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  • Kefir Cornbread

    Kefir Cornbread

    A regular staple in the southeast, cornbread gets a twist on the traditional by using milk kefir.

  • No-Knead Rye Sourdough Loaf

    No-Knead Rye Sourdough Loaf

    Finally, a sourdough loaf that is 100% rye! Once used to working with rye, you'll be able to throw this loaf together in no time at all!

  • Chocolate Kefir Bread

    Chocolate Kefir Bread

    Make delicious chocoloate bread using milk kefir. This bread makes a wonderful breakfast, snack or even dessert!

  • Sourdough Pizza Bread

    Sourdough Pizza Bread

    This bread is almost as good as having pizza, and it makes a great snack with a slice of cheese melted on top.

  • Gluten-Free Sourdough French Bread

    Gluten-Free Sourdough French Bread

    This bread is chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, and makes a great loaf to pull apart and serve at the table with butter.

  • Whole Wheat Sourdough Burger Buns

    Whole Wheat Sourdough Burger Buns

    Make sourdough hamburger buns for your next cookout. Long or short proofing options included in our easy step-by-step instructions.

  • Lemon Yogurt Brunch Loaf Recipe

    Lemon Yogurt Brunch Loaf Recipe

    Stir up this lemon quick-bread recipe for an easy snack, or make ahead for a special brunch.

  • Soaked-Flour Whole Wheat Bread

    Soaked-Flour Whole Wheat Bread

    Try this whole wheat bread recipe, with flour soaked in milk kefir or kombucha, to pre-digest the grains and add a fluffy texture to the finished bread.

  • Sourdough Pumpkin Bread

    Sourdough Pumpkin Bread

    This warm sourdough bread, full of fall flavors, makes a nice breakfast, snack or dessert.

  • Long-Fermented Sourdough Biscuits

    Long-Fermented Sourdough Biscuits

    This recipe combines the flavor development available through a long sourdough fermentation period with one special trick: use lard or tallow as your fat for the best biscuits possible.

  • Long-Fermented Whole Wheat Sourdough Tortillas

    Long-Fermented Whole Wheat Sourdough Tortillas

    Use these to wrap up your favorite tacos, burritos, or quesadillas. Or layer them with cheese, meat, and beans for a Mexican lasagna.

  • Long-Fermented White Sourdough Loaf

    Long-Fermented White Sourdough Loaf

    Use this basic bread recipe for making wonderfully soft and tangy sourdough bread.