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Recipe: Basic Bath Bomb

These bath bombs are a wonderful way to add some fun and fizz to your bath. The bubbling action comes from the combination of acid and base elements when mixed with water.



  1. Combine citric acid and baking soda very well in a mixer or food processor. Add in the essential oils and mix well again.
  2. Put the witch hazel into a spray bottle and slowly spray the dry mixture with the witch hazel while stirring with the other hand. The mixture has been sufficiently moistened when it can be squeezed together with the hand.
  3. Immediately transfer the bath bomb mixture to small molds, packing them in densely. Leave them in the molds for several minutes and then gently tap them out. Air dry for 4 hours.

How to Use Basic Bath Bombs: Drop a bath bomb into your warm bath for a fizzing and skin-softening soak.

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TOTAL: 4 hours, 15 minutes