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  • Flavoring Water Kefir With Syrup From Canned Fruit

    Flavoring Water Kefir With Syrup From Canned Fruit

    No fresh or dried fruit around? Try this clever trick to flavor your water kefir.

  • Kombucha Mocktail

    Kombucha Mocktail

    Make a mocktail using Kombucha Tea. This recipe includes pineapple juice and coconut water, and the alcohol is optional!

  • Orange-Vanilla Water Kefir

    Orange-Vanilla Water Kefir

    Do you love orange-vanilla ice creams and soft drinks? Then you will love this flavor of water kefir!

  • Pineapple-Flavored Water Kefir

    Pineapple-Flavored Water Kefir

    The sweet, juicy flavors of pineapple lend a tantalizing sweetness to water kefir. The end result is carbonated, slightly sweet, and deliciously pineapple!

  • Elderberry Kombucha

    Elderberry Kombucha

    Elderberries are delicious. Used dry, as in this recipe, they impart a rich, jammy flavor to bubbly kombucha.

  • Refreshing Grapefruit Water Kefir

    Refreshing Grapefruit Water Kefir

    Reminiscent of commercial grapefruit-flavored sodas, this tangy beverage is perfectly refreshing. Use red grapefruit for juicing for the prettiest color and sweetest flavor.

  • Mojito-flavored Water Kefir

    Mojito-flavored Water Kefir

    Mint, lime, and sweet-tangy water kefir come together to form this incredibly refreshing drink, perfect for a hot day.

  • Apple-Cinnamon Kombucha

    Apple-Cinnamon Kombucha

    Tangy, slightly sweet, spicy, and bubbly, this flavored kombucha is worth the wait.

  • Any Fruit Juice Fizzy Kombucha

    Any Fruit Juice Fizzy Kombucha

    One of the easiest ways to make flavored fruity kombucha is to use fruit juice. Use any juice — store-bought or fresh squeezed.

  • Pumpkin Spice Kombucha

    Pumpkin Spice Kombucha

    This recipe combines a common spice blend – pumpkin pie spice – with a bit of extra kick from fresh ginger to create a spicy fall pumpkin flavor.

  • Clean Green Kombucha

    Clean Green Kombucha

    Everyone knows that leafy green vegetables should be a big part of our daily diet. But when we can't, Clean Green Kombucha helps!

  • Whole Fruit Kombucha Flavors: Orange And Grapefruit

    Whole Fruit Kombucha Flavors: Orange And Grapefruit

    In this recipe whole oranges or grapefruits and a bit of peel or zest come together with homemade kombucha to give great citrus flavor and fun carbonation.