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Recipe: Vanilla Chai Infused Body Oil

This delicious smelling body oil makes a luxurious and beautiful holiday gift, and is as simple to make as a pot of tea. Rich in vitamins A, B and E, it nourishes the skin and is lovely used warm.


  • 8 ounces sweet almond oilor other carrier oil of choice of choice of choice
  • ¼ cup loose leaf black tea
  • Whole Spices: 1 cinnamon stick, 1 vanilla bean pod, 1 tsp. cardamom pods, 1 tsp. cloves, 1 tsp. allspice berries


  1. Place all ingredients in the top of a double boiler. (Learn how to make and use a double boiler here)
  2. Heat on low heat for 1 hour to allow tea and spices to infuse into the oil.
  3. Strain carefully using a fine strainer or cheesecloth.
  4. Pour strained almond oil into 8 ounce glass bottle or decorative bottle, such as a decanter or grolsch bottle.
  5. If giving as a gift, fresh whole spices or the strained spices may be added back in for presentation.

To Use:

This sweet and spicy scented oil may be used as is for general moisturizing or gently warmed for massage or hair oil.

Shelf Life and Storage Information:

Store in a cool dark place and use within 4 weeks or store in the fridge for longer term use.

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TOTAL: 1 hour, 15 minutes
YIELD: Makes 8 ounces.