You can personalize melt pour soap by adding fragrances, colors, and ingredients, but the process all starts with a choosing soap base with its own unique properties!

Cultures for Health carries several soap bases to choose from, all ready to melt and pour into customized bars. While the ingredients in many soap bases are very similar, some bases contain specific ingredients that enhance your soap to suit your needs.


All of the Melt & Pour Soap Bases come in 16 oz. (1 lb.) blocks and contain the following ingredients:

  • coconut oil
  • glycerin
  • purified water
  • sodium hydroxide
  • sorbitol
  • sorbitan oleate
  • oat protein

They are also free of soy and gluten. Though these soap bases contain oat protein, the manufacturer lists these products as gluten-free. We are unable to identify whether certified gluten-fee oats are used in the oat protein or oatmeal soap base at this time.

The Soap Base Comparison Chart can help navigate additional similarities and differences between bases.

How to Package Different Bases

The common glycerin soap bases attract moisture which can result in what is often referred to as “glycerin dew”. Because of this, all soaps should be wrapped in airtight plastic packaging unless otherwise noted. The only exception to this rule are the Clear Low Sweat and White Low Sweat Bases, which can be packaged in paper.

Soap Base Comparison Chart

Please use the following chart to compare the ingredients, color, unique properties, packaging, and pricing of all of the soap bases. For a full list of ingredients and properties, please view the specific soap base product pages


Soap Base  Utilizes Organic Oils Color Can be Packagedin Paper  Vegan  Unique Ingredient Price / lb.
Clear Organic X  Clear X  $5.99
Castile  White X  $5.29
Cocoa Butter  White X Cocoa Butter  $5.39
Shea Butter  White X Shea Butter  $5.29
Hemp Oil  Light Olive Green X Hemp Seed Oil  $5.49
Honey  Golden Honey X Honey  $4.49
Oatmeal  White with Golden  Flecks X Oatmeal  $4.79
Goat Milk  Custard Goat Milk  $4.79
Aloe Vera  Natural Light Green X Aloe Vera  $4.49
Clear Low Sweat  Clear  X X  $4.49
Clear  Clear X  $4.29
Crystal Clear  Crystal Clear X Coco Amidoproply Betaine  $4.79
White  White  X  $4.49
White Low Sweat  White  X  X  $4.29


 Soap Base  Olive Oil   Palm Oil   Safflower Oil   Sodium Stearate    Sodium Myristate    Titanium Dioxide 
Clear Organic X
Castile X X X X X X
Cocoa Butter X X X
Shea Butter X X X
Hemp Oil X X X
Honey X X X X
Oatmeal X X X X
Goat Milk X X X X
Aloe Vera X X X X
Clear Low Sweat X X
Clear X X
Crystal Clear X X
White X X   X
White Low Sweat X X   X