Recipe: Vegan Sourdough Crumpets

Ubiquitously English, crumpets are somewhere between a pancake and an English muffin. They utilize no eggs, so they are vegan-friendly when using cane sugar, and are thin enough to work using discarded sourdough starter you might otherwise throw away. These are best if toasted after cooking, so why not make extra to stash away for tomorrow?



  1. Pour starter into a medium-sized bowl. Add salt, baking soda, and honey and whisk until combined. The batter should become light and airy at this point.
  2. Grease English muffin rings and place on a cast-iron skillet over low heat.
  3. Fill the rings up to 1/4 inch and cook until the top begins to set and is full of holes. Do not flip before the top is completely filled with holes.
  4. Remove the rings carefully, if necessary, and flip. Cook the second side an additional two minutes.
  5. Toast and serve with butter, jam, or your favorite savory toppings such as cheese or nut butter.

At A Glance

YIELD: Makes 8 crumpets