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Meet the Cultures for Health Team


Customer Support Staff 

Liz, Customer Support Manager  

Liz, Customer Support Manager

It wasn't until recently that cultures discovered me. Sure, I've always liked sourdough, kombucha, cheese, and yogurt as much (probably more) as the next person, but until Cultures for Health I had no idea I was capable of making it myself! I was raised on a farm in Nebraska and my family grew a lot of our own food. My career has taken me away from the farm, but I'm seeing a reemergence in those same ideals here at Cultures for Health. Prior to joining #teamcultures, I honed my customer service savvy in the areas of nonprofit, higher education, and market research. What has always been clear through these various industries is the way a company treats their customers is, of course, huge! Here at Cultures for Health we have a team that genuinely cares about other people and wants their experience to be not only positive, but successful. You know what they say, we all work our best when we're feeling good inside, and I think it's safe to say that all these cultures have us on the top of our game!  

Sarah, Customer Support Assistant Manager  

Sarah, Customer Support Assistant Manager

I live in Oregon with my 3 awesome kids and giant mason jar collection.  As the daughter of a ranch-girl turned County Extension Agent, I really believe that with enough ingenuity and know-how, anything can be made. I am passionate about learning new things and trying new foods. If it's cultured, chances are I want to try to make it myself! Read my CFH blog posts here.

Mason, Customer Support Rep   Mason, Customer Support Representative
Anita, Customer Support Representative  

Anita, Customer Support Representative
I became interested in healthy food and its benefits when my daughter developed some food sensitivities. This began our family journey into gardening and fermenting. We designed and built several hydroponic gardens for growing fresh vegetables all year. Our backyard homestead on Cape Cod has grown to include chickens for fresh eggs and we hope to add a few goats for fresh milk. We’re looking forward to fresh goat milk kefir, yogurt, and cheese! We are a homeschool family and find the care of the homestead a valuable learning experience. Our vegetable-loathing daughter decided that veggies are quite delicious when you grow them yourself! Read my CFH blog posts here.

Jerri, Customer Support Representative  

Jerri, Customer Support Representative
I’m a wife and mama. Life in our family is crazy busy with softball, baseball, schooling and teaching, church, and horses too, but I’ve always made time for my cultures! My culturing adventures began several years ago with other moms who were seeking a healthy way of feeding our families. Together we dabbled in milk kefir, yogurt, sourdough, kombucha and sauerkraut. In the past year I’ve expanded from sauerkraut to other vegetables, and have grown a passion for water kefir! Our experiments with water kefir have led to squeals of delight and excitement over the champagne-like explosions and its amazing tastes. I enjoy sharing with others my experiences and knowledge, and helping families find success and happiness with cultured foods. Fermented foods: it’s the one time it’s okay to play with your food! Read my CFH blog posts here.


Eve, Customer Support Representative
For my 7th grade Science Fair project I cultured yogurt. I received first place in my division and competed in a regional competition. My fascination with cultured foods has stuck with me ever since. Over the years I have made yogurt, fermented vegetables, sourdough, kombucha, and also love sprouting and dehydrating. In my spare time I like to knit, bike, garden, cook, and study natural medicine. Read my CFH blog posts here.


Stephanie, Customer Support Representative
I’ve been a pastry chef and a cook for the majority of my adult life, so working for Cultures for Health seemed like a natural fit! I’ve worked with fermenting in my personal life as well as my culinary career. Some of my favorite culturing and fermenting products to make are sauerkraut, mead, mascarpone cheese, and pickled ramps.  Ever since my step-daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April, 2014, I’ve striven to introduce healthy eating habits for my whole family. We do everything from gardening to teaching our children the joys of cooking and creativity.

I’m a wife and mother of two wonderful daughters. I come from a large farming family and enjoy instilling old-fashioned values and fun in my children’s lives. In my spare time I enjoy baking extravagant cakes, cooking, painting, crocheting, knitting, gardening, and quilting. I believe it’s important to pass on passions and talents like these to the next generation, just as my mother and grandmothers did for me.


Warehouse Staff




Administrative Staff

Julie, Administrative Staff  

Julie Feickert, CEO
Shortly after I became a first-time mom, I was introduced to the idea of eating real foods including cultured and fermented foods such as yogurt, kombucha, and sauerkraut during a workshop on sustainable living. I spent the next month frantically cleaning out our pantry and completely switching our diet much to my husband Eric's surprise. I suddenly felt so much better about how we were eating and the future we could offer our son by establishing a healthy relationship and a connection with what we ate. A year later with a baby on the way I faced the prospect of returning to teaching at night or finding a way to make a small income at home. I decided to start a small website with ten products. Eric built the first website and within days it was a success. Two years later CFH had grown far beyond what I was capable of handling on my own each day and so Eric left his corporate job to come work with me full time. A few months later we hired our first employee to work in customer service. From there we have grown by leaps and bounds and now work with a team of 20+. I am blessed to be the mother of three amazing young children and in my spare time I enjoy cooking and reading. One of these days I hope to learn to knit. My favorite cultured foods include water kefir and kombucha and I try to at least have those two foods culturing in my kitchen at all times no matter how crazy life gets. I grew up in Portland, Oregon but now live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my family. Read my CFH blog posts here.

Eric, Technical Director  

Eric Feickert, CTO
From 2008-2010 I worked with Julie developing CFH on a part-time basis until it grew to the point I left my corporate tech management job to work for CFH full-time. I balanced managing the warehouse and technical issues until recently when I assumed my current role. My background is in electronics and high tech management. In my spare time I enjoy bike riding, working with computer and robotic projects, and spending time with our three kids. I like yogurt and cheese and while it took me a while, I developed a taste for kombucha and now enjoy it.

Megan Business Manager  

Megan Carriker, Business Manager
I love living a healthy lifestyle (trying to, at least), but I am probably our least cultured person on staff. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – my background has been in business management, marketing and strategy for start-ups primarily in the Triangle but also with companies out in California. I’m an NC native from Mount Airy (aka Mayberry) and I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with degrees in Advertising and Asian Studies. I have too many pets, too many books to read and too many video games to play at any given time.


Janae Relationship Coordinator  

Janae, Relationship Coordinator (Wholesale)
I have always been interested in health and wellness and recently got certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I’m originally from Portland but currently live in Raleigh, NC and I never want to leave! I love to cook, search for nutrient dense foods, and experiment with natural healing. I am getting married in October on a goat cheese farm and hope to one day have my own homestead. I love being a part of the Cultures for Health team because I am encouraged to try new things and use any mistakes I make along the way to better help others. My favorite cultured food is Kombucha!


Clarissa Marketing Assistant  

Clarissa, Marketing Assistant
I’m a recent college graduate who loves marketing just a little too much. My culturing experiences are few, but I’ve already conquered water kefir, Filmjӧlk yogurt, and San Francisco sourdough! Before college I lived in the mountains of North Carolina, which is definitely my happy place. My favorite pastimes are hiking with my family and catching critters in the creek. My townhouse is full to the brim with cacti and succulents, along with my culturing foods. When I’m not working or gardening I like to make things. This includes painting, sewing, crafting, cake decorating, and messes. Although I’m new to culturing, I love telling others about what I’ve made and discovered!

Caroline Content Coordinator  

Caroline, Content Coordinator
I am a Raleigh transplant from Southern Maryland that has always loved DIY projects.  To this day my desk is overflowing with knick-knacks and crafting supplies and I'm excited to add experimenting with cultures to my project list!   When it comes to organization, I'm a bit of a nerd (yes, my closet is color-coded) and ballroom dancing, rock climbing, and running make me happy. 


 Erin, CFH Social Media Coordinator    Erin, Social Media Coordinator
I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful babies. When I am not playing with the kids, or working here at Cultures for Health, I am a professional actress in our local production of South Pacific! My favorite cultured foods are milk kefir and sauerkraut. I feel these are the easiest and most versatile cultures. I have taught many classes on fermenting kefir, veggies, and kombucha. Before I was a mom, I owned my own company selling sauerkraut, kefir, and lacto-fermented condiments. I love to help people on their journey to health using these amazing and fun foods! Read my CFH blog posts here.
 Shannon, Blog Manager and Content Contributor  

Shannon, Blog Manager and Content Contributor

I am a wife, mama to four (almost five), homesteader, freelance writer, home cook, and fermentation enthusiast. I have been interested in all aspects of fermentation since I began my journey to sustainable living nearly ten years ago. We dabble in the making of milk kefir, fermented vegetables, yogurt, sourdough, kombucha, water kefir, and anything else I can ferment. I am a content writer for the main CFH site and manage the CFH blog. I share my family's journey toward sustainable living on my own blog Nourishing Days and have published three cookbooks, including one devoted to baking with 100% rye sourdough. My family and I reside on a five acre off-grid homestead in central Texas with an ever-expanding brood of children, chickens, gardens, and orchards. Read my CFH blog posts here.

Tracy, Content Contributor  

Tracy, Content Contributor
I am an aspiring homemaker, amateur writer, cheese-maker and off-grid homesteader. My family runs a small-scale homestead in the heart of Texas, raising chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, Longhorn and Jersey cattle, rabbits, and of course now and then there are the random dogs and cats and orphaned wild animals. We milk our own cow and grow most of our food in our raised-bed gardens. Cheesemaking and cultured foods are a bit of a passion of mine. I also love writing, baking, singing, sewing, laughing, and photography.


 Production Staff

 Wendy, CFH Production Manager  

Wendy, Production Manager
A few years ago my love of cooking and my passion for creating decadent dishes led me to establish a commercial kitchen facility to support my new catering business. Unfortunately the timing proved difficult as the economic downturn began right about then and catering jobs quickly dried up. As an alternative, I partnered with CFH to manage the growth and packaging of the CFH line of starter cultures. I now manage two commercial food processing facilities dedicated to CFH products. I supervise a staff of several assistants who oversee the care, growth, and packaging of over 10,000 packets of starter culture each month. I still love to delight friends and family regularly with cooking while incorporating cultured ingredients such as yogurt, kefir, and kombucha. I am a mom to an adult son and two teenage daughters and live with my family just outside of Portland, Oregon.



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