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  • How to Make Homemade String Cheese

    How to Make Homemade String Cheese

    How many of us have kids who just LOVE string cheese? Did you know you can make it yourself with an ordinary mozzarella recipe?

  • Amish Buttermilk Cheese

    Amish Buttermilk Cheese

  • Amazingly Simple Amish Clabber Cheese

    Amazingly Simple Amish Clabber Cheese

    This cheese is amazingly simple but very delicious and unique. The cultured flavors are usually a lot more pronounced in a naturally clabbered cheese, and this cheese is no exception. The result is very similar to what is often known as farmer cheese.

  • Quick Quark

    Quick Quark

    This is the simplest way to make quark!

  • Traditional Quark

    Traditional Quark

    Learn to make traditional quark, a popular German cheese used as a bread spread, substitute for sour cream, or enjoyed like yogurt with fruit and nuts.

  • Goat Smierkase

    Goat Smierkase

    This delicious, fresh spreadable cheese comes from Holland. It's easy to make and very versatile as a bread or cracker spread, or as a dip for vegetables.

  • Amish Melting Cheese

    Amish Melting Cheese

    This cheese is soft, spreadable, and melts easily. It can be used to make a creamy mac and cheese or as a savory addition to soups and casseroles.

  • Crescenza


    Make delicious, creamy Italian crescenza cheese at home using this easy recipe!

  • Queso Fresco

    Queso Fresco

  • Traditional Mozzarella Cheese

    Traditional Mozzarella Cheese

    Learn to make delicous Mozzarella Cheese at home with this easy recipe.

  • Simple Buttermilk Quark

    Simple Buttermilk Quark

    A simple recipe for making Quark with a buttermilk direct-set culture. Great for cheese making beginners!

  • French-Style Cream Cheese

    French-Style Cream Cheese

    French-style cream cheese is a soft, spreadable cream cheese with a slightly sweeter flavor than that of traditional cream cheese.