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  • Leicester


    Similar to cheddar, this cheese can be eaten young, or aged for a more pronounced flavor.

  • Southwestern Spicy Cheese Curds

    Southwestern Spicy Cheese Curds

    Make delicious Southwestern Spicy Cheese Curds.

  • Montasio


    This is a hard, grating cheese that can be made with skim milk.

  • Spicy Gouda

    Spicy Gouda

    Gouda is a mild, smooth cheese, but it really comes alive with the addition of some spicy peppers!

  • Simple Jack Cheese

    Simple Jack Cheese

    Make delicious simple jack cheese at home!

  • Fontina


    This is a great example of a natural-rind cheese. It can be eaten young (called Fontinella), or left to age for a few months for a more sharp, mature taste.

  • Traditional Manchego

    Traditional Manchego

    "Manchego is a Spanish cheese from the La Mancha region. Some people will tell you that the only real Manchego cheese is those wheels which are aged in the caves of its originating climate, but this is up to personal opinion.

  • Edam Boule Cheese

    Edam Boule Cheese

    Edam Boules are brined, waxed and aged cheese. This recipe makes homemade hard cheesemaking easy, with step-by-step instructions.

  • Haloumi Cheese

    Haloumi Cheese

    Haloumi is a brined hard cheese of Greek origin. Make it at home for a particularly fresh-tasting cheese that does well in hot weather.

  • Derby Cheese

    Derby Cheese

    Derby cheese originates in Derbyshire, England. It is similar to cheddar, but milder in flavor and with a higher moisture content than traditional cheddar.

  • Simple Parmesan Cheese

    Simple Parmesan Cheese

    Make delicious parmesan cheese at home using skim milk.

  • Homemade Swiss Cheese

    Homemade Swiss Cheese

    Learn to make traditional Swiss cheese with our easy-to-follow instructions and recipe.