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Recipe: DIY Hydrating Face Mask

Making your own reusable sheet mask at home is simple and a fraction of the cost of boutique disposable masks. Mix up a custom blend for your skin type and enjoy the rejuvenating spa experience in your own home.

Other Supplies:

Reusable Option:

    • Absorbent cotton or flannel fabric strips. (You can either cut one to fit your face, cutting out holes for eyes, nostrils and mouth, or cut 2 smaller custom pieces for forehead + nose, and  jawline + cheeks. Please note that T-shirt fabric does not work well).

Disposable Option:

    • 2-3 absorbent paper towels. (Fold each in half and use one for forehead, one for left chin up to cheeks, and one for right chin up to cheeks).


For Dry Skin:



  1. If using tea instead of water, pour boiling water over dried tea of choice and let steep for 10 minutes. Strain and let liquid cool to a comfortable, warm temperature.
  2. In a shallow mixing bowl, whisk together water or tea with all other ingredients for your specific skin type.

Instructions for Use:

    1. Dip fabric pieces or paper towels into the liquid until saturated. If dripping, gently wring out.
    2. Lay down and place strips over face, carefully avoiding eyes, nose and mouth.
    3. Remove mask after 10-15 minutes, or wait longer if desired.
    4. Dry skin mask may require a warm water rinse to remove excess honey. Oily skin mask should not require a rinse.
    5. To reuse fabric, rinse, wash, and dry. Paper towels are only good for one use.

Shelf Life and Storage Information: This recipe makes one batch, and is best used the same day.

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At A Glance

TOTAL: 30 minutes
YIELD: Makes enough for one facial mask.