Meet the Cultures for Health Team

Customer Support Team

Liz, Customer Support Manager

It wasn't until recently that cultures discovered me. Sure, I've always liked sourdough, kombucha, cheese, and yogurt as much (probably more) as the next person, but until Cultures for Health I had no idea I was capable of making it myself! I was raised on a farm in Nebraska and my family grew a lot of our own food. My career has taken me away from the farm, but I'm seeing a reemergence in those same ideals here at Cultures for Health. Prior to joining #teamcultures, I honed my customer service savvy in the areas of nonprofit, higher education, and market research. What has always been clear through these various industries is the way a company treats their customers is, of course, huge! Here at Cultures for Health we have a team that genuinely cares about other people and wants their experience to be not only positive, but successful. You know what they say, we all work our best when we're feeling good inside, and I think it's safe to say that all these cultures have us on the top of our game!

Brandy, Assistant Customer Support Manager

In university I was on track to pursue a career in the medical field, with plans to be a genetic counselor, and before joining the awesome Cultures for Health team, I was managing a computer repair shop. A desire for more family time with my four children led me to Cultures for Health.

While my culturing journey was limited (read: non-existent) aside from bread and pickles, I do love to bake and cook. Outside of work I enjoy visiting new locales and spending time with my delightful family.

Anita, Customer Support Representative

I became interested in healthy food and its benefits when my daughter developed some food sensitivities. This began our family journey into gardening and fermenting. We designed and built several hydroponic gardens for growing fresh vegetables all year. Our backyard homestead on Cape Cod has grown to include chickens for fresh eggs and we hope to add a few goats for fresh milk. We’re looking forward to fresh goat milk kefir, yogurt, and cheese! We are a homeschool family and find the care of the homestead a valuable learning experience. Our vegetable-loathing daughter decided that veggies are quite delicious when you grow them yourself!

Jerri, Customer Support Representative

I’m a wife and mama. Life in our family is crazy busy with softball, baseball, schooling and teaching, church, and horses too, but I’ve always made time for my cultures! My culturing adventures began several years ago with other moms who were seeking a healthy way of feeding our families. Together we dabbled in milk kefir, yogurt, sourdough, kombucha and sauerkraut. In the past year I’ve expanded from sauerkraut to other vegetables, and have grown a passion for water kefir! Our experiments with water kefir have led to squeals of delight and excitement over the champagne-like explosions and its amazing tastes. I enjoy sharing with others my experiences and knowledge, and helping families find success and happiness with cultured foods. Fermented foods: it’s the one time it’s okay to play with your food!

Brittany, Customer Support Representative

My very first exposure to the Real Food world came after watching the documentary “Food Inc” in my 2nd year of college.  And being as young and naive as I was...I decided to quit eating all unhealthy foods cold turkey.  Brilliant, right?  I had a major checklist:  no processed foods, no fast food, non-GMO, only organic, no toxic food get the gist.  And as you can imagine, this also meant that I spent the next 30 days starving and surviving solely on water and dry salads.

While my attempt was certainly noble, it was unrealistic to say the least. And you can just about guess how long that starvation lasted, because before I could blink I was back to eating CookOut and Bojangles on a weekly basis. However, Food Inc. made a huge impact on the way that I saw things.  It sparked an insatiable desire to learn as much as I could about health, and that desire never stopped.

Fast forward to today.  I am far from perfect, and definitely not the healthiest person on the planet. But my husband and my toddlers love a good wheatgrass shot first thing in the morning.  I happen to like the occasional Kombucha drink.  And we are always on the lookout for a cool gardening project that can be done around the house. Nothing too crazy, but it fits our lifestyle.

I’m so excited to begin my journey here at Cultures for Health.  The expertise that each person brings to the table, as well as the genuine sense of community has already made me feel right at home. I’m glad that I’ve found such an amazing place!

Bri, Customer Support Representative

After changing career directions, I was introduced to Culture for Health and was immediately hooked with the whole culturing and fermentation process. I am a huge fan of making as much as you can from scratch and love coming up with new and exciting ideas!

I have worked in some form of support for years and love helping people in their various adventures. Outside of support, I enjoy live music, running around with my little energy full dog, and diving into new and interesting projects.


Carly, Customer Support Representative

Originally from the state of Wisconsin, I enthusiastically moved to North Carolina to live in warmer weather and to pursue my dream of working with fermented foods. I became interested in cultured foods through the perspective of a local food enthusiast, professional cook, health nut, penny pincher, and world traveler. I'm interested in the history behind different fermented foods as well as their potential to help with modern health and hunger issues. And, of course, I'm interested in fermented foods' potential to push the flavor boundaries in modern cooking. I've given presentations on many fermented subjects, but my favorite part has always been answering questions and discussing them. So working in customer support is a lot of fun for me. When I'm not cooking or reading about food, I'm playing frisbee, prancing around my new city of Durham, or exploring the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

I’m so excited to begin my journey here at Cultures for Health.  The expertise that each person brings to the table, as well as the genuine sense of community has already made me feel right at home. I’m glad that I’ve found such an amazing place!

Wholesale Team

Janssen, Account Manager

I am a 10 year resident of NC, originally from London, England. My journey to Cultures for Health, and fermentation in general, has been long and convoluted. Previously, I worked in a research lab, studying the immune system. One heart condition and multiple surgeries later, I decided it was time to live a healthier lifestyle. In an effort to gain control of my diet, I decided experiment with new, live foods. Each of the products at Culture For Health is a mini project to tinker with, it's so much fun! Thus far, Kombucha and Water Kefir are permanent and delicious additions to my diet. My brief time at Cultures for Health has been educational and super fun. Each member has an inherent passion for what they do and desire to provide the best customer experience they can. I eagerly look forward to more kitchen experimentation in all it's delicious glory!

Katie, Account Manager

I was born in Phoenix, AZ and raised in High Point, NC. I have a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in psychology and a graduate degree in education from North Carolina State University. Before I found Cultures for Health, I worked in the health and fitness industry for four years and when I’m away from the office you can typically find me laughing, eating, playing soccer, at the gym, or at concert singing at the top of my lungs.

I am firm believer in the idea that what you put in your body is ultimately what you get out. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I discovered the amazing benefits of eating wholesome and cultured foods. I try to eat something green for every meal and my favorite cultured foods include kombucha, yogurt, and water kefir. I’m hooked! I currently coach competitive youth soccer and have been an athlete my entire life. I hope to educate developing players on the impact a healthy diet and lifestyle has on athletic performance and overall wellbeing.

Warehouse Team

Matthew, Warehouse Manager

My wife and I recently moved to the Triangle in an attempt to flee snow and maximize sunshine. We couldn't be more happy about the decision. Each day we are able to go out and ride bikes, or play tennis, or just relax at the pool - this still feels more like a resort than a home! On the rare rainy day, I like to grab a thick book or create massive explosions in my computer games. My goal is to sample all of the local micro-breweries over the next few years.

I couldn't be more lucky: I managed to sign on with CFH two days after we arrived in town. Along with inventory and staff management, my job is to quickly and accurately ensure you get what you order. Everyone loves getting packages, and it's a nice feeling to see hundreds of boxes of happiness go out the door every day.

Lori, Inventory Specialist

I am a mother of 3 grown sons and grandmother of 3 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD then moved to the Winston-Salem area in 2010 after spending a vacation visiting my youngest son in the area. In 2014 the company I worked for laid off a number of employees so I moved back to South Dakota where I had the great fortune of working for this company. My career life has been in all areas of material’s (purchasing, inventory and scheduling). When Julie announced that they were relocating to North Carolina I jumped at the chance to move back here. Since starting with this company I have begun to make my own yogurt’s and am looking forward to trying my hand at some of the other products we carry.

Marketing Team

Lisa, Multimedia Designer

I’m CFH’s multimedia designer, which means I do everything from designing graphics and revamping instructions to taking photos of our products and making videos. My background is in corporate video, where I once attached a camera to a crop duster to get aerial farm footage. I’ve also shot and written about how food is made in Vietnam, where I lived for a year and a half, for The Kitchn.

I’m excited to be back home in Raleigh, getting to play in the kitchen and the studio with new culturing projects and enjoying the fresh clean air.

Tikka, Multimedia Design Assistant

I have a background in Animation and Game Design and attended Living Arts College (LAC) in Wakefield, NC where I received my BA  in 2013. My passion is art. In my free time I enjoy staying active, cooking experimental meals, and watching  90's TV Series.

I like to have a positive outlook on life and look at every difficult task as a new experience or chance for improvement. I'm very happy to have joined this amazing team at CFH and am looking forward to many marketing adventures ahead!

Clarissa, Marketing Assistant

I’m a recent college graduate who loves marketing just a little too much. My culturing experiences are few, but I’ve already conquered water kefir, Filmjӧlk yogurt, and San Francisco sourdough! Before college I lived in the mountains of North Carolina, which is definitely my happy place. My favorite pastimes are hiking with my family and catching critters in the creek. My townhouse is full to the brim with cacti and succulents, along with my culturing foods. When I’m not working or gardening I like to make things. This includes painting, sewing, crafting, cake decorating, and messes. Although I’m new to culturing, I love telling others about what I’ve made and discovered!

Jaen, Marketing Assistant

I recently moved back to my home state of North Carolina from New York City. Before joining the Cultures for Health team, the idea of culturing my own food never even crossed my mind.

Within my first two weeks, I had eight cultures happily taking over my tiny kitchen and a newfound connection with my food. I came to CFH from a customer service background in technology, e-commerce, and retail, and had never seen such a passionate and genuine group of people working together.

When I’m away from my immaculately-decorated CFH cubicle I write novels, make YouTube videos, and spend way too much time perfecting my eyeliner.

Caroline, Content Coordinator

Hello! I am a Raleigh transplant (and proud graduate of UNC Chapel Hill) from Southern Maryland that has always loved DIY projects. To this day my desk is overflowing with knick-knacks and crafting supplies and I'm excited to add experimenting with cultures to my project list! When it comes to organization, I'm a bit of a nerd (yes, my closet is color-coded) and ballroom dancing, rock climbing, and running make me happy.

Production Team

Wendy, Production Manager

A few years ago my love of cooking and my passion for creating decadent dishes led me to establish a commercial kitchen facility to support my new catering business. Unfortunately the timing proved difficult as the economic downturn began right about then and catering jobs quickly dried up. As an alternative, I partnered with CFH to manage the growth and packaging of the CFH line of starter cultures. I now manage two commercial food processing facilities dedicated to CFH products. I supervise a staff of several assistants who oversee the care, growth, and packaging of over 10,000 packets of starter culture each month. I still love to delight friends and family regularly with cooking while incorporating cultured ingredients such as yogurt, kefir, and kombucha. I am a mom to an adult son and two teenage daughters and live with my family just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Management & Administrative Team

Julie Feickert, CEO

Shortly after I became a first-time mom, I was introduced to the idea of eating real foods including cultured and fermented foods such as yogurt, kombucha, and sauerkraut during a workshop on sustainable living. I spent the next month frantically cleaning out our pantry and completely switching our diet much to my husband Eric's surprise. I suddenly felt so much better about how we were eating and the future we could offer our son by establishing a healthy relationship and a connection with what we ate. A year later with a baby on the way I faced the prospect of returning to teaching at night or finding a way to make a small income at home.

I decided to start a small website with ten products. Eric built the first website and within days it was a success. Two years later CFH had grown far beyond what I was capable of handling on my own each day and so Eric left his corporate job to come work with me full time. A few months later we hired our first employee to work in customer service.

From there we have grown by leaps and bounds and now work with a team of 20+. I am blessed to be the mother of three amazing young children and in my spare time I enjoy cooking and reading. One of these days I hope to learn to knit. My favorite cultured foods include water kefir and kombucha and I try to at least have those two foods culturing in my kitchen at all times no matter how crazy life gets. I grew up in Portland, Oregon but now live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my family.

Eric Feickert, CTO

From 2008-2010 I worked with Julie developing CFH on a part-time basis until it grew to the point I left my corporate tech management job to work for CFH full-time. I balanced managing the warehouse and technical issues until recently when I assumed my current role. My background is in electronics and high tech management. In my spare time I enjoy bike riding, working with computer and robotic projects, and spending time with our three kids. I like yogurt and cheese and while it took me a while, I developed a taste for kombucha and now enjoy it.

Kelly, Office Manager

I grew up in the suburbs of Tampa, FL without any real concept of Real Food. When I moved away from home to attend UNC and had to make my own decisions about the food I bought, I began paying attention to the ingredients in all those processed foods I grew up eating. My newfound interest in health and nutrition aligned nicely with a local emphasis on Real Food and a long-established interest in eating good food (though, my idea of “good” food has drastically changed).

After graduating, I worked as a research assistant at UNC helping to translate research on environmental health topics for community outreach. During this time, I grew to really appreciate how our environment, including the food we eat, affects our health. I also moved to nearby Durham, NC where my husband and I fully immersed ourselves in the foodie culture of the area.

When the opportunity arose to join the CFH team as the office manager it felt like the perfect fit as it allows me to combine my interests in health and nutrition with my borderline obsession with organization and administrative coordination.