If you fancy yourself a DIY type but find the task of soap making daunting, there is an easy way to get started. Using a melt and pour soap base, you can avoid lye and other strong ingredients used when making cold process soaps, while still maintaining control of the additives in the finished product.

Melt and Pour Soap Bases are really just unscented white or clear blocks of soap, ready to use as is, if desired.  We carry a variety of SFIC Melt and Pour Soap Bases that are easy and fun to use. Choose from an assortment of natural pigments, essential oils, and soap shaping molds to make personalized soaps to suit any taste. Soaps make wonderful homemade gifts, too!

Supplies for Making Melt and Pour Soap

Safety Notes

  • We recommend wearing protective gloves and eye-wear while handling pigment powder.
  • We also recommend wearing an apron to protect clothing.

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Prepare and Melt Soap Base

  1. Using a clean knife and cutting board, cut soap base into 1-inch chunks.
  2. Place soap chunks in a double boiler to melt. Avoid overheating.

Add Colorant to Soap Base (optional)

  1. Keep in mind that a little pigment powder goes a long way.
  2. While the soap is melting, add desired pigment powder to 2-3 teaspoons glycerin. Mix thoroughly and add to the soap base as it melts, stirring gently to avoid creating bubbles in the soap. To help prevent pigment from running, it's best to add the mixture once the soap base has cooled to around 120 degrees F.
  3. If bubbles do form, spray lightly with rubbing alcohol and bubbles should pop immediately.
  4. Remove soap mixture from heat.

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Add Fragrance (optional)

  1. Too much added fragrance can irritate skin.
  2. Once soap is completely melted and cooled slightly, add essential oils for fragrance. Add no more than 3 teaspoons essential oils per pound of soap base. Use one essential oil or create a blend.

Pour Soap into Shaping Molds

  1. Make sure soap base is not too hot for molds. Mixture should be less than 145ºF before pouring.
  2. Pour soap mixture into molds. Tap gently to release any air bubbles.
  3. Spray surface of soap with alcohol, for a smooth finish.
  4. Cool 12-24 hours. Do not put molds in the freezer to cool.
  5. Remove soap from molds when set.
  6. If soap is difficult to remove, place mold in the freezer briefly before trying again. Do not leave in freezer longer than 1 hour.


Once you have some experience with melt and pour soap bases, there is no end to the soaps you can create, from layered soaps to soaps containing dried flowers, with a wide range of colors and fragrances to suit your taste.

Pick a Melt and Pour Soap Base and a Soap Shaping Mold and start creating fun soaps today!