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Recipe: Evergreen Infused Salve

If you live near evergreen trees, you may have thought of their sticky resin as nothing but a nuisance. These resins have been traditionally used by Native Americans and farmers for years and are especially well-known for drawing out splinters. The salve made from this resin is not sticky, but is helpful for wounds and cracked skin. It makes an aromatic addition to your first aid kit!

Instructions for Collecting Resin:

  1. Resin develops to protect tree wounds; be careful to leave some on the bark and take only extra oozing globs of resin.
  2. Use gloves or sticks to scrape resin into a container.
  3. Resin is hard to wash off from clothes and skin alike. Use olive oil to wash off.

Instructions for Infusing Oil:

  1. Combine coconut oil and resin in a jar and leave in a warm, dark place for several weeks.
  2. If room temperature is cold, keep jar covered in a towel next to the stove.
  3. Stir occasionally.



  1. Strain resin mixture into a double boiler and add beeswax.
  2. Heat gently until mixture is liquid.
  3. Cool slightly; pour into jars and cool completely.

At A Glance

TOTAL: 45 minutes
YIELD: Makes about 8 ounces.