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Recipe: Hot Oil Hair Treatment

By using a hot oil treatment on your hair once a month or more you’ll help balance your scalp’s natural oil production, while deeply moisturizing and restoring the hair follicles. When used on a regular basis it can help control frizz, offset the damage of products and styling, and soothe and balance your scalp.

Choosing an Oil Combination

While we encourage you to research to determine which oils you think would benefit your hair the most, here are some oil suggestions for different types of hair. Try one of the options below or experiment with your own recipes. We'd love to here how they turn out!



  1. Mix carrier oil with essential oils.
  2. Store in an amber bottle

How to Give Your Hair a Hot Oil Treatment:

  1. Pour 3-6 tablespoons hair oil (more or less depending on hair length) into a glass jar and heat in a pan of water until very warm but not hot. Test a small amount before pouring.
  2. Slowly pour oil onto scalp, massaging and working through to ends to lightly coat the hair.
  3. Cover hair with a shower cap and wrap in a heated towel. Pop towel into dryer to heat.
  4. Leave on 30 minutes to overnight.
  5. Shampoo thoroughly to remove oil; condition if needed.


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YIELD: Makes 8 ounces