Milk kefir grains and milk kefir can be used to create any number of dairy products. Not only can you drink your milk kefir and enjoy the flavor and benefits, you can also make it into a wide variety of nourishing dairy products.


1. Kefir Butter

If you are looking for an easy method for making cultured butter look no further. Impart the health benefits of kefir into your butter for a tangy, rich cultured butter.

2. Kefir Sour Cream

Who doesn’t love tangy sour cream in a taco or mixed into a salad dressing? Its creamy richness is unmistakable. Kefir sour cream is super easy to make and is a wonderful substitute for traditional sour cream in all your favorite recipes.

3. Kefir Cream Cheese

Kefir cream cheese is made by simply straining milk kefir of its whey. Use minimally cultured milk kefir, for a milder flavored cream cheese, or longer-fermented milk kefir, for an added tang.

4. Soft Kefir Cheese

A soft kefir cheese, similar in texture to a cream cheese or a chèvre, is extraordinarily easy to make. It is also very versatile. Use it in savory or sweet spreads for vegetables, crackers, or breads or in vegetable dips or salads.

5. Hard Kefir Cheese

Hard kefir cheese is a lovely crumbly, hard cheese. It can even be grated! There is no need for any additional ingredients like rennet or a cheese starter culture. Simply make continue the process for soft kefir cheese by pressing out even more whey.

Remember to save the whey drained from making kefir cream cheese, soft kefir cheese and the like. Read our long list of Ways to Use Whey.

The wonderful thing about these amazing kefir products is that you need only one set of milk kefir grains to create them all. If you care for them properly, these grains can be a one-time purchase for a lifetime of delicious kefir dairy products.

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