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  • 10 Ways To Use Any Soft Cheese

    10 Ways To Use Any Soft Cheese

    Soft cheese is quite a versatile cultured food! With just a few minutes of prep and a few hours of set time, you can add a probiotic kick to any meal!

  • What’s in My Kombucha?

    What’s in My Kombucha?

    Considering adding kombucha to your diet? Learn about the beneficial bacteria and yeast that make up Kombucha Tea.

  • Busting Water Kefir Myths

    Busting Water Kefir Myths

    From where water kefir grains come from to how water kefir is made to what exactly is in that final bottle of water kefir, there are many misconceptions when it comes to the probiotic drink known as water kefir. To better understand the how and what of water kefir, let’s take a closer look at some facts about this fizzy fermented drink. We'll bust some common myths and show you just how easy it is to make at home!

  • Introduction to Sourdough

    Introduction to Sourdough

    Ever wonder about the science behind sourdough or how wild yeast makes sourdough work? We've got the details behind sourdough's science and history.

  • Choosing Equipment For Brewing Kombucha Tea

    Choosing Equipment For Brewing Kombucha Tea

    Learn how to choose kombucha tea brewing supplies for making kombucha at home. You may already have the supplies you need to get started today!

  • Choosing Ingredients For Making Kombucha

    Choosing Ingredients For Making Kombucha

    Learn more about kombucha ingredients, like a SCOBY, tea, and sugar and how to choose ingredients to make your own kombucha at home.

  • Water Kefir vs. Kombucha

    Water Kefir vs. Kombucha

    How is kombucha different from water kefir? Is one better than the other? We'll answer all of this plus give an overview of these fermented, bubbly drinks.

  • Choosing a Sourdough Starter

    Choosing a Sourdough Starter

    Not all sourdough starters are alike. Discover the major differences between sourdough starters, and find out which sour dough starter is right for you.

  • A Complete List of Kombucha Terminology

    A Complete List of Kombucha Terminology

    From baby SCOBYs to second fermentation and everything in between, this list of kombucha brewing terms will have you ready to brew your own booch in no time!

  • Sourdough Starter FAQ

    Sourdough Starter FAQ

    Learn more about working with our traditional sourdough starter cultures with our extensive FAQ.

  • A Complete Glossary of Sourdough Terminology

    The world of sourdough baking is both an art and science and if you're just getting started, you might find yourself facing fancy loaves and foreign terminology. But don't let that fool you! Sourdough baking can be as easy as grabbing a sourdough starter and following a simple recipe you love. Let this glossary of terms be your guide as you explore the wonderful world of sourdough baking!

  • Kombucha Tea Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Kombucha Tea Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What does kombucha taste like? Does kombucha contain alcohol? We answer all this in our extensive FAQ on kombucha tea, including how to make it at home!