Besides food, water, and shelter, there are many provisions to consider when going on a camping adventure. Here are 10 items to make ahead to be prepared and comfortable the next time you hit the trail!

1. Evergreen Salve

This is a good general purpose salve to apply to cuts and scrapes. It also works well for removing splinters. A forest hike is the ideal time to collect more of the main ingredient, evergreen resin!

2. Insect Repellent

Whether hiking the woods or paddling on the lake, mosquitoes, flies and ticks are an inevitable part of the great outdoors. Be prepared with this natural yet effective DIY spray.

3. Hand Sanitizer

A quick anti-bacterial gel or spray is good to have on hand, especially if water will be scarce. Here are two different versions to try: Gel or Spray

4. Natural Sunblock

To protect skin from UV exposure and painful burns, make up a bottle of this natural sunblock and remember to apply at regular intervals.

5. Sunburn Relief Spray

Sometimes sunburns happen despite your best intentions. Be prepared and bring along a bottle of this aloe-rich spray to soothe the skin after sun-exposure.

6. Herbal Burn Salve

Minor burns often come with the territory when heating and cooking over an open flame. Pack along a tin of this healing salve in case of the accidental campfire burn.

7. Dry Shampoo

Camping sometimes means little or no running water. A little bit of dry shampoo can help absorb excess oil and keep hair looking great.

8. Deodorant

When washing machines and showers are miles away, a natural deodorant is a neighborly item to have on hand. Try one of these two recipes: Clay based deodorant OR Basic baking soda deodorant.

9. Muscle Relief Balm

If a long hike with a heavy pack is on the agenda, make sure to include a container of balm to soothe sore, tired muscles.

10. Mouthwash

Having fresh breath can make camping feel almost luxurious. A minty mouthwash can also fill in for tooth brushing rinse water if potable water is scarce.