A parfait, by definition, is a dessert made of layers of various components, usually something creamy and something fruity or sweet. But if made with the right ingredients, a parfait can act as a full-on breakfast, containing protein, fat, long-lasting carbs, and loads of enzymes.

A tasty breakfast with these components can leave you satisfied for hours and full of nutritious energy to start your day. Layering the ingredients can make this breakfast fun and attractive!


This layer contains the bulk of breakfast calories. For an enzyme-rich cultured breakfast, use cultured dairy or coconut milk. Use a whole-milk kefir or yogurt or combine a lower-fat ingredient with a higher-fat ingredient for staying power.

Try any combination of the following:


Use 1-2 cups of this creamy cultured base per serving.


Nothing complements a creamy base quite like delicious, fresh fruit. Lower-glycemic fruits like berries add flavor and sweetness with less sugar content than higher-glycemic fruits like bananas.

For an extra boost of cultures and enzymes mix fresh fruit with a cultured fruit chutney, such as Lacto-fermented Apricot Chutney. Using fruit chutney alone might be a bit too tangy, but fresh fruit and chutney together are more balanced.


Adding a third layer will add not only a texture contrast, but an extra boost of protein, fats, and nutrients. Try these ideas:

  • Chopped nuts
  • Nut butters
  • Chocolate or peanut butter chips
  • Crumbled plain sourdough crackers
  • Granola

More Parfait Ideas

In a tall glass layer a creamy ingredient,  fruit, and crunchy toppings. Repeat, ending with toppings.

Add additional flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, or a drizzle of raw honey. Whip up one of the following combinations with a creamy cultured base, for a delicious cultured breakfast:

  1. Apples + cinnamon + walnuts
  2. Mango + pistachios
  3. Banana + crumbled sourdough crackers + peanut butter
  4. Raspberries + vanilla + almonds
  5. Strawberries + vanilla + almonds and chocolate chips
  6. Peaches + cinnamon + granola
  7. Blueberries + lemon zest + walnuts