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  • Blueberry Yogurt Muffins

    Blueberry Yogurt Muffins

    Make delicious blueberry muffins using fresh homemade yogurt.

  • Apple Spice Yogurt Bread

    Apple Spice Yogurt Bread

    This amazing bread makes a lovely breakfast or snack. It's a great way to use extra homemade yogurt.

  • Easy Raspberry Yogurt Muffins

    Easy Raspberry Yogurt Muffins

    A berry good start to any day, these muffins are the perfect addition to brunch, or great for grabbing on the go.

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Greek Frozen Yogurt

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Greek Frozen Yogurt

    A favorite mixture of flavors: peanut butter chocolate in a frozen yogurt! This creamy concoction is sure to be a hit in the long, hot months of summer.

  • Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Cheese

    Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Cheese

    This delicious frozen strawberry dessert is made from yogurt cheese instead of plain yogurt, for a different texture and flavor that’s sure to please!

  • Honey Peach-Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

    Honey Peach-Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

    The easiest frozen yogurt you’ve ever made! Prepared with frozen fruit, so it’s ready to eat immediately.

  • Lemon Yogurt Brunch Loaf Recipe

    Lemon Yogurt Brunch Loaf Recipe

    Stir up this lemon quick-bread recipe for an easy snack, or make ahead for a special brunch.

  • Greek-Style Frozen Yogurt

    Greek-Style Frozen Yogurt

    Make delicious Greek-style Frozen Yogurt using lemon, honey, mint and this simple recipe.

  • Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

    Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

    Learn to make delicious natural Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with this simple recipe; variations for honey-sweetened frozen yogurt and raw milk variations.

  • How To Make Labneh  (Yogurt Cheese)

    How To Make Labneh (Yogurt Cheese)

    Learn to make soft spreadable yogurt cheese known as Labneh. Labneh can be used in place of cream cheese in many recipes (has a more tart flavor) and can be flavored with fruit, herbs, and more.

  • Vegan Yogurt

    Vegan Yogurt

    Making non-dairy yogurt can be tricky. This vegan yogurt recipe uses pectin and calcium water for a truly vegan yogurt with a smooth, spoonable texture.

  • Homemade Hemp Milk Yogurt

    Homemade Hemp Milk Yogurt

    Learn to make thick and delicious hemp milk yogurt at home. This is a great alternative for vegans or those allergic to traditional forms of milk.