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  • Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit

    Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit

    Avoiding dairy can be hard enough on its own, don't make it hard on your pocket book too! With our Vegan Yogurt Starter Kit you can forget the steep grocery store prices and make non-dairy yogurt at home!

  • Milk Kefir Starter Kit

    Milk Kefir Starter Kit

    Reliable supplies for homemade milk kefir all in one place! Everything you need to make probiotic-rich kefir at home. Just add milk to this DIY kit. We make it easy!

  • Water Kefir Starter Kit

    Water Kefir Starter Kit

    Reliable ingredients, supplies, & instructions for making water kefir - all in one place! Learn the easy way to make probiotic-rich, nondairy kefir at home! Just add water.