Believe it or not - there are tons of sourdough starter recipes. The nutritious, tangy, and delightfully flavored loaves of bread are reason enough to keep a sourdough culture in your kitchen. But there’s much more sourdough starter can be used for besides bread. In this post, we'll take you through some of the best sourdough starter recipes that will make you want to start making sourdough now!

Sourdough Starter Recipes 1. PANCAKES

It has been said that the pioneers survived on sourdough wheat, most likely in the form of pancakes. While there's no longer a need to go to that extreme, pancakes are still a favorite for breakfast.

Prefer an overnight soak on your flour? Try these delicious pancake recipes:

Or, if you’d like to skip the overnight step, go for these quick pancake recipes with great sourdough flavor:

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Pancakes aren't always on the menu. Use your sourdough starter for delicious Sourdough Sour Cream Waffles or Rye Sourdough Crepes. Inspired? Browse our complete list of Sourdough Breakfast Recipes.

Sourdough Starter Recipes 3. TORTILLAS

Almost everyone loves the convenience and flavor of tortillas. You can stuff them with just about anything, but the store-bought varieties often include unwanted additives or have been sitting on the shelf for days or even weeks. Try these Long-fermented Whole Wheat Sourdough Tortillas as a fresh, healthy, homemade alternative.

Sourdough Starter Recipes 4. CRACKERS

Buttery, crunchy, and salty: everything you are looking for in a cracker. The homemade version is even better when made with your sourdough culture.

Sourdough Starter Recipes 5. DESSERTS

Many people aren’t aware that sourdough can lend itself to the sweet as well as the savory. The tang of sourdough can actually play up the sweet flavors often found in cakes and other sweets. Try our wide variety of sourdough dessert recipes, like these favorites:

Sourdough Starter Recipes 6. MUFFINS

Muffins make an excellent addition to breakfasts or can stand alone as a quick snack. Making them with sourdough can give you a tender muffin without the need for store-bought buttermilk. Begin with our basic recipes, adding your own flavor:

Or use a tried-and-true recipe from our staff:

Sourdough Starter Recipes 7. PIE CRUST

Your favorite pie crust can be made with the addition of a sourdough starter to make it easier to digest in this sourdough pie crust recipe. Gluten-free? No worries, we have a Gluten-free Sourdough Pie Crust for your favorite pie, too! 

Sourdough Starter Recipes 8. MAIN DISH

What about family pizza night or your favorite pasta sauce? Sourdough won't let you down with new versions of your old favorites:


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