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  • Chocolate Kefir Ice Pops

    Chocolate Kefir Ice Pops

    Learn to make delicious and creamy chocoloate kefir popsicles--a great probiotic treat for a warm summer day!

  • Lemon-Lime Water Kefir

    Lemon-Lime Water Kefir

    Lemon-lime soda never tasted so good as when it’s packed with probiotics, like in this deliciously refreshing recipe!

  • Chai-Spiced Milk Kefir

    Chai-Spiced Milk Kefir

    Chai tea is beloved for its spice, creaminess, and sweetness. How about combining all three of those with the wonderful health benefits of milk kefir?

  • Water Kefir Vanilla Cream Soda

    Water Kefir Vanilla Cream Soda

    Try this new take on a traditional soda fountain treat. Replacing soda water with water kefir is a new way to get probiotics into your diet and make snack time or dessert super fun!

  • Kefir-Soaked Muffins

    Kefir-Soaked Muffins

    This very basic muffin recipe uses kefir as a soaking agent, to add a tangy flavor and leavening. Add dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips to this basic recipe.

  • Any Berry Water Kefir

    Any Berry Water Kefir

    Any type of berry makes a great flavoring for kefir soda. Try a combination or stick with your favorite berry. It's all good!

  • Kefir Soft-Serve Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Maker Required)

    Kefir Soft-Serve Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Maker Required)

    Use frozen fruit to make a delicious soft-serve kefir ice cream, no ice cream maker required! Add any frozen fruit, nuts, and sweetener to taste, for a soft-serve ice cream made just the way you like it!

  • Apple “Cider” Water Kefir

    Apple “Cider” Water Kefir

    Apple-flavored water kefir is a great sparkling drink for autumn or any time!

  • Herbed Soft Kefir Cheese

    Herbed Soft Kefir Cheese

  • Lemon-Ginger Water Kefir

    Lemon-Ginger Water Kefir

    Tired of super-sweet lemonade on hot days? Try this refreshing lemon-ginger soda, made with water kefir and filled with flavor and probiotics!

  • Fresh and Frozen Any-Fruit Kefir Smoothie

    Fresh and Frozen Any-Fruit Kefir Smoothie

    Using a combination of fresh and frozen fruit allows you to get a variety of fruit into your smoothie and create a thick, ice-cold texture without watering it down with ice.

  • Simple Scones with Kefir

    Simple Scones with Kefir

    Scones are simply a slightly sweetened biscuit. Try this simple recipe using cultured kefir for an extra-tender crumb to your very British scones.