every time the fermentable solids ultimately escape around the weight or the weight is raised to the top. I have to constantly toss a layer of solids from the top to prevent spoilage. Never had this issue with older style crocks, which I have had to resort back to. I have found that I am losing one third to half a batch using this crock. This crock looks good but does not work as well. Very expensive kombucha maker.

    - Eric

    "won't open"

    I purchased this crock and when I took it out of the box and tried to figure out how it would work, I could not open the lid of the crock, I asked my husband for help, he also could not force the lid off in any way, I watched a video on the internet so I knew it should screw off but the only thing that came off was the bottom of the jar. As soon as I can get someone to respond to me, they are getting this crock back.

    - newtothis

    "Convenient and clean"

    I got the big jar, it's really convenient because it can hold a lot and doesn't take up too much space. Also it looks really clean in my kitchen!

    - Jess1988

  • Mason Jar Lids - Set of 12

    Colorful, decorative lid inserts for regular-mouth mason jars.
    • Use it for: showcasing your mason jars!

    Starting at: $7.20

  • New! Kombucha Flavor Kits

    Make fantastically flavorful kombucha with our flavor kits!  Available in four new delicious flavors.
    • Use it for: making up to 20 bottles of flavored kombucha.
    • Each flavor kit comes with different flavoring ingredients

    Starting at: $12.99

    New! Kombucha Flavor Kits

    Finished Kombucha

  • New! Water Kefir Flavor Kits

    Flavor your water kefir and take it to the next level!  Available in three delicious flavors.
    • Use it for: making up to 20 bottles of flavored water kefir.
    • Each flavor kit comes with different flavoring ingredients

    Starting at: $12.99

    New! Water Kefir Flavor Kits

    Finished Water Kefir