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  • Vegan Raw Almond Milk Yogurt

    Vegan Raw Almond Milk Yogurt

    Learn to make delicious almond milk yogurt using homemade raw almond milk.

  • Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Yogurt

    Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Yogurt

    Making non-dairy coconut milk yogurt can be tricky. Try our recipe that uses gelatin to help thicken the yogurt.

  • Vegan Fro-Yo (Without an Ice Cream Maker!)

  • Falafel From Soured Garbanzos

    Falafel From Soured Garbanzos

  • Basic Baked Wheat Crackers

    Basic Baked Wheat Crackers

    These crackers are a delicious medium for cultured spreads, dips, and soft cheeses. Plus they are a great way to use up extra whey from making yogurt!

  • Enzyme and Protein-Rich Sprout Salad

    Enzyme and Protein-Rich Sprout Salad

    Amazing sprouts salad, topped with sharp cheese and a creamy probiotic dressing, contains everything you need for a nutritious, delicious meal!

  • Cold Peas and Paneer Salad

    Cold Peas and Paneer Salad

    Slightly reminiscent of the traditional Indian dish, Mutter Paneer, this salad uses both homemade yogurt and Paneer to boost the nutrient content and make it good as a side dish or a vegetarian entrée.

  • Warm Blue Cheese Dip

    Warm Blue Cheese Dip

    This warm dip is amazing with natural baked corn chips or still-sizzling, coarsely salted sunchoke or potato chips

  • Mishti Doi

    Mishti Doi

    Mishti dahi is an East Indian dessert, traditionally fermented in earthen pots, creating a thick, custard-like product, much sweeter than Western yogurts

  • Shrikhand


    This Middle-Eastern dessert is as simple as can be. Its sweet-tart flavor is wonderful when paired with a crisp cookie or fried dough. The end result is supposed to be just a bit tart, but you can add a bit more honey if desired.

  • Simple Cumin-Spiked Cucumber Raita

    Simple Cumin-Spiked Cucumber Raita

    A raita is an Indian antidote to the often spicy curries and other dishes of the region. The cooling effect of the yogurt is a constant and in this recipe it pairs with cucumbers for a fresh crunch.

  • Tropical Smoothie

    Tropical Smoothie

    Make delicious tropical smoothies using banana, fresh pineapple, coconut milk and kefir, yogurt or buttermilk as the base.