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  • Miso Soup

    Miso Soup

    Miso soup is a gentle way to start the day or begin a meal. The broth is a simple base that can be served as-is or with added vegetables and protein, for a hearty meal.

  • Miso Fermented Red Onions

    Miso Fermented Red Onions

    Add an umami tang to red onions with this miso onion recipe. Great as a cultured condiment with nearly any food!

  • Kimchi with Miso

    Kimchi with Miso

    Try this traditional version of kimchi. Make it super spicy with more peppers or milder, according to your taste preference. Either way, it's delicious!

  • Chickpea Miso

    Chickpea Miso

    Enjoy soups, marinades and traditional miso sauces without the soy! Chickpeas and brown rice koji give this miso a sweet, nutty flavor.

  • Homemade Mugi Miso

    Homemade Mugi Miso

    Learn to make Mugi Miso at home with our easy recipe and instructions.